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Troon B&B & Guest Houses

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A full list of B&Bs and Guest Houses in Troon with Images, Phone Numbers, Websites and links to Maps and Reviews.

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Troon Cross on Portland Street is the centre of town with shopping, bar/diners, restaurants, and cafes all around. The beach is only a short walk west, and the ferry terminal, marina and harbour are about 1 mile northwest of the cross.

No.2 Troon Road B&B image

No.2 Troon Road B&B
VS 4 Star, 2 Troon Road, just under 2 miles east of Troon Cross in the area of Loans. Tel: 01292 679 927. . KA10 7EY

Bargany B&B Troon image

Bargany B&B
SC 3 Star, 27 Titchfield Road, 0.4 of a mile west of Troon Cross with sea views. Tel: 01292 314 623.
Website . KA10 6AN

Sandhill House B&B Troon image

Sandhill House B&B
SC 3 Star, off Southwood Road, just over 2 miles south of Troon Cross with large gardens and views over Royal Troon and Old Prestwick golf courses. Tel: 01292 311 801.
Website . Postcode : KA10 7EL

Tigh Dearg B&B Troon image

Tigh Dearg B&B
VS 3 Star, 31 Victoria Drive, under half of a mile south of Troon Cross. Tel: 01292 311 552. . KA10 6JF

Westwinds House

Westwinds House B&B
SC 3 Star, 2 Monktonhill Road, 2 miles south of Troon Cross with views over Loch Green golf course. Tel: 01292 319 955.
Website . KA10 7EW

Collenan House B&B Troon image

Collenan House B&B
Closed? 38 Leven Road, 2 miles northeast of Troon Cross in the area of Loans. Tel: 01292 313 239.
KA10 7DX

The Cherries B&B Troon image

The Cherries B&B
Closed? 50 Ottoline Drive, just over 1 mile south east of Troon Cross.
KA10 7AW

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