Kings Cave Isle of Arran

AS Walking

Where: Kings Cave, Isle of Arran
When: March 2005
Who: Luann Nichols from Tulsa USA
Why: Was advised by friends
Weather: Sunny spells
Distance: walk about 4 - 5 miles

I was visiting Paris, Dublin and Ayr to see friends. The second last day I was advised to visit the Isle of Arran. I know someone from back home that used to live on Arran so was looking forward to visit the island.

Never booked the ferry so had to wait in line at Ardrossan to see if there was room for the car. Plenty of room and with it taking about an hour to cross, decided to have breakfast on the boat.

Breakfast finished, time for a few photos arriving in Brodick.

Arran Ferry aproaching Brodick image

The ferry Caledonian Isles getting ready to return to Ardrossan on the mainland.

Caledonian Isles at Brodick image

The sun came out when in Brodick so best get a pic of the highest mountain Goat Fell, try and get the castle in as well.

At this point I was only meaning to have a leisurely drive round the island.

Goat Fell from Brodick image

A few miles north of Brodick I visited a brewery where my guide bought some Arran beer, then just across the road I bought some scented candles from the candle makers and a hand made Arran tee-pot. We then traveled further north to Brodick Castle. The grounds were open but the castle itself was closed, too early in the year I presume. Was amazed to see large Redwood trees in the Castle grounds, I had to travel to California to see them in the US.

Brodick Castle image

Was about mid day so decided to stop at the Corrie Golf Course for lunch in the Tee Room. The Golf Course was only a couple of miles north of the Castle. Had a quick walk through the Golf Course to get a closer view of the Arran Mountains. There was an Honesty Box at the start of the course where visitors put their money in before playing, amazing.

Corrie Golf Course image

The drive from Corrie took us to Lochranza on the northern tip of the Island. Had a quick explore of the Castle and found some nice looking Pebbles, which I collect.

Lochranza Castle image

Driving down the west side of the Island heavy clouds began rolling in from the west over the Mull of Kintyre. It was about one and a half miles north of Blackwaterfoot, we saw a car park with signs for a trail to the Kings Cave. The Cave King Robert the Bruce had to hide in for a while during the Scottish War of Independence in the 1300s, the Cave with the spider.

West Coast of Arran image

The weather soon cleared so pulled into the car park at the Shiskine Golf Club at Blackwaterfoot. The lady at the starters office stated it was a two mile walk to the Kings Cave from here, so off we set along the Golf Course towards a large hill in the distance.

View back across the course to the car park.

Shiskine Golf Club image

It was either round the hill to the east following the Kings Cave Trail signs, or round the beach which was full of large boulders.

We decided to climb to the top of the hill for the views. The top of the hill gives a view of the Caves in the distance. Mind the Cliffs here.

Arran Cliffs image

A look back shows just how high the cliffs are.

Blackwaterfoot Cliffs image

Some stones on the coast, saw this when in California, wonder if Californians have been here.

Arran Beach Stones image

Got to the Kings Cave only to find it has been fenced off. Was delighted to find it was not locked. There are a number of Caves in this area to explore.

Kings Cave Arran image

Many carvings on the walls but could not find any stating: Robert the Bruce was here.

Kings Cave Interior image

Was getting late in the day so decided to return through the Boulder Field. Not sure how far it is from the car park north of Blackwaterfoot to the Kings Cave, think it is slightly shorter.

We then traveled back to Brodick to see if we could get a Hotel for the night. The road from Blackwaterfoot to Brodick goes over the Mountains with incredible views.

Arran Boulder Feild image

Managed to get booked into the McAlpine Hotel at the Ferry Terminal, fairly basic Hotel but was ideal and inexpensive. The following morning was fantastic weather so had to get a photo from the Hotel garden before the Ferry departs. A week earlier I was in Paris with 3 inches of snow and it rarely got above freezing throughout the day. Paris Image. The McAlpine Hotel is now the Douglas Hotel, now a 4 star Hotel.

McAlpine Hotel Gardens with Goat Fell Mountain image

A view from the ferry back to Goat Fell. One more day then it is back home so just enough time to visit Largs and the Viking Centre. The following morning it is a drive from Ayr to Glasgow, fly to London then Dallas then a short flight to Tulsa.

Goat Fell fro the Ferry image