Belleisle Park

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Belleisle Park is situated on the south side of Ayr with a Mansion House Hotel, Golf Courses, Walled Garden, Summer House, Woodland Walks, and Kids Play Areas.

The Hotel is currently undergoing remodelling work that is expected to be completed in the summer of 2016.

There is a new golf clubhouse with a cafe for estate visitors being built between the Belleisle and Seafield golf courses, just right in the image below.

Regular buses run between Ayr Bus Station and Alloway village, dropping off and picking up at a bus stop by the main entrance to Rozelle Park and east entrance to Belleisle Park.

There are also busses that run between Ayr Bus Station and Doonfoot, dropping off and picking up at the main entrance to Belleisle Park. The park is situated about one and a half miles south of Ayr town centre. Map.

Belleisle Park image

Belleisle Summer House is being repaired in 2015, hopefully completed soon.

Belleisle House and gardens looks are attributed to the Hamiltons of Pinmore, who took over the estate in the late 1700s. They acquired more land for the estate, and extended the mansion house.

Ayr Burgh Council bought the estate in 1926 for £25,000, they opened the grounds to the public free of charge soon after.

Belleisle Glass House image

The walled garden is a great quiet spot to relax in sunny days. This is a good example of a walled garden in a typical large country house estate, although they were originaly built to grow vegetables and fruit.

Belleisle Walled Garden image

The image below is of the new kids play next to the Walled Garden. This new play area was opened in the summer of 2015.

See the Alloway Walk Page that shows Rozelle Park and Alloway Village that are next to Belleisle, often visited at the same time.

Belleisle Kids Play image