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Ayrshire Fishing has a good selection of Sea Fishing trips, Rivers and Lochs.

Right is a view of River Ayr as it runs through Craigie Park. Permits to fish this stretch of river for salmon and trout can be obtained from the tackle shop Game Sport, 60 Sandgate Ayr. Tel: 01292 263 822

River Ayr image

Information on fishing the River Ayr 16 miles east of Ayr at Sorn Castle can be found at sorncastle.com/country-pursuits/Tel: 01290 551 476.

This view is of River Doon as it flows through Alloway. Day permits to fish the Doon for salmon and trout in the Skeldon Estate five miles east of Ayr.

River Doon image

Cost between £15 and £45 depending on the time of year, phone 01292 560 656 for enquires.

Permits to fish the Doon 8 miles east of Ayr on the Smithston Fishings can be obtained at salmonfishings.com.

This view is of the River Girvan as it flows through Brunston Golf Course.

Permits to fish this river for salmon and trout can be obtained from:

River Girvan image

the Carrick Angling Club by phoning 07900 535 222. or from Wright’s Hardware store on Dalrymple Street/Girvan. Permits for the Girvan start from about £30 per week.

Information on fishing the Girvan on the Blairquhan Estate 14 miles southeast of Ayr can be found at the website blairquhan.co.uk.

This view is showing River Irvine at the harbour area. Dreghorn Angling Club have season and day permits available. Details can be found at dreghornangling.com.

River Irvine image

The season for this river starts 15th March and ends 14th November.

Right is the River Stincher as it flows through Ballantrae. The Old Bridge shown here is a great spot to watch fish passing up river. Permits to fish the Stincher for Salmon and Trout can be obtained through the website: stincharfishing.co.uk

River Stincher image