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Maidens is a Village in Ayrshire, southwest Scotland, situated about 16 miles south of Ayr. 7 miles north of Girvan.

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The Village is popular for its Beach, Beach Park, Restaurant at the Wildings Hotel, Walk along the Beach into Culzean Castle & Country Park, and Golf at the Turnbery Golf Club one mile south of the village.
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There are a number of Residential Holiday Parks around Maidens, with many people from central Scotland having holiday homes in the parks.

Ayrshire has some of the top Beaches in Scotland, top Golf, top Restaurants and a number of Country Parks and Castles, a popular place for holiday homes close to the sea, and only a 90 minute drive from Glasgow.

The image top is of the small Maidens Church on the north side of the Village with the Beach Park and Beach across the road.

The image second top is of the Village Shop next to the Church, a popular place for hot and cold snacks, a busy little shop.

The Harbour area at Maidens has been developed for Leisure Craft, and used by the Carrick Coastal Rowing Club. Rowing has become popular in Scotland again with a number of Clubs around the country.

Maidens Bowling Club welcomes visitors form other Clubs around the country.

The Wildings Hotel has one of the top rated restaurants in Ayrshire, attracting many famous guests when Golf Tournaments are held at Turnberry.

The vast Park by the Beach is ideal for ball games and has a Kids Play.

The Beach can get extremely busy in hot spells. It runs north into Culzean Coutry Park with its famous Castle, one of the top Castles to visit in Scotland.

Maidens History

There had been a Settlement, and now demolished Castle at Maidens from about the 1200s.

Fishing was the main occupation for hundreds of years, also the Marquess of Ailsa built the Harbour up to its present day form in the mid 1800s, to hold more Fishing Boats, and for a Shipyard and Gas Works.

The main Ailsa Shipyard was at Troon, about 23 miles north. Shipbuilding in the area started to decline after World War Two. The Ailsa Yard at Troon survived until 2000, by building some fairly large boats, and repairing others.

The only Shipbuilders left on this section of coast, is Nobles at Girvan, that build Fishing Boats up to 70 feet, the largest size allowed to fish in the Firth of Clyde, although they now mainly repair boats.

The opening of a large Fish Market at Troon in the mid 1980s, led to many of the smaller Harbours down the coast, such as Maidens, losing much of their trade. These Harbours now mainly hold Pleasure Vessels, and just an odd Fishing Boat.

The Harbour Trust was formed in 1988, to look at developing Maidens Harbour for low cost moorings of Pleasure Vessels, and attracting back some Fishing Boats.

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