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Island of Arran Hotels

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A full list of hotels on the Island of Arran with websites, images, phone numbers and links to maps and reviews.

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Auchrannie Spa Resort Arran image

Auchrannie Spa Resort
Brodick, SC 4 Star, 0.4 of a mile northwest of Brodick centre on Auchrannie Road. The Spa has a unique blend of traditional values of service, quality and effortless style. With views of Glencloy or Goatfell. Tel: 01770 302 234.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8BZ

Auchrannie Country House Hotel image

Auchrannie Resort Hotel & Restaurant
Brodick, SC 4 Star, 0.4 of a mile northwest of Brodick centre on Auchrannie Road. Situated in acres of mature landscaped gardens with warmth of hospiltality in authentic but relaxed country house tradtion. Tel: 01770 302 234.
Website . KA27 8BZ . Image

Douglas Hotel Brodick image

Douglas Hotel
Brodick, VS 4 Star, in the centre of Brodick by the ferry terminal. The red Arran sandstone exterior dates from the 1850s whilst internally, the hotel has been fully modernised recently. Tel: 01770 302 968.
Website . KA27 8AW . Image

Kilmichael Country House Hotel Brodick image

Kilmichael Country House Hotel
Brodick, VS 4 Star, 0.6 of a mile northwest of Brodick centre at Glen Cloy. Closed just now but has Self Catering Cottages. Tel: 01770 302 219.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8BY

Glenisle Hotel Arran image

Glenisle Hotel & Restaurant
Lamlash, VS 3 Star, 4 miles south of Brodick on Shore Road in the village of Lamlash. A comfortable Hotel offering first class accommodation, restaurant, bar and garden with views over Lamlash Bay and the Holy Isle. Tel: 01770 600 559.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8LY

Kildonan Hotel Arran image

Kildonan Hotel
Kildonan, VS 3 Star, 12 miles south of Brodick at Kildonan, southern tip of Arran.Situated on the beach at the south tip of the island, we have panoramic views across to Pladda, Ailsa Craig and far beyond. Tel: 01770 820 207.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8SE

Kinloch Hotel Arran image

Kinloch Hotel
Blackwaterfoot, VS 3 Star, 10 miles southwest of Brodick at Blackwaterfoot, west coast of Arran.The Kinloch Hotel offers a warm Scottish welcome in relaxed & quiet comfort with superior accommodation, excellent food & outstanding service. Tel: 01770 860 444.
Website . KA27 8ET . Image

Lamlash Bay Hotel Arran image

Lamlash Bay Hotel & Restaurant
Lamlash, SC 3 Star, 4 miles south of Brodick on Shore Road in the village of Lamlash. The Lamlash Bay Hotel is a shore front family run hotel situated just 150 yards from the beach with panoramic views over the bay to the Holy Isle. Tel: 01770 600 844.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8LU

Lagg Hotel Arran image

Lagg Hotel & Restaurant
Lagg, SC 3 Star, 17 miles southwest of Brodick centre at Kilmory. There are thirteen bedrooms at Lagg, including two family rooms. Guests can choose to dine in either the Lounge or Restaurant. Tel: 01770 870 255.
Website . KA27 8PQ . Image

Ormidale Hotel Arran image

Ormidale Hotel
Brodick, VS 3 Star, 0.5 miles northwest of Brodick centre in a woodland setting. A Victorian building built in the 1850s as the summer house of the painter Herring. The building was converted to a hotel in 1935. Tel: 01770 302 293.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8BY

Blackwaterfoot Lodge Arran image

Blackwaterfoot Lodge & Bistro
Blackwaterfoot, SC 2 Star, 10 miles southwest of Brodick at Blackwaterfoot, western coast of Arran. Just 50 yards from the picturesque Blackwaterfoot harbour, sandy beach and the 12 hole links of Shiskine golf course, one of the top 100 courses in the UK. Tel: 01770 860 202.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8EU

Lochranza Hotel Arran image

Lochranza Hotel
Lochranza, SC 2 - 3 Star, 13 miles north of Brodick in the coastal village of Lochranza. In this timeless village with panoramic view across the bay. One of Arran's original hotels; tastefully decorated throughout. Tel: 01770 830 223.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8HL

Corrie Hotel Arran image

Corrie Hotel
Corrie, SC 2 Star, 5 miles north of Brodick in the coastal village of Corrie. Bar lunches, morning coffee, afternoon tea, and evening bar meals. The hotel has a Lounge bar, Public bar and Coffee lounge. For residents there are en-suite facilities as well as standard rooms. Tel: 01770 810 273.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8JB

Sannox Bay Hotel Arran image

Sannox Bay Hotel & Restaurant
Sannox, 7 miles north of Brodick in the coastal village of Sannox. Currently Closed may re-open soon. Tel: 01770 810 225.
Website . Postcode: KA27 8JD

Catacol Bay Hotel Arran image

Catacol Bay Hotel
Catacol, SC budget, 15 miles northwest of Brodick at the northern coast of Arran. Situated 1½ miles from the Lochranza ferry,Currently Closed? Tel: 01770 830 231.
Postcode: KA27 8HN

Royal Arran Hotel image

Royal Arran Hotel, Whiting Bay
Now serving as a luxury holiday rental.
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McLaren Hotel Arran image

McLaren Hotel & Bistro, Brodick
Closed 2015 to be converted to apartments?

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