Brown Carrick Hill Walk

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Where: Brown Carrick Hill by Dunure & Ayr
When: May 12th 2012
Who: I Parker
Why: wanted to see what the view was like from the top
Weather: Sunny Spells
Distance: ? miles, height 941 feet

Brown Carrick Hill is the highest hill close to Ayr. It is situated on a range that runs from south of Alloway Village on the south side of Ayr, to Dunure 5 miles south.

There are a number of ways up to the top of this hill, including driving most of the way to the communications towers, then walk the rest. This road leads off the Ayr to Dunure coastal road, marked Carrick Hills 1.

Another route is to walk out from Ayr along the coast to the Heads of Ayr cliffs, then follow the road from there to the communication towers.

This photo tour is from Dunure Harbour, as seen below, where there is parking in front of the Inn, behind the Inn, or at the Castle Park behind the Inn. This hike seems more than 941 feet up, but that is probably because it starts from about 10 feet above sea level. The hike begins here and follows the road left when exiting the harbour, up Station Road.

Google Map

Dunure Inn image

Walking up out of Dunure on Station Road, you pass a few interesting looking houses looking out over the sea. These houses just above Dunure are in the area named Fisherton.

Fisherton image

Where the road meets the main coastal road, as seen below, you cross straight over and up past Fisherton School. This road is marked the Maybole Hill Road.

In the image below, you can see Brown Carrick Hill in the distance, and Dunduff Castle just right of the tree.

Brown Carrick Hill road image

The map below shows the routes onto the hills. This map also shows the coastal walking route between Ayr and Dunure via the Heads of Ayr Cliffs. The coastal route, and hill route in a loup, will be about 20 miles.

You can also see where the roadside parking is on the Carrick Hills Road, a handy place if you want to hike to the top the easy way. That parking is on grass by the side of the raod.

Ayr Walking Map image

A few hundred yards past Fisherton School, you turn right following the walking signs. A few hundred yards along that road, you follow the walking signs up onto the hills, as seen below.

Maybole Hill Road image

The view below is looking from the hill road back down to Fisherton, and Dunure below that next to the sea.

Dunure from the Hill Road image

You pass a number of gates on the road up. One of the top gates has a stone dyke. Follow this dyke until you are above Dunduff Castle. This is the direct route to Brown Carrick Hill.

Another route is continue following the hill road up into the woods, through the woods, past a loch, then out onto the southeast side of the hill. To view this route, use the Google Map Link then change to Satellite to see the loch and road through the forest.

Dunure Hill Route image

The view below is looking down over Dunduff Castle. Work to build this Castle began in the 1600s, but it is believed the castle was never fully completed. A local family had the Castle completed in the 1990s.

Dunduff Castle image

Below is an image after heading up over the hills from the castle. There is a narrow path where the higher trees meet the lower trees.

Brown Carrick Hill image

After clearing the trees, it is a steady hike up onto a false summit, from where you get the first view of the trig point stone.

Brown Carrick Hill Cairn Stone image

The top of Brown Carrick Hill gives great views all around, such as, out over Ailsa Craig to Ireland, west over the Isle of Arran and Mull of Kintyre, north over Ayr as seen below, and on a really clear day, as far north as the mountains north of Glasgow.

The view 20 miles east shows the New Cumnock hills that are over 2,000 feet, and the view 26 miles southeast shows the Loch Riecawr hills at over 2,500 feet.

You can walk about 2 miles north along this ridge, past the right side of the communications towers to the 646 feet Newark Hill, where you get good views down over Alloway and Ayr.

Brown Carrick Hill Trig Point image

If you follow the road down from the communications towers towards Ayr, you will cross the hill road running across the hills west to east. Next to the hill road is a nice looking cairn, as seen below, from where you get views north to Newark Hill.

Carrick Hills Cairn image

From the west side of Newark Hill, as seen below, you get good views over Ayr. Burton Farm is the closest building to be seen in the image below. There is a farm track that runs down from the hills here, past Burton Farm, then to the main coastal road that runs between Ayr and Dunure.

Make sure you go down this track on the west side, as the other tracks take you down into Newark Estate, that is a sporting estate with hunting going on.

The Pheasant shooting season is from the beginning of October to the end of January, so best also avoid Newark Hill in these months as many Pheasant shoots take place up on the hill. I found this out the hard way, as when hiking down off Newark Hill one day in November, so many Hooray Henry's began letting off, the 16th Infantry Regiment would have been out-gunned.

Also, the lambing season is from February to April, so best avoid this route then as well. Any dogs have to be kept on a lead.

Newark Hill view to Ayr image

The wide view below shows Newark Hill right, Burton farm road just right of centre, the Alloway walking/cycle lane just left of centre, and Dunure Road left that runs between Ayr and Dunure.

The farm track from the west side of Newark Hill leads down from the hill to the farm road a few hundred yards before Burton Farm as seen below. The farm road below goes past Burton Farm, not through it, so you are not bothering anyone. Burton Farm has been converted to some really nice looking apartments. This route can be taken from Ayr or Alloway to Newark Hill itself, or you can park here and walk to Newark Hill for good views over Ayr.

There is a walking/cycle lane just across Dunure Road here that leads to Greenan Castle and beach, then on to Ayr beach.

You can also walk into Ayr centre following the footpath next to Dunure Road.

You can also walk in Dunure Road about 1 mile, then walk down Earls Way to the beach, then follow the beach walking/cycle lane to Ayr centre.

Google Map . Hill Walking Map.

Dunure Road image

The map below shows the routes. Link to the Coastal Walk.

Ayr Walking Map image