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Seamill Hotels

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A full list of Hotels in Seamill Scotland with Images, Phone Numbers, Websites and links to Maps and Reviews.

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Seamill Hydro Resort image

Seamill Hydro Resort
SC 4 Star, A family-run business situated on the Firth of Clyde with spectacular views over the Isle of Arran and Kintyre. The resort has 65 guest rooms and 18 quality apartments, restaurant and two bars with a wide selection of Scottish and international flavours on our menus for residents and day visitors to enjoy. Tel: 01294 822 217.
. KA23 9ND . Image

Waterside Hotel Seamill image

Waterside Hotel & Restaurant
SC 4 Star, situated half of a mile south of Seamill. A boutique hotel with panoramic views to the Isle of Arran, a New England/Cape Cod themed restaurant and 23 bedrooms, suites and penthouse accommodation. Tel: 01294 824 414.
. KA23 9NG . Image

Seamill House Hotel

Seamill House Hotel & Restaurant
SC 3 Star, in the centre of Seamill on Ardrossan Road. Our executive rooms have sea views over to the Isle of Arran from their private covered balconies.Tel: 01294 823 000.
Website . Postcode: KA23 9NA

The Lauriston Hotel

The Lauriston Hotel & Restaurant
SC 3 Star, in Ardrossan 3 miles south of Seamill at 15 South Crescent Road. With breathtaking views of the Isle of Arran. Tel: 01294 463 771.
Website . Postcode: KA22 8EA

Red Squirrel Hotel

Red Squirrel Hotel & Restaurant
SC 3 Star, at Stevenston 7 miles south of Seamill at Ashenyards Park. A family-friendly pub /diner with 27 rooms. Tel: 01294 588 010.
Website . Postcode: KA20 3DA

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