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Most of the people to emigrate from Ayrshire settled in America, Australia and Canada. If you are looking to find information on anyone, in Ayrshire or abroad, you can post a message with as much information about them as you can, hopefully, someone will then be able to give information on the person you are enquiring about.

Records of Births, Deaths and Marriages dating back to 1855, in South Ayrshire, are held in four Registration Offices. We have a team of courteous and experienced staff who will be happy to offer advice and assistance with any enquiries you may have, website & contacts: south-ayrshire.gov.uk. Old Parish Records date from 1553 to 1854.

Births Deaths and Marriages information for North Ayrshire from 1855 - present day, website: north-ayrshire.gov.uk. Old Parish Records date from 1553 to 1854.

Births Deaths and Marriages information for East Ayrshire from 1855 - present day, website: east-ayrshire.gov.uk. Old Parish Records date from 1553 to 1854.

East Ayrshire is from Kilmarnock to Cumnock in the east.

North Ayrshire is from Irvine to Largs in the north.

South Ayrshire is from Troon and Ayr to Ballantrae in the south.

To post a message on this page, email: info@ayrshirescotland.com

Robert Carey / Stevenston / 15-05-2024

My grandfather Robert Carey was born in 1905 in Stevenston. His father, also Robert worked at the dynamite factory along with other family members. Relatives (Wilson, Kirkwood, Walker) were living o. Boglemart Street? Any info greatly received. Email: rcesquire@icloud.com

John William Nisbett / Galston / 16-01-2024

Hello, I am looking for information on John William Nisbett/Nesbitt. He was born between 1798 and 1801 to John Nisbett and Isabel Mickler in Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland. He married Janet (Jennette) Taylor in 1830 in Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland. They then ended up in Vermont by 1833 and the next record I can find is the Vermont 1860 census (shows a son born in 1833 in Vermont so assuming they emigrated shortly after their marriage). John died in 1862 and was buried in Vermont. I am looking for his birth record and more information on his parents. So far I only know their names, but I would like to be able to trace the line further back. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Email: lnesbitt93@gmail.com

Jane H. Caldwell / Drakemyre / 26-12-2023

I'm looking for information on an ancestor from Drakemyre, North Ayrshire, Scotland by the name of Jane H. Caldwell. She was born on August 8, 1842. I do not have a name for her father or her mother. I know that she arrived in Quebec, Canada on August 4, 1871. And she later emigrated from Scotland and married my 3x great grandfather, Byron Dawson. I believe that they were married at Fort Banyard, New Mexico and later settled in Indianapolis, IN. She is buried alongside Byron in Crown Hill cemetery in Indianapolis. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Gary Troth. Email: gary.troth@alumni.iu.edu

William Mackay / Kilwinning / 01-10-2023

Dear all: My name is Catalina Fritis. I am currently a 33 year old PhD student at the U. of Cambridge. I am looking for an ancestor of mine who I believe comes from South Ayrshire. He is William Mackay Graham, born in 1836 born to Michael McKay and Mary Jane Graham. He lived in 1851, in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland. Then he emigrated and settled in Chile, South America and where I come from. He married Elizabeth Smith Wandless. Would you have any records of his existence? where he lived or any more details? I thank you for your help. Email: katalina.fritis.estay@gmail.com

James Anderson / Ayrshire / 24-09-2023

Hi. I am hoping someone can help me find my James ANDERSON who was 36 at the time of his death in Govan, Lanarkshire in 1846. He married Margaret CAMPBELL (born 19 Mar 1818 In Loudoun) in 1840 in Loudoun, Ayrshire and was described as "of Largs". The 1841 census has the couple in Govan and both have indicated N for born in the county. I have not been able to find James' birth thus far. I have not been able to find James burial in either Govan or cemeteries in around the Loudoun area. Witnesses to my direct ancestry Orcella's birth are Hugh ANDERSON and John Anderson, who I assume at this stage, are relatives of some description. Orcella was first born of 4 children. Then came James, born 7 Jan 1844 in Loudoun, Ayrshire, John born 16 Apr 1845 in Stirling, Stirlingshire and last, some months after James died, Euphemia born 15 Apr 1847 in Loudoun, Ayrshire. Using the naming pattern hasn't yielded any results. As I don't have a place where Hugh and John lived in 1840 (Orcella's birth) or their ages I haven't been able to find suitable candidates. Margaret returned to Loudoun and was there in 1851. Until I can find James' birth/ baptism I am unable to move further back. Any help would be very appreciated as this brick wall has been standing for about 10 years. Kind regards, Trish Michael Ex Hull, Yorkshire lass on Central Coast of NSW. Email: gosford17@yahoo.com.au

Hugh Alexander / Ayrshire / 22-08-2023

Hi I've been trying to find the parents of one Hugh Alexander (born around 1713-1715 in Ayrshire). The only knowledge I have to go on is that he married Martha Harvie on January 4th 1740 in Stevenston Ayrshire. I have looked through several record collections and the one record that has Hugh and Martha recorded costs money and would have to be shipped over to me in the states. It's a marriage record and it may or may not list the parents of the groom. If there's anyone that can help or lives in Ayrshire with better access than me pls email me: Hayleyshistorictravels@gmail.com

Warwick / Kilmarnock & Ayr / 16-08-2023

Searching for Family of Andrew Warwick married Mary Muirhead in Western Australia believed to have a son left in Scotland named Graham ? Email: steedos1@gmail.com

Campbell / Catrine & Dumfries / 10-08-2023

My great grandfather Andrew Campbell (1908-1953) emigrated to Canada from Scotland. He was born in Catrine and died in Vancouver BC. He had a sister Agnes Gow Chalmers Riddell nee Campbell who was born feb 26 1891 and died Dec, 31 in Dumfries. I will be in Scotland in early September and am hoping to pay my respects at Anne’s grave if I am able to find it. I am wondering how to research this. I also am hoping to find the graves of my great great grandparents Hugh Campbell (1856-1924) and Agnes Duncan (1851 - 1927) they are both buried in Caterine. Suggestions as how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!. Email: kwalti83@gmail.com

Ritchie family / Saltcoats / 04-08-2023

I am looking for information about Andrew Ritchie (1836-1875 Saltcoats) son of James Ritchie and Elizabeth Anderson of Saltcoats. Andrew was a sea captain like his brother Joseph and the story is that Andrew died after he jumped overboard to save a child who had fallen overboard and he struck something which later caused his death. Is this just family lore or is this story somewhere I could learn more? Andrew married a woman named Elizabeth Jane Goldie. From what I can gather they had the following children: James 1868-?, Andrew 1872-?, Margaret Milne 1872-?, Elisabeth Anderson 1874-1881 and Joseph Alexander Murry 1877-?. I suspect all died while young except Margaret but I cannot find any death dates. Margaret Milne Ritchie (1872-?)married John Gillfillan (1862-1933). They had two sons-Tom Gilfillan (1894-1978) and James Ritchie Gilfillan (1896-1968). In the family note, Margaret had an art studio or gallery that she worked in with her mother. I believe the sons might have some artistic talent as well. Any information, photos of them, gravesites, their work etc would be tremendously appreciated!! -- :o) Shauna. Email: ksomethingsomething@gmail.com

Agnes Mitchell / Ayrshire / 29-07-2023

I am hoping to find information about my ancestor Agnes Mitchell. Her gravestone says she was a native of Ayrshire Scotland. Aged 50 Died September 7 1859. She married William Thom also from Ayrshire. I don’t know if they were married in Scotland or in Canada. Shelley. Email: slgosse@gmail.com

Baird / Old Cumnock / 22-07-2023

Adam Baird B 1831 to George Baird b. 1799 Old Cumnock. Hello my great, great, great grandfather was Adam Baird born 1831 to George Baird born at 1799 in Cumnock area. I was curious to know more about Adam Baird born 1831 residence or area where he might have lived. Adam Baird, born 1831 emigrated to Victoria Australia, eventually. Thanks in advance for any connections. Natalie. Email: nataliejbaird@gmail.com

Grace Mair Gordon - Weir / Ayr / 05-07-2023

Hi there My Nana was born in 1922 at 128 Naburn Street, Gorbals, Glasgow. She was named Grace Mair Gordon - Weir. Weir was my Great Grandmothers maiden name (she lived in Ayr all her life). My great Grandmother married William Pringle in 1924 and they went on to have two children. I knew my Nana as Elizabeth Pringle (her step Dads name) then Elizabeth Gunn after her marriage. I have her birth certificate with her previous name of Grace, but what I would like to find out firstly is when she then had her name changed to Elizabeth. I have taken a DNA test and it's uploaded on ancestry but it's not really of help to try and find out who my Nanas biological father was. Everyone who would have been aware of the situation has now passed so I don't have anyone to ask questions. It was 1922 and a child born out of wedlock given a completely different name I imagine wasn't really heard of or accepted, yet my Great Gran had her all the same. I have no idea where to go with this and wondered if anyone could give me some help/advice on how to move forward. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Claire (Edinburgh Scotland) Email: clairedesoldenhoff@hotmail.co.uk

Douglas and May Houston / Ayrshire / 23-06-2023

I'm looking for information of Douglas and May Houston. They would be in their 80's I believe. They are family of my mom Penny (Penelope). We have had to move address and have no letters or any of her phone books to contact them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know it isn't much to go on. Thank you Jalaine Porcina Email: gia1019@hotmail.com

John Gray & Mary Woods / Ayrshire / 14. 04. 2023

I do family history research and am working on a special project relating to health as my mother has a health issue and would like to see the family history relating to health & deaths. I have a question that I hope someone can help me out with... Is there a history with biographies of Sheriff's, Town Clerks, etc. for Ayrshire County in Scotland? On my 2x great-grandma, Mary (Gray) Irvine's 1893 death certificate, it has her father listed as a (deceased) Town Officer. I found about 70 articles, mostly in 1863 naming John Gray as a Sheriff or Town Clerk.  His name is John Gray (born 1799 in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland) & was married to Mary Wood/s in 1822 in Kilmarnock. I cannot find a death record for him or Mary (Wood) Gray, I do most of my research on ScotlandsPeople. I found the 1841 & 51 censuses listing a John Gray stating he is a Sheriff. Maybe that's him??? In the one census it shows him being born in Ayr, which is where my John Gray was born. This one shows he's married to a Jean... Maybe that's a nickname or Mary's middle name or maybe a 2nd wife??? Thank you. Rhonda Kennedy USA Email: kennedyhicks_r@yahoo.com

Maureen Harper / Kilmarnock / 17. 03. 2023

I’m looking for information of Maureen Harper, sister of John Harper. Born in or near Kilmarnock, Scotland. Maureen is probably around 70 years old. Born 1949 to 1952. Has a brother named John Harper a few years older. She had a hand disorder. She was living in Edinburgh in the 1970’s then I lost track of her. John had married an Asia/ Canadian girl and was living in Canada, they had a son (Tim ) ?? Thank you Alma Wilson Email: accenthifi@aol.com

William Struthers / Cumnock / 17. 03. 2023

Would appreciate information re William Struthers who died in Cumnock unmarried in 1847. Struthers carried letters etc. to and from Scotland to Otonabee Twp., Peterborough, Ontario. "His brother John has Power of Attorney & Deed Unexecuted" re a James Hunter who came from Scotland in 1820 to claim property in Otonabee. Any info would be helpful. Thank You Brett Cairns Email: brettcairns3337@hotmail.com

Henry Wark / Kilmarnock / 10. 02. 2023

I would be interested in birth, family, and ancestry information regarding Henry Wark and Mary Jane McClay. He was supposedly born in 1815 or so in Kilmarnock and they were married in Mearns on 3 Apr 1836. Luren Dickinson Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA Email: lurend@msn.com

David Reid / Tarbolton / 29. 01. 2023

I moved to Scotland last year and one of the main reasons was to find out more about my family and ancestors. I have a small family tree which goes back to my Great, Great, Great Grandfather; David Reid. He was born in Tarbolton on 30 August, 1793. He married Agnes Struthers, born on 10 October, 1800 in Sorn. I would love to be able to research this in person and spend some days in Ayrshire to see what I can find and would love to know anyone who would know where and how to begin my search, or if anyone is related to these two in their own family tree. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy to give more information about other generations as well if anyone wants to chat. Thank you for your time! -- Cheers, Lyndall : Email: lyndall.reid@gmail.com

Jeanie McIntyre Stevenson / Ayrshire / 24. 01. 2023

Before anything else, I'd like to thank the reader(s) of this for their time. I'm primarily Scottish, despite the adopted English name, and many of my ancestors came from the west coast and the highlands. There is one in particular that has had me stumped for a while, meaning I can't go past her on my tree. Here is her info: Jeanie McIntyre Stevenson B. 1855 in Ayrshire, Scotland Married David Stevenson (b. 1854, Kilwinning) on 24Sep1875 in Stevenston, Scotland. Daughter Jeanie born 28Jan1876 in Ayrshire. D. 1890 in Illinois, USA Any information on her or her parents would be so incredibly helpful. Respectfully, Jesco : Email: jesse.rushton@secretly

Robinson - Kilpatrick / Ayrshire / 16. 11. 2022

Looking for information on my great great grandparents: Thomas Robinson and wife Mary Kilpatrick. Also their son, my great grandfather: Samuel Robinson born Nov 15, 1857 / died Nov 1, 1922 His wife, my great grandmother: Mary "Minnie" Merritt born 1867 / died1929. I believe they immigrated to Canada as my grandfather, David Robinson, appears to have been born in naniamo, BC, Canada Thank you in advance for any help or directions in finding them. Good day. : Email: andyoftheislands@gmail.com

Allan Marshall White / Kilmarnock / 12. 10. 2022

My dad, Allan Marshall White was born on Kilmarnock 12th March 1946. He was born to John MaCrae White and Isa White. He had one older brother, John. They moved to Australia in 1950. My grandfather was a cobbler in Kilmarnock. I'm coming over in early 2023 and will be visiting Kilmarnock. I'm hoping to find the street they lived in if it is still there. Unfortunately all have passed on but ive been told that it may have been in Beansburn Rd or Gillsburn Gardens??? Google maps doesn't help much but of anyone knew of them, it would be a great help. If it helps, Esther Douglas (née White) was my Dads cousin. She recently passed away and was a teacher who lived in Kilmarnock: Email: 39673nw@gmail.com

John Harvie / Dalry / 25. 08. 2022

I am looking for information about the Ayrshire descendants of John Harvie of Dalry, born Dec 22, 1792, died July 26, 1826 by accidental drowning at Largs, age 33. He married Agnes Hamilton (Dec 14, 1875 - Dec 5, 1879) and they had 2 children: Robert and Elizabeth. Robert had 5 children, John, Robert, James, Wiliam and Jeanie. The last 3 had no children and the son Robert emigrated to Canada and is my great-grandfather. However, the son John Harvie (1842-1893) seems to have stayed in Scotland, married Mary Montgomerie and they had 6 children: Mary, Jeannette, Robert, John, William, and James. We are trying to find out information about the descendants of John Harvie (1842-1893) and whether any of them are still in Ayrshire or Scotland. There is a memorial headstone in the Old Dalry Cemetery for John Harvie (1792-1826) apparently erected by his son Robert in 1869 or so and which also records the interment of Robert’s son James in 1939. So we assume that one of the Harvie family must have instructed the memorial inscription for James in 1939. We would like to contact any of the descendants of John Harvie (1842-1893) who may be able to give us some information on that branch of the family. Don Simpson, Ottawa, Canada: Email: donjsimpson@hotmail.com

Hamilton / Stevenston / 15. 08. 2022

Hi, my name is Brad Adgate. I live in the U.S. and my mother was born in Glasgow. (years ago my Mom and grandparents took me & my brothers to Ayrshire leaving me fond memories) I have been tracing my Scottish ancestry which is incredible. I am seeking information on my Hamilton ancestors of Stevenston. My 3X great grandmother was Merion Hamilton born on April 11, 1819 in Stevenston to William Hamilton and Merrion Harvey, they were married on December 12, 1810 in Stevenston. As far as I can tell they had four children (three daughters) Margaret Hamilton (named after the paternal mother) born 1817, Merion Hamilton, my ancestor (named after the maternal mother Merion Allan), Jean Hamilton born 1823 and William Hamilton born 1826. Specifically, I was hoping if someone could add any insights to which William Hamilton is Merion Hamilton's father (and my 4X great grandfather). Since there are two William Hamilton possibilities There is a William Hamilton, born on June 1, 1788, the son of John Hamilton and Margaret Snodgrass in Stevenston. The Hamilton-Snodgrass wedding took place on December 4, 1778 in Stevenston. There is also a William Hamilton born on December 1, 1789, to Robert Hamilton and Margaret Craig in Stevenston. The Hamilton-Craig wedding took place on February 2, 1787 in Stevenston. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Brad Adgate. Email: bradadgate@gmail.com

John Whannel family /Ayr/ 04. 07. 2022

My husband's family emigrated from Ayr Scotland in the 1857. We are planning a trip to Scotland in May of 2023 and would love to explore the area that his family came from. Any information you might have to assist us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lisa Whannel John Whannel was born 1/15/1799 in Ayrshire Scotland. He married Margaret Kelly on 3/13/1832. Margaret Kelly was born on 9/13/1803. They had four sons and a daughter. The daughter died in her teens. They entire family emigrated to the United States in 1857 -- Lisa Whannel. Email: whannellisa@gmail.com

Hugh Robertson /St Quivox/ 16. 06. 2022

Am trying to find information on Hugh Robertson born 1812 in St Quivox. Find my Past has a death for him 1871 recorded from a monument erected by his son William G Robertson. Can find no information on William G Any help greatly appreciated. Email: phflowers@hotmail.com.au

Montgomery /Ayrshire/ 12. 06. 2022

I will be in Scotland from 6/9 - 6/29. I am from the Earls of Eglington. Looking to find living relatives, Jan Montgomery. Email: janismontgomery66@gmail.com

James Hutchison /Riccarton/ 06. 06. 2022

Looking for information about James Hutchison (June 5 1783 - 1854) born in Riccarton, Ayrshire. Thank you. Erik Hill. Email: fenianson@aol.com

Daniel McMath /Ayrshire/ 27. 05. 2022

Looking for Daniel McMath born 1717 in Ayrshire Scotland and Helen Mason born 1715 Ayrshire, Scotland my fifth great grandparents. I have traced my fathers line to Robert Tucker 1487 now looking on my mothers side of the family which ends with Mc Math in 1717. GG Grandmother Mary Rellis McMath in the United States. Email: gmt181437@gmail.com

Mary Jane Small /Ayrshire/ 17. 04. 2022

My grandmother, Mary Jane Small (Fairfield), was born in Ayrshire in approximately 1891 and died in Canada in 1940. She lived in Belfast, Ireland between 1898 and 1913. Her mother's name was Jane Small, although she remarried with David Fairfield in Belfast in 1898. I am searching for the Small family in Scotland, and do not know her birth father's first name. I can be contacted by email at: judy123@shaw.ca

Doris Cooper /Ayr & Prestwick/ 05. 04. 2022

I am trying to trace my family history. I only have a few names and I'm not proving very successful on ancestory and was wondering if you could help. My grandmother was born in Scotland and lived at 9 Charlotte Street Ayrshire. Her name was Doris Cooper 30/04/1932 and she was raised by her mother Jean Cooper and her aunt Sarah Ellen Cooper. We know they lived at this address for some years but that is all we know. If you have any information about any of these people-DOB, family names etc, I would be most grateful if you could help. I know Doris moved to 6 fullerton Road, Prestwick when they married in late 1950's... possibly 1958. His name was Jesse Bowlder Wilson. We have some information on him but is her history we are intretsed in. I know her family had military background with her grandad being in Scots Guards but again, I don't have dates nor his name. Kind Regards, Pippa. Email: pippawilson1989@hotmail.co.uk

David Auld /Irvine / 29. 03. 2022

I’m trying to locate my brother David Auld, born in Irvine on or about June 15 1958 to Agnes Auld, wife of Sam Auld. Any contact info would be appreciated. Email: tomauld24@gmail.com

Joseph Murray /Irvine / 29. 03. 2022

I am trying to trace my brother last known to be living in Irvine Scotland, his name is Joseph Murray married to Margaret, Two sons Colin Murray and John Murray. My name is Allen McLeod Murray born Glasgow now living in perth Scotland. Contact number 07561 317 356. Email: lindaparsons2010@hotmail.co.uk

John Allen /Ayrshire / 21. 02. 2022

John Allen born about 1803 from Ayrshire. I’m trying to find information on my great great grandfather JohnAllen. According to my Aunt Bessie’s autobiography, John Allen was born in Ayrshire, Scotland and came to America during the civil war. John received his education in Scotland and taught school in Pikeville, TN. He married Liza Pendergrass Gregory and they had one child Rosa Lee Allen. Email: janey257@gmail.com

Jonty Wilson/Ayr / 02. 02. 2022

Trying to track down information about my great grandfather, Jonty Wilson, who died in Ayr in about 1970. He was a miner. We know the name Hoggins was associated with him but we're unsure why exactly. He has a daughter named Jane (Jean) who married John Couhgtrie. I'm afraid that's all we have – any help greatly appreciated! Elliott Haworth, London. Email: elliott.haworth@gmail.com

James Duncan/Helen Bryan/Maybole / 13. 01. 2022

Researching James DUNCAN, illegitimate son of James DUNCAN and Helen BRYAN who was baptised in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland 3 Mar 1822. James moved to London prior to 1845.

James married Mary WILLIAMS St Marylebone Middlesex 14 August 1845. Kirk Session records say James Snr was a Merchant in 1821/22. Nothing further known about him. Mother Helen according to census records was born Maybole but no record found. Helen married John PATON in Maybole 1833. Issue from this union was Hugh 1833, Helen 1835 and John 1837. Helen died 1866 in Maybole. Death certificate gives her father as .?... BRYAN, Inn Keeper and mother as Jane Bryan (MS McGILL).

No record or Kirk Session record ever found re parents. It has been suggested that Jane may have been born Maybole 1772 as Jean McGILL (McDill) daughter of Thomas McGILL and Agnes McNAB but no proof of this.

Seeking assistance with any details relating to above mentioned people. Would so like to confirm grandparents of James so that I may venture further back in time. Contact Terry via email at: denerry@bigpond.com.au

Agnes Thom / Dalrymple / 05. 01. 2022

I am looking for information on my 3rd Great Grandmother, Agnes Thom (nee Mitchell) She married William Thom. She died in Pickering Ontario Canada on September 7 1859. She is buried with her daughter Janet and her husband William. She may have been born on February 7 1809 at the Dalrymple Parish in East Ayrshire Scotland. I am hoping to find birth records, records of her siblings and parents, marriage records, emigration records etc. Thank you SO much, Shelley. You can email me at. Email: slgosse@gmail.com

Jane McConnachie / Patna / 05. 01. 2022

My great grandmother, Jane McConnachie 17/06/1901 was born at 134 Lethamhill, Patna. She was illegitimate and the daughter of Jane Gilmour McConnachie (born 1884)- father unknown. I'm informed via family mythology that she ended up in Kilmarnock and may have been known a Jeanie Hyslop. She has a son, James McConnachie, in 1922 at Galston - my grandfather. He was also illegitimate and was raised by his great uncle James McConnachie (born 1881 and a coal miner on the Hill at Patna).y grandfather never knew or met his mother. It was never disclosed who his father was. A sea of time has passed and our family would like to fill in some of the history before the echoes disappear completely. If anyone has information, no matter how scant or sensitive, Any help is appreciated, please contact me at. Email: james.mcconnachie74@gmail.com

James Campbell / Ayrshire / 20. 11. 2021

Does anyone have any info on my 4th great grandfather, James Campbell born 22 February 1819 in Ayrshire. He was in the Army and sent to Kingston Ontario to quell the Kingston rebellion. He was born on the above date. He died in Niagara Falls, Ontario March 24, 1871. Email: jfcsoup@gmail.com

Henry McGill / Stevenston / 25. 07. 2021

I am seeking information regarding Henry McGill. He lived in Stevenston, Scotland. He came to American as a young man and then worked and brought over his parents and 13 bothers and sisters. That is all I know. I am his grand-daughter, daughter of Peter John McGill, his son. My dad was born in New Jersey and the family moved to Oak Cliff, Tx at some point when dad was a young child. I do not know Henry’s parent’s names or any history other than he was born and lived in Stevenston. Hope someone knows his family. I would really like to take my daughter to visit Stevenston. Both my grand-father and father have passed away and really want to share with my daughter family history. Thanks, Shelby. Email: shelby.mcgill@cyxtera.com

Mr James Mc Anally / Ayr / 25. 07. 2021

My name is John Said, and I reside in Wagga Wagga New South Wales In Australia. Many years ago some items belonging to Mr James Mc Anally came into my possession in Sydney approximately 40 plus years ago. At the time I was unable to find or locate the owner, as I was going through my office cleaning up I came across the items again which has led me to writing this email. I am writing here as for some small chance that someone might still know his family as I would love to return the small items to the family overseas or here is Australia. To assist in finding his descendants information I have is listed below;
Name: James Mc Anally
DOB; 4 January 1922
Location; Ayr / Scotland
Fought in the World War 2
Army Number; 2766222
Enlisted; 18/2/1941
Height; 5’5 and a half inches
Weight; 130.5 lbs.
Distinctive marks; Small scare right temple
Worked ; South Western Area Fire Brigade Comprising The Counties of Ayr, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright and Wigtown and the Burghs of Ayr, Kilmarnock and Dumfries (this information was taken from a letter from the Fire master dated 5/9/1957).
From 18/10/1948 - 21/8/1952 Migrating to Australia
Mother; Rachael Mc Anally 33 Elba Street Ayr
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Email: havashed@gmail.com

Brodie (Kirk)Patrick / Dalry / 11. 07. 2021

Seeking information regarding the parents and any siblings of Brodie (Brody) Kirkpatrick, born possibly May 1806 in Dalry. A 1970 family history states that Brodie married Elizabeth Muir Anderson on 20 October 1833, by the Reverend Anderson in Ayrshire, Scotland. The same history states that Elizabeth was born in the Renfrenshire area of Scotland near Edinburg. He is said to have dropped the "Kirk" from his last name and was known as Brodie Patrick. Brodie purportedly was a miner by trade, and in 1834, the family, which would have included Brodie, Elizabeth, and their infant son John, immigrated to Nova Scotia to the town of Pictou. They eventually settled in Allegany County, Maryland. Email: krlarson1985@yahoo.com

McTaggarts Maybole & Dalmellington / 05. 07. 2021

I’ve been able to trace my 3x Great Grandfather Patrick B McTaggart who moved to Maybole with his wife Isabella O’Neil from Cork, Ireland, sometime before the birth of their first child in 1821… they had a son, Edward, who lived in Dalmellington where he lived in 54 Waterside Row before the family immigrated to Australia in 1862. Wondering if anyone has connections with this family or know more about the McTaggarts immigration from Ireland?: Email: cam@selwood.me

Thomson / Monkton & Prestwick / 03. 06. 2021

I have been able to trace my Thomson family ancestry to David Thomson who was born in 1738 in Monkton and Prestwick, Ayrshire. Scotland. He married Francissa Boyle. 4 kids, Jean, John (my ancestor), David and Janet. His mother and father are unknown. I would be interested to know his parents and the family line going forward from there. Thanks Stephen Pratt: Email: sjpmft1@gmail.com

McCall/Kerr / Dalmellington / 17. 05. 2021

Looking for any information on Margaret Kerr. I only have her marriage to David McCall in 1813. They had five children....John Gilbert Margaret Hugh and Jean between 1814 and 1824. Another child (David) was born in 1825 and although his death certificate has David and Margaret as his parents, I cannot find a birth for him with those parents, and suspect it’s been wrongly transcribed, or wrong information given. I have a birth for David with the same father different mother. Margaret was probably born about 1790ish in Dalmellington, as her husband was born in 1794. Her death was probably around 1824. Any info would be gratefully received. Please contact me on: fthomson05@hotmail.com

Galt/Malcolm / Ayrshire / 17. 05. 2021

My great-great grandfather was adopted in about 1811. His birth parents were Captain William Galt born in Ayrshire and Jean (Or Jane) Malcolm born 4 February 1781 in Irvine. They both died between 1807 and 1811. I would like to know the names of William’s parents and where they might be buried. William and Jean were married 3 February 1789 in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. My DNA matches descendants of John Galt (23 Aug 1717 — 1793) and Agnes Margaret Allan (1722-30 April 1778). Their son William adopted the orphaned children of William & Jean. Family tradition said that the two Williams were first cousins. Any assistance that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Mary Trumbull. Email: marysuetrumbull@gmail.com

Leitch/McAllister / Ayr / 08. 05. 2021

I am looking for any information on the Leitch and McAllister families of Ayr. John Leitch (spelled Leech) a Taylor, married Katharine McAllister 22 October 1766 in Ayr They had: Archibald 1769, Rachel 1771, Margaret 1773, Mary 1775 and John 1778 all baptised in Ayr surname spelled Leech. John's death occurred 22 February 1802 aged 62 and he is listed as Pale Town drummer disease Wasting parish of Ayr spelled as Leitch. I would like to find John's and Katharine's Baptisms and when Katharine died. I don't know if they were born in Ayr. I have been unable to trace the children except for John who married in 1803 in Glasgow Elizabeth (Bethia) Laurie dau of George Laurie Merchant of Glasgow. It was his grandson John who emigrated to Australia. Any assistance would be gratefully received. Marianne. Email: marianne@rmyoung.ie

William King / Stewarton / 18. 04. 2021

Could some-one please help: *William King* (his parents William John King 1754-1816, Died Scroggiemill Stewarton and Mary Aitken 1760-1847), married *Elizabeth Wilson *(parents James Wilson Christened 27.04.1760 and Janet Gray/Grey-they married 15.01.1785 in Stewarton) on 07 June 1816 in Stewarton. Elizabeth born in Stevenson, Ayrshire, they had 2 children. William then married Margaret McKillp who was born in Cladock, Kilbride, Arran. I am a descendant who lives in NZ. Their son James went to live in Hobart Tasmania. Would like information on James siblings, well anything really would be wonderful Sharon Ross Napier NZ. Email: norahs.ross@gmail.com

Blackford / Ayrshire / 14. 03. 2021

Trying establish documentation for my family tree. Martin Anthony Blackford was allegedly born in Ayrshire Scotland in 1729. His father was Benjamin Blackford. It is told, that Benjamin Blackford fought in the Battle of Culloden in 1746. Benjamin, along with a large number of officers were confined in Warwick Castle. It is said Benjamin scratched his name so deeply into the wall, it was still visible in the early 1900's. He was then banished. He went to New Jersey, where Martin and the rest of the family followed. All this is just a story right now. I am looking for any and all information, documentation, etc. that will prove any of this. Thanks for any help you can provide. Gary Blackford USA. Email: gblackford52@gmail.com

Mcglashen / Kilmarnock / 14. 03. 2021

Looking for information on William and Margaret Mcglashen Born 1839 1840 and immigrated to the USA probably Boston in 1860. My Great Grandfather from Kilmainock Scotland was Thomas Barrie McGlashen. Email: tom_mcglashen@yahoo.com

Bell / Stevenson / 16. 02. 2021

My Great Grandfather Charles Bell Married a Girl from Stenvenson early 1900 , not sure about the date, she was from a good family called Boyd, Dunlop, She was called Julia Dunlop and came from a good family The family disowned her because of the age difference , if you could please try and find out any info that could help me that would be great. Best regards James Bell. Email: jimbell1953@hotmail.com

Walker / Dalry / 16. 02. 2021

Looking for ancestral generations preceding their Births Resided in Dalry before they immigrated to USA. I Have a Scotland's people that ID Robert's family thru Grandparents Robert Walker 1770–1845 Margaret McDonald 1775– Robert Paden “Fisters” Walker Coal Miner B:14 Nov 1833 ToronYard Toll, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland D:26 SEP 1909 Braidwood, Will, Illinois, USA Marriage 9 Sept 1854 • Dalry, Ayrshire Lillias "Lillie" Kilpatrick (1835–1908) Lillias "Lillie" Kilpatrick 1835–1908 BIRTH 30 NOV 1835 • Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland DEATH 27 SEP 1908 • South Wilmington, Grundy County, Illinois, United States of America 2nd great-grandmother When Lillias "Lillie" Kilpatrick was born on November 30, 1835, in Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland, her father, James, was 36, and her mother, Anne Haddow, was 36. Any Ancestry on her side of family anyone can share?? Thanks Rob N Looking for Ancestors that precede My ggrandfather. Census says William was born in Ireland as was Agnes. No Idea where. Finding nothing in Irish records, do not know where to start (Antrim??) Robert Alexander (Coal Miner) was born on October 24, 1873, Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland the son of Agnes Gemmell and William Alexander. He married Lizzie Walker in 1903 in Grundy, Illinois. Elizabeth Walker and he had one daughter together. He died on January 9, 1941, in South Wilmington, Illinois, at the age of 67, and was buried in Braceville, Illinois. Thanks, Robert G Nielsen. I have a number of Photos. Email: rniels@comcast.net

Graham / Dunlop / 16. 02. 2021

My gran was born on Muirhouse farm in Dunlop. She was born in 1933 6th April on the farm to a mother named Christina Graham whos fathers name was George Cunninghame Graham and mother was named Christina Martin Graham They all worked on the farm. She has no information on who her father could be as she was given away at 2days old and spent her young years in Glasgow city. My gran was also named Christina and has this name to this day she was given away at 2days old and theres no information reguarding this. Apparently this was quite the scandal in the area and was hoping this would jog some memories for our family. Email: Linseybyars@icloud.com

Andrew Barclay / Ayrshire / 02. 02. 2021

I’m searching for my great grandfather who was born in Scotland in May 1863 (or at least in 1863) and emigrated to the US approximately 1880. I’ve narrowed down my search to about 3 Andrew Barclays - one is listed in Ayrshire. I would be so grateful to find him and know his family and the place he was born. He died in Chicago, Il on November 1, 1909. Kelly Barclay Deterding. Email: heatherhillfloral@gmail.com

Grahams / Maybole / 29. 01. 2021

I am trying to locate any Grahams who can trace their family to Maybole area before 1800. Bob Graham. Email: bobgrahambook-keeping.co.uk

Lawson / Irvine / 03. 01. 2021

I'm desperately looking to find my Uncle, Aunt and 4 cousins. My name is Heather Lawson (only daughter of Charles and Alice Lawson). My darling Daddy was very active in Freemasonry; that was his birth right. My parents moved to America in 1971 to make a better life (financially) for myself and my 3 older brothers, William Graham Lawson, Ian Charles Lawson and Bruce Robert Gordon. My paternal Grandmother's name was Mary. The woman I acknowledge as my maternal grandmother was my Granny Rose (and her beloved husband, my Pappa Jack, I considered my grand dad). My daddys first cousin (also his best friend) was James Muir and his wife Lynn. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can give anyone in my family my contact information. I can get in touch with anyone of my family. I'm all alone since my parents have now gone to be together in Heaven. My telephone number is 201-725-8640 (my cell in the U.S. - in New Jersey). I truly appreciate all replies that will result in my family reconnecting. SCOTLAND FOREVER! All this lassies love - Heather Ann Lawson. Email: awesomehbomb0430@gmail.com

Rankin / Ayrshire / 05. 12. 2020

I am a Rankin by birth and administrator of the Rankin DNA Project. Many of the Rankin project members (not all of whom are genetically related) believe their ancestors migrated to America straight from Ayrshire, or else from Ayrshire to Ireland and then to the colonies. I am trying to locate a Rankin who is interested in his/her Rankin family history and who is willing to talk about Ayrshire Rankins. Website

William Brown / Kilmarnock ? / 13. 11. 2020

I have many generations who are from living in Ayrshire, SCOT, Most are from Kilmarnock or close by but I have hit a wall with William Brown (1729-1822). He was born either in Kilmarnock/Old Cummock or Riccarton, Ayrshire. His wife was Ann Crichton/Creichton (1732-1825). I know his parent were James Brown and Anna Symont/Symond but I cannot find anything else about them. Email: glenrda@aol.com

David Gibson / Kilmarnock / 31. 10. 2020

I am trying to track down my family history. My great grandfather, David Gibson was born in Kilmarnock around June 1873 to William Gibson and Agnes Baird (we think). He moved to and married in South Africa. I am looking for more information on his parents - my great great grandparents. Any advice on where to look or access information would be very helpful. Many Thanks Michele Email: micheleliebenberg@hotmail.com

John Montgomerie / West Kilbride / 20. 08. 2020

I am trying to identify the John Montgomerie who married Grizzel Boyd in West Kilbride in 1704. Many on Ancestry.com (including myself) initially had him as Governor John Montgomerie who for a time was appointed Governor of New York prior to American Independence and was a descendant of the Montgomerie Earls of Eglinton. But now I do not believe this is the case. All Montgomerie histories and Scottish Peerage records identify only his marriage to Lady Mary Carmichael and one daughter from that marriage who predeceased him. I do believe the John Montgomerie who married Grizell is very likely related to the Earls of Eglinton as both he and Grizell Boyd are identified on the marriage record as being from the Little Isle of Cumbray (modern spelling Cumbrae) which was owned by the Montgomerie Earls of Eglinton and also had a strong population of Boyds. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Bernard. Email: berlo2@bigpond.com

Margaret Roxburgh / Kilmarnock / 20. 10. 2020

I am trying to find information on Margaret Roxburgh who married John Rowat on 29th Dec 1871. Two of their children died in December 1874 in Kilmarnock, Ayshire. I am working on my family tree and I was wondering if anyone had information on the two children who died. I found it interesting that both children died 4 days apart one on 21st December 1874 and another 25th Dec 1874. I have tried to find information myself but with no luck. I do remember years ago getting an email from someone with information about them and that was there was a house fire but I lost a lot of information from my computer. Any information would be much appreciated thankyou. Regards Diane Neill. Email: dianen@live.com.au

James Morton / Ayrshire / 08. 08. 2020

Hi - my Grandfather was named James Morton (aka James Morton Young) and I believe he was born in 1907 in Ayrshire (perhaps Newmilns or area). He was, apparently adopted by the “Young” family and had a sister called “Annie Young”. I would really like to get to the bottom of the story in why he was adopted. My Grandfather named his real mother and father in his marriage certificate of 1931 as being James Morton and Agnes Morton (maiden name “Dunsmuir”). Really hoping to find someone who can shed some light on this as I always thought his side of the family was untraceable until I found a copy of his marriage certificate naming his real parents. This means that my genealogy comes from the Morton family and I am really hoping to find someone who knows the story. Thanks. Louise Rennie. Email: lmrennie@telus.net

William Mckie / Cumnock / 08. 08. 2020

Looking for information on William McKie who migrated to Chile in 1853 with him originating from the area of Comlic, Cumnock or Auchinleck. Could someone from the area give me information on how to find out more about this family. I have a lot of information I can share. Email: santiago.mackay@gmail.com

Mary Ross / Ayr / 27. 07. 2020

Hello - I am working on my family tree and hoping to find information on my wife’s grandmother Mary Ross. She was born in 1904 in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland. She moved with her parents John Ross and Elizabeth Crawford to Winnipeg Canada around 1910-1916. We’d like to learn about the Ross/Crawford families in Ayr and any potential relatives still there. You can reach me by e-mail at cr0938@ymail.com. Yes, that’s a “Y’ and not a “G” in my e-mail. Thank you for reading and reaching out. Charlie Robinson. Email: cr0938@ymail.com

Daniel McCabe / Kilbirnie / 27. 07. 2020

I would like some information in relation to Daniel McCabe born: 1872 Kilbirnie, Ayrshire Married: Margaret Creeley 1893 Irvine. In 1901 they were living in 90 Mains Road Beith, Ayrshire with 2 children Felix and John. I am unable to find their death records. I have information that they did not emigrate. Any information would be helpful Robyn McCabe - Australia. Email: anunaka4580@hotmail.com

Robert Elliot / Craigie / 17. 07. 2020

Trying to find details of my 5thGGF Robert Elliot who married Janet Wardrob born ant 1776. They were married on 12 Oct 1798 at Craigie, Ayrshire... looking for details of Roberts Parents, date and place of birth? I live in the Falkland Islands so am a bit out off the way. From. Jock Elliot. Email: elliot@horizon.co.fk

Thomas Cannon of Saltcoats / 17. 07. 2020

I am searching for the Ayrshire family of my grandfather, John Cannon’s brother Thomas Cannon. Thomas Cannon was born on 21st December 1893 in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. He was the son of James Canna/Cannon and Mary Keegan. James & Mary had 4 children. James died in Bray in 1897, the year after my grandfather was born, and Mary died in 1943 in Ireland. Their surname is variously recorded as Canna, Kenna & Cannon. Children of James Canna/Cannon & Mary Keegan 1) John James Joseph Cannon. Born about 1889, died of TB in 1906, Bray, Ireland 2) Mary Jane Cannon. Born 1891, died of TB in 1908, Bray, Ireland. 3) Thomas Cannon. Born 21st December 1893, Bray, Ireland. 4) John Cannon (my grandfather) born 1896, Bray, Ireland. Enlisted as a Royal Marine & survived WW1. Returned to Ireland & married Elizabeth Vance in 1920 in Bray, Ireland. Moved to Scotland, where he became a policeman, before migrating to Western Australia in 1924, where he remained for the rest of his life. John & Elizabeth had three children: Lilian ( 1926 - 2019), Ronald William ( 1928 - 2015) and Benedicta Cannon ( 1930 - 2013). I am the daughter of Ronald William Cannon. Information given to me from my late aunt Sr Benedicta Cannon (she was a nun in the Order of St Joseph of the Apparition) was that Thomas Cannon left Ireland and went first to live in Glasgow, where he worked in the mines. He married, moved to Saltcoats, where he had four children (names are perhaps Mary, Sheila, Jack & Tom.) Benedicta Cannon’s sister Lilian (married name Bowden) visited family members of Thomas in Scotland 1976. My research into the Cannon family is missing this branch & I would love to complete their story. I am more than happy to pass on what I have done so far to any of Thomas’s family and descendants.. Email: philip.burns@optusnet.com.au

John Murdock / Ayrshire / 01. 07. 2020

Hi I am trying to find out more about my relative John Murdock who was born 15 Oct 1828 at Drakemyre, North Ayrshire and married Elizabeth Elliot from Lincolnshire England. If anyone has more information would like to hear from you. Roger. Email: supre2000@yahoo.com

McCrindle Family tree / Ayr / 22. 06. 2020

I'm trying to get information on my Grampa George McCrindle born 12/06/1909 in Ayr he had 2 children from his first marriage in 20/06/1933 in Irvine to an Elizabeth Gilmour Muir Findlay Wilson born 04/03/1914. They adopted a Catherine McNair Wilson Clark on the 03/05/1945. They also had two children of their own my dads half sisters. My Dad remembers them being Called Jessie, Rena and Betty. Jessie was born 9th October 1933 and Betty was born 22nd August 1939. Anymore information on the sisters and their mum would be greatly received. Thankyou George McCrindle. Email: gmccrindle@gmail.com

John Shaw / Kilwinning / 22. 06. 2020

I am looking for the birth records for John Shaw who was born in roughly 1849- 1851 in Kilwinning to Thomas Shaw and Mary McIntyre. 1851 Census has him at Kyle, Ayreshire. 1861 in Kilwinning as a drawer of coal, He immigrated to NZ aboard the Viola in 1866 he is my Great Great Grandfather. He came to Australia and married Margaret Syme in Wallsend New South Wales where a lot of the Ayreshire people came to for the mining. Margaret's father was killed in a mine explosion. Any information on this Shaw line would be greatly appreciated. I believe that there are still many Shaw's that live in Kilwinning today!! Email: Joanne.Brown@allambicare.org

Bells and Hutchisons / Ayrshire / 22. 06. 2020

1869 in Cambusnethan in Lanarkshire John Hutchison m Catherine Bell Catherine's father Duncan Bell had died in a pit accident in Wishaw in 1849. This Duncan Bell left a family and a pregnant wife, Mary ( ms Nichol ) [ She named the child Duncan, after his late father ] Amongst John and Catherine Hutchison's large family in Carluke was Duncan Hutchison b 1872 1891 Carstairs Duncan Hutchison 19 was in Carstairs 1898 Duncan Hutchison m Grace F Paterson in Carluke 1906 a son Duncan Bell Hutchison was born in Dalziel 1933 Duncan Bell Hutchison married Elizabeth Robertson in Kilmarnock 1997. Duncan Bell Hutchison died in Prestwick age 90, mother's ms Paterson Interesting how the family kept the Bell name going. I think all this ties together, but I would welcome any more flesh on the bones. Obviously being on the Ayrshire site, looking at the Kilmarnock/Prestwick connection, but any views welcome. Peter Aikman. Email: peterraikman@btinternet.com

Maxwell / Ayr / 09. 05. 2020

I am looking for Any info about the parents of Alexander Maxwell (possibly born about 1663 )who marries Margaret Couttert (Born possibly 1666 ) in Ayr Scotland on the 23 Feb 1691. They then have a son John born about 1700. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Alan Maxwell. Email: wandshoppe@outlook.com

Walker or Alexander / Dalry / 16. 01. 2020

Looking for info on Walker and / or Alexander clan who lived in Dalry and emigrated to the USA. Can you please help me with any birth or residence info regarding my Great Grandmother/Grandfather from Dalry? Elizabeth K Walker, Den Dalry Ayrshire, born Dec 29, 1877. Father Robert Walker married to Lillias Kilpatrick Robert Alexander Born Oct 24, 1873. Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland. Father William Alexander, Mother Agnes Gemmell Possible addresses 12 Brick Row Or. 2 Peesweep Row, Dalry. We are planning a trip there sit week in September, any info would help to look for lost relatives. Thanks in advance Rob Nielsen. Email: rgnielse@gmail.com

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