Ayr Beach

Ayr is the top seaside holiday town in the southwest of Scotland. The Town has a vast selection of Hotels, B&Bs, Bars, Bar Diners, Restaurants and Nightclubs, along with the largest selection of Shops in the south of Scotland.

Ayr top attractions are the long Sandy Beach, large Pirate Pete's indoor and outdoor kids play by the beach, Coastal Walk, Riverside Walk, Rozelle Park, Belleisle Park, and Alloway Village.

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Alloway Village on the south side of Ayr, is one of the most scenic places in Scotland, home to the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

The vast Craig Tara Holiday Park is 3 miles south of Ayr centre with regular buses runing to and from the Town. The Heads of Ayr Farm Park is just past Craig Tara, 4 miles south. This extremely popular Farm Park, with play areas and rides, attracts visitors and coach tours from miles around.

Golf is extremely popular in Ayr with the scenic Belleisle and Seafield golf courses in Belleisle Estate on the south side of the town. There are also another 30 popular golf courses by Ayr, including Old Prestwick, Royal Troon, and Turnberry.

The area has a number of Castles to Visit, Island Trips, Lochs, Biking Routes, and Walking/Hiking Routes up to 2,866 feet. View a Click on Map for the Area Attractions.

For more information on Ayrshire, the Islands, Clans, Mansions, Castles, Walking/ Hiking Trails, Holiday Parks, Airport, and much more, visit:
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