Greeto Waterfalls Walk

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Where: Greeto Waterfalls above Largs in North Ayrshire
When: May 2012
Who: Andrew Bennison
Why: Exploring the countryside around Largs
Weather: Mild
Distance: 2.50 miles (there and back), height: 50 - 200 meters (steep)

I started this walk on Bellesdale Avenue, if you paste these co-ordinates "55.794092,-4.853334" into Google maps you can see the precise starting point. Take the footpath up past Flatt Farm Cottage (on your left), this will take you all the way to Greeto Falls. While it is only roughly 2.20 miles to the falls the terrain is very steep! The walk provides great views of Largs and the surrounding Isles such as Arran.

Below you can see the Greeto Bridge which was my destination for this walk. If you cross it you can continue your walk Eastward away from the falls.

Google Map

Greeto Waterfalls Bridge image

From the bridge I followed the river up-stream to see the numerous waterfalls. There is no dedicated footpath so the terrain can get quite un-even, just take it slow and steady.

Greeto Waterfalls route image

This was one of the larger falls, unfortunately you some-what lose the sense of power and scale in a still-image. I had to clamber over some rocks to get this shot but there are plenty of safer points where you can view this fall (as with the others).

Large Image.

Greeto Waterfalls image

Even in the short distance I travelled along the river there are plenty of breath-taking views. Here you can also see my sister exploring!

Greeto Waterfalls close to the top image

This is as far up river as I travelled (about 0.25 miles). The scenery continues to impress and I imagine during the Summer it will become even more vibrant and beautiful.

Greeto Waterfalls image

If you are travelling along this route during Spring you will find plenty of lambs running around, many of whom are bound to be curious of you!

Greeto Lamb image