Torrylin Cairn Walk

AS Walking

Where: Torrylin Cairn on the Isle of Arran
When: July 2013
Who: Mark, Louise, Lee and Millie the dog
Why: Visiting Ayrshire so a day out to Arran
Weather: Sunny
Distance: about 1 mile round trip

The image below is of the Arran ferry Caledonian Isles arriving at Ardrossan. It costs about £8 per person for a day return on the ferry, and about £33 per return for a car, so many people park in the large car park next to the pier for a few pounds per day, rather than take the car. If you are taking a car at weekends or in the school holiday season, it is best to pre-book, as the ferry can be fully booked then.

We were being given a tour round the south side of the Island by relations, to the Glenashdale Falls at Whiting Bay, the Torrylin Cairn at Kilmory on the southwest side of the Island, and to Blackwaterfoot for the beach, so took the car.

The image below is from the ferry car park right next to the pier, it only costs between 2 and 3 pounds per day to park here.

Ardrossan Train Station is situated less than half of a mile south of the ferry terminal. You can normally buy train/ferry tickets together with a discount. Train/Ferry Map.

The first ferry normally departs Ardrossan at 07.00 and the next at 09.45. Afternoon ferries leaving Brodick are normally 16.40 and 19.20. In summer, there is also a smaller ferry that runs so there will be more crossings available. Price checks and timetables for the ferry can be found at the ferry website:

Arran Ferry at Ardrossan image

The image below is of one of the restaurants on board the ferry. The crossing takes about 1 hour to Brodick, so we had plenty of time for breakfast.

Arran Ferry Restaurant image

The image below is from the ferry when approaching Brodick. There should be buses waiting at the Brodick Ferry Terminal for the all the larger ferry crossings if you do not take the car. Note, there are no buses that run to suit the first early ferry though?

The bus stops are right next to the ferry terminal and there should be three buses sitting waiting. One goes north to Cladach, Brodick Castle, Corrie, Sannox, Lochranza and round to Blackwaterfoot. Another goes straight over to Blackwaterfoot via the mountain road, and the other goes south to Lamlash, Whiting Bay, Kildonan, Kilmory, Lagg and round to Blackwaterfoot.

Bus Website

If you miss the bus, or are on the early ferry, A.R.C. Private Hire are based in Brodick. Tel: 0777 608 2752.

Lamlash based Taxi and mini bus hire call George on 07967 587 481.

Brodick from the Ferry image

The image below is of the Public Hall and car park at Kilmory, on the southwest of Arran, about 17 miles from Brodick. We went to the Glenashdale Falls at Whiting Bay then round the south coast of Arran to here.

You can park the car at the hall here, and there are bus stops in Kilmory and at the Lagg Hotel about 200 hundred yards down the road.

There is now a trail from the Public Hall out to the Torrylin Cairn with the information board stating that trail can be wheelchair friendly. Kilmory Google Map

Arran Attractions Map

Kilmory Public Hall car park image

The image below is from about 200 yards down the road from the Kilmory Public Hall showing the Kilmory Stores and Post Office.

The main trail for the Torrylin Cairn starts here with the sign stating it is 800 yards out to the cairn.

We decided to leave from here as that was the trail I had read about.

Kilmory Stores image

The image below is after clearing the trees on the woodland path and seeing the Torrylin Cairn and the Isle of Ailsa Craig in the distance.

We passed a path on the left on the trail out, that was probably the path from the Kilmory Public Hall joining this main trail.

Torrylin Cairn path image

The image below is of the Torrylin Cairn and information sign. The sign here states the cairn is a burial site dating back 5,000 years. Large Image

Information Sign Large Image

Torrylin Cairn image

The image below is of the Lagg Hotel just over the bridge from the Kilmory Stores, about 50 yards. The Hotel has a large beer garden, ideal for refreshments after a walk.

Lagg Hotel image

The walk to the Torrylin Cairn from the Kilmory Stores is steady uphill following the woodland path, then levels out the rest of the way. The Trail from the Kilmory Public Hall will probably be more level all the way.

It was back in the car after this walk and a refreshment, then up the west coast to Blackwaterfoot for a couple of hours at the beach.

For more information on Arran, Lagg and Kilmory, visit the Tour of Arran Page.