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Girvan 5 Irvine 5 Kilmarnock 6
Largs 6 Maidens 3 Monkton 2
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Ayrshire Country Hotels

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The top Country Hotels in Ayrshire with websites, images, phone numbers and links to maps and reviews.

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Glenapp Castle image

Glenapp Castle
SC 5 Star, 2 miles south of Ballantrae, 35 miles south of Ayr in 36 acres of garden and woodland with views across the Sea to the islands of Arran and Ailsa Craig. Exquisite rooms, cuisine, and fine wines. Tel: 01465 831 212.
Website . Postcode: KA26 0NZ

Turnberry Hotel image

Trump Turnberry Hotel Resort
SC 5 Star, situated 15 miles south of Ayr next to the small village of Turnberry. A spectacular coastal setting with views of the islands of Arran and Ailsa Craig with Open Championship golf, award winning spa, and Outdoor Activity Centre. Also with an exclusive collection of luxurious cottages and lodges. Tel: 01655 331 000.
Website . KA26 9LT . Image

Carnell Estates image

Carnell Estates
SC 4 Star, situated between Kilmarnock and Ayr. A listed 16th Century Tower and Mansion House in extensive gardens and parklands, reknowned for luxury accommodation, shooting and golfing breaks. Ideal venue for private parties, conferences and weddings. Tel: 01563 884 236.
Website . Postcode: KA1 5JS

Enterkine House Hotel image

Enterkine House Hotel & Restaurant
SC 4 Star, 5 miles east of Ayr off the B742. In the heart of Ayrshire, a beautifully appointed country house hotel. Tel: 01292 520 580.
Website . Postcode: KA6 5AL

Lochside House Hotel image

Lochside House Hotel & Restaurant
SC 4 Star, situated 1 mile west of New Cumnock off the A70. In 20 acres of land overlooking two Lochs with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and local 9 hole golf course. Ideally situated for people touring Ayrshire. Tel: 01290 333 000.
Website . Postcode: KA18 4PN

Boars Head Hotel image

Boars Head Hotel
SC 2 - 3 Star, situated on the main street of the small village Colmonell, 10 miles South of Girvan. A Peaceful area ideal for Salmon/Trout Fishing, Walking and Stunning Views. Tel: 01465 881 371.
Facebook . Postcode: KA26 0RY

Kings Arms Hotel / Ballantrae image

Kings Arms Hotel / Ballantrae
SC 3 Star, The Kings Arms Hotel is situated on the main street of the small village Ballantrae. Tel: 01465 831 202.
Website . KA26 0NB . Image

Kings Arms Hotel Barr image

Kings Arms Hotel / Barr
SC 3 Star, situated on Stincher Road in the small scenic village of Barr, in the hills about 8 miles east of Girvan on the B734. Closed For Sale / Lease.
Website . KA26 9TW . Image

Moorpark House Hotel image

Moorpark House Hotel & Restaurant
SC 4 Star, by Kilbirnie 23 miles southwest of Glasgow. Currently Closed? was being used just for Weddings.
Postcode: KA25 7LD

Burnhouse Manor Hotel image

Burnhouse Manor Hotel
SC 3 Star, 8 miles north of Irvine by the town of Beith. Only 20 minutes from Glasgow and Prestwick airport, Currently Closed.
Postcode: KA15 1LJ

Stair Inn image

Stair Inn
VS 3 Star, Nestling in the picturesque country village parish of Stair, 7 miles northeast of Ayr. Closed, to be converted to Flats.
Website . Postcode: KA5 5HW

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