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Dundonald Castle is in the centre of Dundonald village in Ayrshire, 4 miles east of Troon. Postcode: KA2 9HD

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Dundonald Castle was built for Robert II when he became King of Scotland in 1371.

Robert II was the first of the Stewart Kings, as he was the son of Walter Stewart and of Marjorie Bruce, daughter of King Robert the Bruce.

Robert II was 55 years old when he became King, building Dundonald Castle as his home, with his son Robert ruling much of Scotland for him.

Dundonald Castle History

Iron Age 500 BC - this site at Dundonald is thought to have had a number of round houses surrounded by an earth rampart topped with a wooden palisade.

700s - the Kingdom of Strathclyde was formed, controlling the area between the River Clyde and parts of Cumbria in northern England. Dundonald Castle was rebuilt at this time with ports in this area trading with northern England.

1000s - the buildings at Dundonald were destroyed during wars with England.

1050? - the Kings of Scots gained control over Strathclyde, a time all the Kingdoms of Scotland were being merged under one King.

1136 - Dundonald was granted to Walter FitzAlan, one of many French Normans moving into Scotland to help combat the Vikings. A new Timber Fort was built on the site at that time.

1164 - Walter FitzAlan led the forces that defeated and killed Somerled, Viking King of the Isles.

1200s early - Dundonald Castle was built of Stone.

1296 - the first War of Scottish Independence broke out with Dundonald Castle soon destroyed, thought to have been by the Scots to prevent English from using it.

1371 - Robert II became King of Scotland, having Dundonald Castle rebuilt to serve as his home.

Robert's son and heir was from his first wife Elizabeth Mure, with the Mure's being prominent land owners in Ayrshire. See Clan Mure.

1400s - Dundonald Castle was let to the Wallace family of Craigie.

1500s late - the Wallace's built Auchan’s Castle / Mansion House about 1 mile west of Dundonald Castle. This impressive building is now in ruin.

Wallace was a prominent Clan in Ayrshire. See Clan Wallace.

1536 - King James V granted Dundonald Castle to Robert Boyd, although the Wallace's refused to hand the Castle over.

The Boyd's had a number of Castles in Ayrshire, with them being connected to the Royals through marriage. See Clan Boyd.

1632 - Dundonald Castle was sold to James Mathieson.

1638 - Dundonald Castle was sold to Sir William Cochrane.

1686 - Sir William Cochrane became the Earl of Dundonald for his support of the Royalists.

1953 - Cochrane's handed Dundonald Castle over to the State to be run as a Tourist Attraction.

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