Most of the people to emigrate from Ayrshire settled in America, Australia and Canada. If you are looking to find information on anyone, in Ayrshire or abroad, you can post a message with as much information about them as you can, hopefully, someone will then be able to give information on the person you are enquiring about.

An interesting website with a list of ships with their passenger lists that carried emigrants to the US, Canada and Australia between 1685 and 1903 is www.scotlandsfamily.com/ships-passengers. Records of ships and their passengers before the 1890s can be hard to find.

Records of Births, Deaths and Marriages dating back to 1855, in South Ayrshire, are held in four Registration Offices. We have a team of courteous and experienced staff who will be happy to offer advice and assistance with any enquiries you may have, website & contacts: www.south-ayrshire.gov.uk.

Births Deaths and Marriages information for North Ayrshire from 1855 - present day, website: www.north-ayrshire.gov.uk.

Births Deaths and Marriages information for East Ayrshire from 1855 - present day, website: www.east-ayrshire.gov.uk.

East Ayrshire is from Kilmarnock to Cumnock in the east.

North Ayrshire is from Irvine to Largs in the north.

South Ayrshire is from Troon and Ayr to Ballantrae in the south.

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Daniel Roxburgh / Irvine Ayrshire, 15. 12. 2012

Hello, Im seeking information on my ggg grandfather Daniel Roxburgh, Irvine Scotland, he married Janet Auld, and they had three children, Jane, Daniel and Allan, the latter is my gg grandfather. Would love to know any info on his parents, I have a Daniel born to a John and Isobella Brown 1774, but no proof that it is the Daniel Im seeking, hope someone out there can help me, Heather NZ. Email: Heathergee@xtra.co.nz

Galloway family in South Ayrshire, 13. 12. 2012

if you are looking for a person with the surname Galloway from South Ayrshire- you might find them on my family history web site at: sites.google.com/site/bobsgallowayfamilyhistory bob g.

Ian Livingston, 28. 11. 2012

I am trying to find the above relative. Ian should be in his sixties. Can anyone assist me?? Sincerely, Greg Seibold. The last info I was told was he might be in Aryshire, Annbank or Prestwick. Email: gregseibold@gmail.com

William Robin Johnston/Ayr, 04. 11. 2012

William Robin Johnston was apparently born in 1761 in Ayr, Scotland. He is said to have been married there but later (perhaps after his wife died) moved to Ireland and married a women in Sligo. Her name was Margaret Ferguson. He was injured in the Napoleonic Wars and it appears he and his family of ten children lived in and around Donegal, Ireland. In 1817 his eldest son, Robert, and Robert's wife, and William Robin's wife Margaret, went to collect William's land grant in Canada. They arrived on April 27, 1817 in New York and from there they travelled up the Mohawk Valley, across the Great Lakes to Kingston, Ontario. They wintered there before they travelled to Carp (Huntley Township) to their land. Does anyone have any information on William Robin? Warmest regards Willi Johnston. Email: willijohnston@rogers.com

Forgie family information, 25. 10. 2012

I am researching my family genealogy. I have gone back to 1500 with my family name FORGIE. Can anyone provide me with history? They came from Lanark and Stirling mostly, Ayr often written. I have learned they were weavers and book binders. I have traced this name back to James Forgie born in Ayrshire in 1500. Email: csmenos@gmail.com

Patrick Murphy Tombstone in Iowa, USA, 19. 10. 2012

I saw this stone across the street from the hospital I work at in Ottumwa, IA. I have done some genealogy research before and thought somebody over there may be interested in this photo. If someone is interested, they may feel free to contact me via e-mail and I can provide a better photo and additional information. Thanks, Michael Gates. Email: MGates@orhc.com . Headstone Image .

Roy Family Tree information, 22. 09. 2012

Hi from Vernon, BC Canada. I'm searching for information on Alexander Roy married to Caroline Davis (my second Great Grandparents). Their daughter Annie Roy moved to Sussex and married to James Bartlett in 1869 ish. We are planning a trip to Scotland next year and I would like to gather as much information as possible before our trip. Thanks in advance for any information. Warm regards;Tracey Middleton (Bartlett). Email: tracey.middleton@hotmail.com

McIlwraith in Barr/Ballantrae, 22. 09. 2012

Looking for details of Barabara McIlwraith who was born circa 1680 and married John Galloway in Barr 1771.Any info on Barbara's parents would be much appreciated. Email: bobgalloway@live.co.uk

McNair/ Ayrshire, 29. 08. 2012

I am searching for any information on my Great, great, great grandmother. Her name was Mary Stewart McNair. I'm not sure if the spelling could be Mary Stuart MacNair etc. I believe she was born around 1893 in or around Ayrshire. I believe she may have left Scotland for Canada, eventually ending up in Maine USA and I do know married a man named Clifford Peter McCollett. Any information or help that I could get would be very much appreciated. I can be emailed at: nicoletaschereau@yahoo.com Sincerely, Mrs. Nicole L. Taschereau.

Boyd family, 26. 08. 2012

Seeking info, including death dates and where buried.and Any info about earlier generations. William BOYD, born 23-6-1779, Married Mary BARR ( born 1772 ), Then my next generation is James BOYD, born 23-12-1799, beith, married 12-10-1822, to Jean WILSON ( christened 21-6-1801, at neilston. ) Their daughter Margaret born at gateside, brith, 1840. She came to Australia. I can be contacted at : bjbambi1977@hotmail.com Bindi johns, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

Thomas Jackson/ Muirkirk, 12. 08. 2012

My great grandfather, Thomas Jackson was the manager of the Clyde (I think ) bank in Muirkirk around 1910-1930. I have a hazy photo of his headstone which is fairly large as it also has the names of his wife Agnes Vallance, His father Thomas Jackson and wife Jessie Coats both of 'Blantyre Park". I also have a hand drawn and coloured map of "Blantyre Park" drawn in 1840, it was an area of around 100 acres and I think from what I have been told it was within walking distance of Muirkirk but there is nothing on the map to indicate its location. Hoping you may be able to give me locations of the graves and perhaps the farm as living in Australia makes it virtually impossible for me to find these things. Kind regards Helen (nee Jackson. Email : freddee53@bigpond.com

Archibald Balfour/ Tarbolton, 12. 08. 2012

It appears that Archibald Balfour, my wife's g-g-g-grandfather, was born in Tarbolton by Ayr in 1775. He married Margaret Miller at St.Quivox & Newton in 1798. I cannot seem to find any information on his death (where and when) or his origin (parents/birthplace). Reed Wortman in Canada. I hope someone will be able to help! Email : rwortman6675@hotmail.com

John and William Faulds, 25. 07. 2012

Hello all, I am searching for any information re: John Faulds b. about 1830 and son William b. about 1861 in Ayrshire. They seemed to have immigrated to Nova Scotia and then to US about the same time as some Browns, Burns, and Beveridge's. This group all ended up in Flint, Michigan, USA. Any and all information is welcome. Thank you, Marilyn McDole, Wisconsin, USA Email : msmcdole@frontier.com

McCord-MacCoard-MacKorde-MacMhuircheartaigh, 23. 07. 2012

Looking for family history on my husbands grandmother's family. Sir James MacKorde was born in 1620 in Scotland and died July 27, 1689 in the battle of Killiecrankie. His wife was Jean? His father was John MacKorda and he was born in Scotland before 1600. Sir James was a highland chief and had 7 seven sons who may have fought in the battle of Killiecrankie also along with two brother-in-laws; Simon Carson and David Ritchie, both taken prisoner during the battle. Sir James McCord's son, John MacCorde was born about 1660 in Argyle County and died in 1715 in Stewartstown County Tyrone Ireland. He was married to Mary Sarah MacDougall. I think the MacDougall's and the MacDonald's both came from King Sommerled and that makes me think McCord does also. If you have any information on this, you can e-mail me at : twilasmith1959@Hotmail.com

Joseph Anderson, 04. 07. 2012

Joseph Anderson and his wife Annie Lesley departed Ayrshire in 1824 on the sailing ship Hugh Crawford in the employ of Thomas Macqueen a Scottish parliamentarian. Macqueen was given 10,000 acres of land in Australia and chose an area near Scone, New South Wales. The Andersons built a now historic homestead called "Segenhoe" after Macqueen's home in Scotland. The first born to Joseph was Thomas Australia Anderson, born in Sydney in 1826. Joseph Anderson and his family were among the first free migrants to Australia. I am a direct line descendant and I am seeking a thread to any of the Andersons in Scotland who may be related to us. Regards Peter Lindsay Barrington Anderson. Email : blacklabel@iinet.net.au

Johnstone family, 03. 07. 2012

I am looking for information about John Johnstone born pre 1800 who married Ellen McLaughlin and had at least one child named Richard who emigrated to Australia. Richard married Margaret Lee (born in 1827 at County Armagh) at Portadown, Ireland in 1853. The eldest child of Richard and Margaret was Joseph Johnstone who was born in 1850 in Dundee. They then came to Australia on board the '' Lord Rentnick'' and took up land at Terang in Victoria, Australia. Help with their background in Ayrshire would be appreciated. Lorraine Heaven. Email : lheaven1@adam.com.au

Alexander Barr, 30. 06. 2012

Hello I am looking to contact descendants of Alexander Barr (his fathers name was Robert and his wife he left behind in Scotland name was Sarah) Alexander was a convict who came to Australia in 1834/5 on a 7 year sentence and died in 1872. There are conflicting birth dates for Alexander according to his transportion records he would have to have been born in 1789 and yet the only Scottish records show only two Alexander Barr's being born to a Robert Barr both in 1796 I would be interested in what happened to the family Alexander left behind, his life in Australia under guarded rule was ruthless. Email : gregg@mbbk.com.au

Mary Aitken/ Ayr, 30. 06. 2012

I am looking for any info about Mary Aitken, who was a nurse during World War II, I think in Scotland. She had a connection to Ayr I am told. Email : normaje2008@gmail.com

Mary Flynn Bowen and H.E. Bowen/ Saltcoats, 30. 06. 2012

I am looking for information on my Grandmother's family who left Saltcoats sometime between 1908 and 1916. Their 1st stop was Nova Scotia where they remained for about 2 years and after that they moved on to Sacremento, California finally settling in Ukiah California. My Grandmother's name was Mary Flynn Bowen. Her Father's name was Hugh Edward (H.E.) Bowen. She had a brother named Gary Bowen. I would like to know where they lived while in Saltcoats so that when I visit Scotland next month I can go see the house they had lived in. Thanks. Email : vincent.t.scholl@boeing.com

Rosemary Nesbitt/ Largs, 09. 06. 2012

I am seeking a pen-pal from my youth (1950's). Her name was Rosemary Nesbitt and lived in Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland. I seem to remember an address on Larkin Drive. Does this make sense? We lost contact and I've always regretted that. Can you help me find her? Regards, Mel Stark. Email : mel.stark@rocketmail.com

Mary Aitken, 25. 05. 2012

I am looking for any information about Mary Aitken, who was a nurse in Scotland during World War II. I think she had a connection to Ayr. Email : normaje2008@gmail.com

William King & Elizabeth Wilson/Stewarton , 11. 05. 2012

Could some-one please help: William King (his parents William John King and Mary Aitken) married Elizabetn Wilson(parents James Wilson Christened 27.04.1760 and Janet Gray/Grey-they married 15.01.1785 in Stewarton) 07 June 1816 in Stewarton. Elizabeth born in Stevenson, Ayrshire, they had 2 children. William then married Margaret McKillp who was born in Cladock, Kilbride, Arran. I am a descendant who lives in NZ. Their son James went to live in Hobart Tasmania. Would like information on James siblings, well anything really would be wonderful Sharon Ross Napier NZ. Email : shassa59@clear.net.nz

McElveen, 30. 04. 2012

I've read on a few sites on the web stating historically that those of my ancestors hailed from Ayrshire and wondered if there were any left whom live there still. Email : t_mcelveen1985@yahoo.com.

John Goldie (Goudie) 1717, 16. 04. 2012

I am looking for any information on my GGGGG grandfather John Goldie (or Goudie) born 1717 at the family Mill in Craigmill, Galston Ayr. I know of his connection to Robert Burns (poet) but I am really after information on the family in particular his parents. I have come to a standstill but I do know that the mill that he was born at had a long history within the family of 400 years ( Dictionary of National Biography )and he was also the author of Goudies Bible. Of course any other information on the family would be appreciated. Thanks Jane Willis. Email : homefarm3716@bigpond.com.

Stewart family in Auchinleck, 09. 04. 2012

I am looking for information on my g,g.grandfather Alexander Stewart born 1797/8 and died 25 Dec 1876. He Married Ann Riley or Reyley. His father was John Stewart. Alexander Stewart`s son was John Stewart born 1831 and he married Jessie Miller from Auchinleck. My name is Norman Stewart. Many Thanks for any help. Email : normanandalice@tiscali.co.uk.

Boyds of Ayrshire, 05. 04. 2012

I am looking for a connection between Andrew Boyd and his brother William who came from Ayrshire in 1750 to their family in the Kilmarnock area. Andrew stayed in Frederick Maryland while his brother William went to Kentucky. Anna Grace Boyd Foster. Email : pazienza@headscheme.com.

My Grandfather Thomas R. Crawford 1886, 30. 03. 2012

I am looking to re-connect with my 2nd Cousin's, Aunt's, or Uncle's left in or around the Kingarth Bute/ Dalry Ayrshire Scotland area. My Grandfathers name was Thomas Richard Crawford born 1886 to Agnes and Thomas Crawford. He immigrated to the United States in the 1900's and then passed in 1950. His son died in Vietnam before any family history could be passed down. We have never known ANY history about our family other than we were never related to the American Crawfords. I am more than happy to pay for a membership to the Sons and Daughters please just let me know. I thank you in advance for any and all assistance you can offer me. I look forward to hearing back soon. Very Respectfully, Jessica Motsinger (maiden name Crawford) Here is my linage as far as I have it. Mark Crawford born 1809 Kingarth, Bute. Thomas Crawford born 1856 Dalry Ayrshire Scotland. Thomas R. Crawford born 1856 Oakengates Shifinal. Email : jessicamotsinger@yahoo.com.

McLaren family Ayrshire 1800s 24. 03. 2012

My great great grandfather was Andrew McLaren (McClaren?) who was from Ayrshire, born in 1826. His father may have been Malcolm McLaren. I believe that he married but left Scotland and emigrated to New Zealand where he remarried Mary Quin(n?) in January 1866. Any information regarding the McLaren family, him, his parents or siblings would be appreciated. Regards Vern McLaren, Email : team.mclaren@xtra.co.nz.

John Eccles of Bromyard 19. 03. 2012

My name is Robin Eccles, descended from John Eccles of Bromyard whose genealogy I am trying to trace back to the Eccles family of Kildonan, Co. Ayr. Here is some background information: John Eccles of Bromyard.Born: 1710 (location unknown, probably not Bromyard, more likely Co. Ayr)Died: 1784Family crest: a Broken HalberdFamily motto: "Se Defendendo"Wife: Margaret Perry Said John Eccles is believed to be descended from the Eccles family of Kildonan, Co. Ayr. But I have not been able to establish John Eccles of Bromyard's parentage nor his links with the Kildonan Eccles'. The crest and motto of both families are the same, suggesting that they must, indeed, be connected. One possible parent might be Dr. William Eccles of Kildonan who died in 1723. He had a large number of children by three wives - but none of them seems to have been named John. Can you help ? Sincerely, Robin Eccles. Email : mazoeca@yahoo.com.

Jacob Crawford 18. 03. 2012

It is my understanding that my gggg grandfather, Jacob Crawford and his family migrated from Londonderry, Ireland to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1749. Their family is originally from Ayrshire in the area south of Glascow, Scotland. They went to Ireland to embark to America. My ggg grandfather, David Crawford, son of Jacob was nine years old when they left Ireland. Does anyone have information about this family or their ancestors? Thanks in advance. Agnes Crawford Conway. Email : acc9667@comporium.net.

Captain Walter Shanks 14. 03. 2012

Captain Walter Shanks born Dec. 18, 1818 in Ayrshire, Scotland. Youngest of eleven children born to James Shanks and Jean Ferguson. Captain Shanks married Elizabeth McKenzie Dec. 7, 1840 in the Ardrossan Parrish Church, Saltcoats and presided over by Rev. Bryce. I am hoping to learn more about Captain Shanks and his siblings: Ann (William Barclay), Peter, Jean (William Howie), Helen (William Black) , Janet (Robert McGregor), Elizabeth (James Gemmill), David, James, or Margaret (William Miller). The Captain's two sons were Walter and David. The Captain, Elizabeth, Walter Jr. and his wife Lizzie McLean, their three children and brother David all immigrated to New Brunswick in 1885. I am interested in any information anyone can provide on the Shanks family. Email : gdshank@comcast.net.

David Shaw/Dundonald 08. 03. 2012

I have just found out that my husband's 5th Great Grandfather was born at Dundonald Castle in 1735. The full address of where he was born is: Dundonald Castle, Dundonald, nr. Irvine & Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland. His name is David Shaw. I am hoping someone might be able to give me a bit of history about the castle and any other information on David Shaw. Apparently his daughter Mary Shaw was born there as well in 1760. Her name is Mary Shaw. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you in anticipation. Debbie Holder, Australia. Email : dandm3@bigpond.com.

James Jamieson/Muirkirk 08. 03. 2012

I am interested in finding out about an ancestor of mine James Jamieson, who was born about 1800 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died Nov 2, 1869 in the same place. He married Jane Brown who was from Sandwick Scotland and died in Yell, Shetland, Scotland Jan 1, 1886. Any other info would be very helpful! Warm Wishes, Jamieson Haverkampf. Email : jamiesonhaver@yahoo.com.

Reid/Galt/Kilmarnock 06. 03. 2012

I am trying to find information on the ancestorage of Hugh Reid and Agnes Galt who were married 17 Dec 1793 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Hugh and Agnes were my 3rd great grandparents. They had 10 children all born in Ayrshire. I am grateful for any information. Thanks, Caroline Reid Powser. Email : HUMNGBRD@aol.com.

Doreen McLellan/Stevenston 03. 03. 2012

My Father has lost contact with a cousin over the years, and I have been tying to do family research. We are looking for info on a Doreen McLellan, who I believe lived in 24 High Road Stevenston in the 1970's. Any info would be greatfully recieved, this was her mothers house that she moved into, previously stayed in Kilwinning, have just found this address on the inside of an old Christmas card whilst clearing out for new Year. Many Thanks James Brown. Email : james@brown8023.fsnet.co.uk.

William Glover/Kilmarnock 29. 02. 2012

I am looking for any information on William Glover born 1788 Kilmamock Aryshire Scotland, married Catherine Owens 1812 High Parrish Church Kilmamock Ayrshire Scotland. They left for Nova Scotia and then arrived in the USA some time prior to 1840. Any help would be appreciated. Email : debbiejohnson283@msn.com.

Beith and Dalry 25. 02. 2012

I am in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Scotland - specifically Ayrshire. My paternal grandparents both came from there and I hope to get to visit their home towns and possibly see if there are any remaining relatives there. They came to this country in the early 1900s. Family names are Carew, Jamieson, Wilson, Jenkins. Grandma Carew (nee Jamieson) was one of 13 children and they did not all emigrate to the US. Grandpa Carew was one of 7 and his whole immediate family did move to Connecticut. Grandma was from Beith and Grandpa was from Dalry. I will be checking back. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! /Sheryn M. Carew Email : kelonac@aol.com.

McKenzie 20. 02. 2012

My name is Brett Johnson, my mother is Mary Eva McKenzie, and her father was Hugh Alexander McKenzie. We live in Maine, USA, however, our McKenzie line came from Ayrshire, as I understand it. I am looking for any McKenzies in the Ayrshire area that might be willing to help me figure out the family history. I have a complete genealogy record in the United States if anyone would like to see it. Thanks, Brett Email : Bkerry191@aol.com.

Frank McNish 18. 02. 2012

I recently discovered that my great grandfather Frank McNish emigrated from Ireland to Scotland sometime in the 1870s. He lived in Ayrshire Scotland and married a woman from there (Mary but don't know the last name). They had four or five children: John, James, Alexander and my grandmother Christine. It appears he was widowed while in Scotland but not sure. He and the children went to the United States in November of 1886 from Glasgow on the Devonia ship. He settled in Pennsylvania and worked as a coal miner. My grandmother Christine or Christinia was born in Ayrshire about 1877. Any information would be great Thanks William O'Reilly Denver Colorado USA Email : bill.o'reilly@united.com.

Capt Robert Robertson 14. 02. 2012

I am searching for any information on my Great Grandfather Robert Samuel Robertson. Unfortunately, I'm not even sure he came from Ayrshire (Although, my Great, Great Grandmother on the other side of the family, Mary McTaggart, came to Australia from Ayrshire). All I really know is that he was a Master Mariner from Scotland that Married a Local in Singapore, and had my Grandmother there in 1917. He (apparently) died about 1929 in Singapore. For some reason there are no photos of him amongst all my Grandmother's photos (plenty of her mother), and I have not been able to find any record of what ship he captained. I have found a few Robert Robertsons that were Sea Captains, but there does not appear to be any information on them settling and eventually dying in Singapore. Wondering if anyone has found info on a son/brother/family member by this name that moved to Singapore? Email : cselwood@virginbroadband.com.au.

James Ramsay/Catherine Cuthbertson 12. 02. 2012

In relation to my recent entry re James Ramsay wish to advise that wife was Catherine Cuthbertson, not Caroline. James was a master mariner who perished with his wife and daughters in the Irish Sea whilst on a voyage between Ayr and Arran. His son Alexander Finlay Ramsay travelled to Australia. He was born in 1842 in Ayr, Scotland. Does anyone have any information about James or Catherine and their children or their families. Email : dlkilby@supernerd.com.au.

MacBlane, McBlane/Dalry 09. 02. 2012

Looking for family history of the MacBlane name. I am stuck on Alexander McBlane, born around 1806 from Dalry, Ayrshire. Email : bvandebussche@council26.org.

Sadie Auld/Ayr 06. 02. 2012

I am trying to find out anyone who may have known my mother who was born in Ayr. Her name is Sarah ( Sadie ) Auld and she was born on November 17, 1938. Her mother's name was Agnes ( Nancy ) Patterson born in Glasgow and her father's name was Robert Auld, born in Dalmellington. Sadie left Scotland for Canada in 1951. If anyone can help with information, that would be great. Leslie Fera . Email : m.fera.58@hotmail.com.

Willie and Elizabeth Stevenson 03. 02. 2012

I'm trying to make a connection from Ayrshire to my father's lineage in North Perth, Ontario, Canada. He told me that the family came from Ayrshire, Scotland. Willie and Elizabeth are a hunch and may be his grandparents, who immigrated to Canada in the 1800s. I was in Scotland a couple of years ago, but had insufficient information to make a tie. I would appreciate any possible help. My father's geneaology is: Father: Andrew Stevenson, born in Ontario, Canada Mother: Mary MacDonald, born in Canada My father: John Douglas Stevenson, born 1901, Alma, North Perth, Ontario, Canada Died: 1980, San Diego, California, USA John D. Stevenson. Email : johndstevenson@att.net.


My name is Gordon Hayes and I reside in Queensland, Australia. My ancestor, David Hayes, joined the 12th Regiment of Foot at Ayre, Scotland on 18th July 1786 which is confirmed by the muster roll at that time. According to hand written papers handed down, he was born on 5th February 1768, but this is unsubstantiated. He eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant and died on Mauritius on 29 March 1813. I am a direct descendant. After many years of research, I still have never been able to find out where David Hayes was born or even his nationality and would love to hear from anyone who may be able to shed some light or offer some suggestion. I can be contacted by Email : geshayes@bigpond.com. Thank you, Gordon Hayes.

Dale Family 26. 01. 2012

I am descended from David Dale's Grandfather (Hugh Dale) and have developed a huge family tree with the help of New Lanark Trust. I am keen to write this up as a family history and am now trying to trace family members = especially those descended from James Dale (David Dale's half-brother) who was mill manager at New Lanark. I would also like to hear from descendants of David's uncle Hugh (son of the original Hugh Dale). I know there were Dales living in New Lanark until quite recently but tracking them back to the 1700s/1800s is proving hard. Has anyone got a family tree from this side of the family? Any and all Dale descendants are asked to contact me at Email: thedalefamily@sky.com. Andrew Dale.

Brown Family 23. 01. 2012

Hi, I am in search of any info for my great great grandfather George Brown. He was born in approx 1839 and immigrated to Tasmania, Australia in 1862(I think). He lived in Longford and worked as a ploughman at a property called Woolmers estate. He married Julia Mills from Kent, England in 1862 in Launceston Tasmania. They had approx 10 children, 1 was Alfred Ernest Brown who is my great grandfather. George and Julia moved to Lilydale, Tasmania and he died 25 August 1914. My uncle says George was from Ayrshire. This is not much info to go by but I hope someone can help. Cheers Hayley. Email: steelhayley@hotmail.com.

Old Bible/Largs 23. 01. 2012

I purchased an old bible with an inscription to Grace Montgomery from John and Ann Davidson, Springfield House, Largs. Just curious about history its a very beautiful bible. Thanks!. Email: aev3338@yahoo.com.

Thompson Brothers Ex-Patrioted in Mid-1800's 22. 01. 2012

I am looking for information pertaining to two brothers from the Ayrshire region who were thrown outta Scotland in the midpart of the nineteenth century..they were David & William Thompson..the former of which is who I am descended from..the family story is they were thrown out for poaching on the King's land which sounds a little oversimplistic and I am seeking to find the exact reasons & precise circumstances for their expulsion..David Thompson migrated to America via Canada & settled in northwest Missouri & I am his 5th generation great-great-grandson..William to our knowledge migrated to Australia & we know nothing of him or his descendants..I likewise wish to find our existing relatives in Scotland & Australia..any leads or resources anyone knows of would be greatly appreciated..thank you in advance for your help & assistance..M S Carpenter. Email: mscarpenter12@googlemail.com.

Gass Family in Kilmarnock area 19. 01. 2012

I am seeking information on the Gass family in the Kilmarnock area in the early 1800's. Specifically I am seeking info on James Gass, b: 1798, son of Andrew Gass and Mary Crawford. I am also hoping to find their lineage. Any help will be appreciated. I'm about as far away as one can get from Ayr - the south middle of Alaska to be exact - so getting information and records is difficult at best. Thank You, Christopher Wright. Email: kaskae1@gmail.com.

Woodlands in Carmichael 18. 01. 2012

I am interested in Woodlands in Carmichael as my relation would have owned or worked there as farmers 1841to 1861 then moved to Broomfield near Rigeside farmed and then worked in the coal mines I am looking into our family history and would love any info regarding these places or about the Ramages, Thomas 1730 Mathew 1754 Marion Kilpatrick Thomas 1786 Elisabeth Swan Robert 1818 Janet Aiken Thomas 1866 Margaret Twaddle I dont know if you can help Thanks Janette Email: jan.nevf@bigpond.com.

Mary Stuart MacGarrity/ Dalry 18. 01. 2012

I am looking for any info on a mary stewart stuart MacGarrity from Dalry Ayrshire her father is Peter MacGarrity and her mother is a Mary Clarke any info would be great. Email: coop7252@verizon.net.

Alexander Smith/ Ayrshire 18. 01. 2012

I am enquiring about Alexander Smith, from Ayrshire, who came to Canada a short time previous to the War of 1812, and during that war lived at Lachine, and was employed in the winter, conveying artillery between Montreal and Kingston. Soon afterwards, he came to Lachute, Quebec, Canada. Married Hannah Fishbach in 1818. Email: christopher_gaal@hotmail.com.

Joseph McCash born Ayr, Ayrshire 1800 15. 01. 2012

Does anyone have information re Joseph or how I go about finding his parents. He married Isabella Pierce and lived most of his life in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. Thank you Judy. Email: judye12@skymesh.com.au.

James Ramsay/ Ayr 15. 01. 2012

I am enquiring about James Ramsay, wife Caroline Cuthbertson and their son Alexander Finlay Ramsay. Alexander was born in Ayr and migrated to Australia and died here. I believe that James, Caroline and all the children except for two boys, were drowned in a Ferry Accident off the Scottish coast. Email: dlkilby@supernerd.com.au.

Mary Stewart MacGarrity/ Dalry 15. 01. 2012

I am looking for any info on a Mary Stewart Stuart MacGarrity from Dalry Ayrshire her father is Peter MacGarrity and her mother is a Mary Clarke any info would be great Email: coop7252@verizon.net.

Richard Thomson and Agnes Gibson/Ayr 10. 01. 2012

I am searching for Richard THOMSON and his wife Agnes GIBSON. Richard was a Shoemaker in the late 1800's and early 1900's. His son, Robert THOMSON, was born in Joppa, Ayr. Ayrshire. The family moved from Scotland to Australia (I believe) in around 1901, and settled near Newcastle, New South Wales. If anyone has ANTY information which may help, even if it is just to direct me to any websites which may assist in my search, I would truly appreciate it. Sincerely, Toni. Email: tonirocks@optusnet.com.au.

Cunningham/Ayrshire 07. 01. 2012

We have just published the history of our branch of the Cunningham family who left Ayrshire for Ulster and survived! Our short story is on the website given here which can be downloaded if required. From Stella Little and others. Website:

Ramsay/Ayrshire 06. 01. 2012

My name is Boyd Hopgood. My mothers side of the family were Ramsays from Ayrshire who first emigrated to Australia in the late 1700's, early 1800's. They first settled in south Australia in the countyside of York Peninsula. They were farmers who became policemen, hoteliers among other things. I can provide more information. Regards ..Boyd Please reply to Email: boydhopgood@hotmail.com.

Donald Cameron 06. 01. 2012

I am looking for information on Donald Cameron born around 1785 and Mary about the same age. He married Mary Mckenzie around 1802 or 1803, supposedly in around Ross & Cromarty. Immigrated to Canada early 1800. I think three children were born prior to coming to Canada. Isabella b 1805, William 1806 and Duncan1807. They settled on the east river in New Glasgow Nova Scotia. I found all the other children that were born in Canada but cannot find anything about Donald or Mary at exactly where they settled at except I know it was the east river. Been searching now for almost 10 years. Any information would be so much appreciated. Email: gdesjard@eastlink.ca.

Bryce Gilliland/ Irvine 04. 01. 2012

I am trying to find any connection to the sister of Bryce Gilliland of Irvine, Scotland. He died in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar and there is a memorial to him in the Church. My Gilliland family connections go only as far as 1823 when my gt gt grandfather David Gilliland was supposedly born. We do not know whether it was in Belfast, Ireland or in Irvine, Scotland. The story in the family is that Bryce was a direct descendant to us and I wonder if David was perhaps the son of Bryce's brother. We know that we originated from Scotland and were Ulster Scots, my gt grandfather William Albert Gilliland was a son of David. He was born in 1848 in Shankill Parish, Belfast. That is all the information I have other than his later life which is all sorted. With regards to Bryce, there was a 'sister to whom he was very attentive' mentioned in the Edinburgh Times of 1805 on the death of Bryce and the fact that he was 'impressed' into the navy 12 years earlier. I would really like to find out if there were any other Gilliland families living in the town in the late 1700's early 1800's. Rosemary Barrett. Email: rosemay52@yahoo.com.au.


I am researching the FAIRLIE/FERLIE/FERLEY family. JAMES FAIRLIE/FERLIE (born 1787, died 849) married ISABELLA RUSSELL (born 1774 or 1779) in Larbert, Stirlingshire. James was an Engine Keeper in a colliery. The family moved from Stirlingshire to Ayrshire and settled there. If anyone else is researching this family line or has information about them I would appreciate hearing from you. Contact me at:: debbie2001s@hotmail.com.

Alistair Macrae/ Isle of Bute 31. 12. 2011

I am looking for information on Alistair Macrae born on the Ilse of Bute around 1912/13 father Alexander Macrae and Mother Agnes Boyes Macrae. Alistair was killed in 1945 and is buried in Mierlo cemetary, but also has a headstone in Balnorock Cemetary with his father Alexander this is all the information I have at the moment do not no where to go from here they Did live in Glasgow, and Alexander could have been a chemist? But not sure about this. Any information or help would be welcomed. Kind Regards Jacqueline Barker. Email: Jacqueline.Barker@sheffield.gov.uk.

Hugh Tarbet/ Ayr/Kilbirnie 20. 12. 2011

I am searching for any information concerning my 6th great grandfather. All I have so far is that he was born in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1667 and married a woman named Ealsie Boyle. There was at least one child, a son, named Hugh Tarbet also, born Feb 1691 in Kilbirnie, Ayshire, Scotland, and at some point immigrated to America and died in Chester, PA. Anything you can tell me about this family? Thank you very much. Kathleen Miller. Email: leo_kat@msn.com.

William Wallace b1809/ Dundonald 15. 12. 2011

William Wallace was the son of John Wallace b1860 Dreghorn and Margaret Wilson. I found info on a John Wallace b1860, Dreghorn, Tailor. William Wallace b1809, Dundonald married Sarah Baird b1810, Irvine. They had three children in Scotland, Margaret Wilson b1829, Dundonald or Glasgow, Sarah b1831, Glasgow & Jean b 1831 and died 1832, buried in Gorbals. This family left Glasgow on 23 May 1834 and landed in Montreal on 18 July 1834. This family settled in Goderich, Huron, Ontario, Canada. In the 1860's they traveled on to Buchanan, Iowa. Any family out there? Email: stewartann@me.com.

Gilbert McClure/ Barr 08. 12. 2011

I'm looking for the names of Gilbert Charles McClure's Parents-He was supposedly born 1664 in Barr Ayrshire Scotland. My source indicate he married a woman with the forename of Catherine. He had a son in 1668 also named Gilbert McClure (immigrated to America). The older Gilbert supposedly died in 1732. I'm hoping someone can kick start this for me as this has become a dead end. Email: judylhauge@yahoo.com.

Baird Family/ Riccarton 08. 12. 2011

I think my bairds lived in this area and in Riccarton parish around 1680 to 1730 mostly alexander, william simeon adam,thomas and john . mtgtgt grndfather is alexander and my 3rd gt grandfather is william who showed up in lancaster co pa. abt 1730.and later went to the abbeville s.c area. abt.1780. any informatioon would be sooo much appreciated. thank you. fred baird 1 801 373 2150,provo,utah Email: fredric.baird@comcast.net.

Jamieson Family/ Largs 08. 12. 2011

My great grandfather William Jamieson was born 27 Dec 1832 in Largs. His parents were James Jamieson and Mary Crawford. He had at least two sisters, Jean (1834) and Janet(1839). It has taken me three years to discover this much. I know little else. Am interested in relatives past and present. Thank You. Email: maggieje@shaw.ca.

Moffat ?/ Ayr 27. 11. 2011

I am trying to locate and contact my daughter's half brother, who was born in 1941 or 1942, in Ayr, Scotland. His mother's name was Molly Moffat, (I am not sure of the correct spelling), and his father was not married to his mother. His father's name was Kurt Lichtig, and he was in the Czech air force. My daughter is anxious to know about her half brother, his present whereabouts and any other relevant details. I hope you can assist me in this regard. I live in Australia, and my daughter lives in New Zealand. If you require any other details I would be pleased to furnish them. Regards Pauline Benjamin Email: benjie@onthenet.com.au.

Searching for Bennie's/ Troon 03. 11. 2011

Hi my name is Carol Green and I live in NZ. I am the grand-daughter of Fergus McHarg Woodside Bennie of Troon. Looking for any Ancestors in the Ayrshire area. Email: awaterecom@xtra.co.nz.

Montgomeries/ Kilbirnie 29. 10. 2011

Hi My name is John Hayward and I am seeking information about the Montgomeries who lived in Kilbirnie Scotland. My Greatgrandfather John Montgomerie was born in Kilbirnie 27th April 1834 and married Euphmia McCulloch7th Dce 1866 in Lochwinnoch. Their daughter Mary Montgomerie is my Grandmother. Any information would be helpfull. Thank you John Hayward. Email: john.anne@slingshot.co.nz.

John Barr of Beith and Sons 29. 10. 2011

I am looking for any information about John Barr, (born c 1790), of Beith and his wife Jean Gilmour, (born c 1809). He appears to have had four sons with Jean, namely Matthew, Francis, David and Allan, and three children with a previous wife, namely Janet, John and William. His son Francis appears to have gone to Australia, but I'm not sure about the rest. I think his son Allan was my great - great grandfather. My Allan came to the US after being in Canada, and is listed in an 1861 Montreal census. He was married to Christina Lamont, and may have been a gardener of some note. He died in 1902 and had worked for a wealthy Quaker named T Wistar Brown in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. His children were John, Allan, Barbara, and Francis. Thank you. Email: jdavidbarr@yahoo.com.

Family Ancestors of John McMaster 27. 10. 2011

John McMaster with his wife Flora Fraser and four children, Sara,Donald,Jane, and Allan left county Ayrshire about 1850/1851 for Ontario Canada. I would like to find addition info going back to fathers ,grandfathers etc. of John and Flora in Scotland. I have had no luck so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Email: dmcmaster3@tampabay.rr.com.

Armour/Connell Galston 09. 10. 2011

I am trying to trace family history. My grandparents emigrated to Australia approx 1926. My grandfather was James Rundle Armour the son of James & Mary (Rundle) Armour & he married Janet Connell. They lived in Henrietta Lane Galston. Any information greatly appreciated. Regards Marcelle Email: tomcelle@optusnet.com.au.

Janet Goldie 09. 10. 2011

Janet Goldie, mother Elizabeth, father Matthew Goldie, mason. Information from death certificate. Birth 1808, family Bible entry. Mother surname probably Ferguson. First daughter's name Elizabeth Ferguson Blair. Janet followed Scottish naming system, fits for all but one child. I have all information from 1841 marriage, to descendants present day, but can find nothing at all pre 1841. Her marriage banns were called in Loudoun, and Lanark. I have copies of both certificates. I strongly suspect she and her family were Free Church, but can't find any of that church's records. An 1841 census for Dunlop is the only Janet Goldie in the entire country that seems to fit, but can find no trace of any of the people mentioned in that census. Any help greatly appreciated. Janet has been driving us nuts for three years. She's my 2X great grandmother. Thank you, Linda Oliver. Email: biddymcsquiggle@gmail.com.

Alexander Ochiltree born 1720, Renfrew Ayrshire 03. 10. 2011

I am searching for a paternal ancestor: Alexander Ochiltree born ca 1720, sent to America 1747, killed by Cornstalk Indians in Donally's Fort VA 1775. Father: Alexander Alan Ochiltree born 1700 Mother: Marion Euing Born in Renfrew Scotland. This information has been submitted to the LDS Family Search Program.. I would like as much information as possible as I am unable to find him in the records. LuRose Williams, Texas. Email: luhickey1@hotmail.com.

Thomas family of Muirkirk 01. 10. 2011

Patrick Thomas-287 was born 1840/1844 in , , Ireland/Muirkirk, Ayrshire,scotland. He died 26 Feb 1902 in Burnside, Murikirk, Ayr, Scotland. son of Patrick thomas and Bridget 'Buddy' Quinn Occupation Ironstone miner - 1881; coal miner, 1891; and miner. 1901. Residence; 1881 - bridge st. Muirkirk 1891 and 1901 address was Burnside Row Muirkirk Patrick married (MRIN:5368) Mary Mullin-288, daughter of Edward Mullin-448 and Cecelia Mc Cann-447 (MRIN:5383), on 2 Apr 1860 in Ayr, Ayr, Scotland. Mary was born 1844 in Muirkirk, Ayr, Scotland. They had the following children.
Email: reibur@centurylink.net.

McLagan history 30. 09. 2011

My name is Stefani, I was born a McLagan, my father's name was Donald Frasier McLagan. We have been in the U.S. for many generations but I have traced his family back to Scotland. Once I get to Scotland it all gets a bit fuzzy. I am traveling to Scotland in the next month (sorry, not much time this time) and would appreciate any information anyone has that will give me a good starting point to find the information I need. I have history tracing to Perth and to Cumnock but I am not sure which direction I need to go. If you have any information you can email me at: fuzznickers@midco.net. If you have anything even after my date of arrival it would be greatly appreciated as I am planning on going back again to see the places my family may have been. Thank you so much. Stefani Christenson Wabasha, MN USA

William Hunter born 1748, Freeman of Prestwick 25. 09. 2011

William was a farmer and married Margaret McClatchie in about 1775. I have been trying to find out more about William. I know that he had a sister Margaret, as I have a copy of her will (she died in 1822) but so far I know very little else. His father may have been John Hunter who may have been born around 1729 in Midtown, son of Willima Hunter from Monkton Mill and his wife Agnes Chalmers. I have hit a brick wall with Margaret McClatchie. Any information or help would be appreciated. Email: sue.wyebrook@btinternet.com

Mccallum/Robertson geneology 25. 09. 2011

Hi I'm working on my genealogy. Any info would be great! My great grandfather was James mccallum born 1872. Immigrated 1879? Married to Nora born in the states. From what I can gather, his dad is Dugald and mother Mary Robertson. The census noted mother ( mary) born in Irvine and father Dugald in Ayrshire? Anyone have anything on these two and am I getting that right? Thanks much! Mrs d. Email: shelby1mustang@yahoo.com

David Wallace Black Family 20. 09. 2011

Thomas Black, b. 10-25-1768 d. 3-9-1914, Daily, Ayr, Scotland. m. Jannet Wason, b. 4-21-1811, dailly, Ayr, Scotland Son: David Wallace Black, b. 1792, d. Barr, Ayr, Scotland. Spouse: Isabel Wood, b.6-7-1778, New Cummock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Son: David Wallace Black, b. 9-25-1838, Barr Ayr, Scotland. d. 3-9-1914, Lincoln, Isabella, Michigan, USA.. M. Agnes Prasilla Hess of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Son: John Black b.1867, d.1905 Isabella, Michigan, USA. m. Bertha Mae b. 2-2-1877, d. 1936, Caro, Michigan, USA. John Black was my Great Grandfather, he died of a lightning strike in 1905 and Bertha remarried George Westphal. Her two children by John were Orion John and Zelma Annabelle. Zelma died of sepsis four days after my mother(Jewel Isabel Black)was born. She was raised and then formally adopted by her grandmother and step-grandfather, George and Bertha Westphal and went by maiden name Westphal her entire life. Her father was Raymond Thomas Fritz, but he and her mother were never married. I would like to get further info about ancestors and relatives we may yet have living in Scotland or elsewhere, and determine when and why they left Scotland to travel to America or Canada. Email: dhughes40@triad.rr.com

Thomas Niven Bell Ayrshire 14. 09. 2011

Hello I have been trying to follow may father's family tree, but can only find details of his death in 2008. If anyone could help with more information it would be greatly appreciated. My father, Thomas Niven Bell was one of nine, he was born 22/12/1929, from what we can gather his father was named Hugh Bell and his mother was Jessie Niven and was daughter to a minister in Simonton. My father's siblings were Clem, Roger, Irene, Robert and William (twins), Frances, Thomas, Joseph and Iain. Many thanks in advance for any help. Sian Forbes. Email: sd2010@btinternet.com

Dysart connections in Ayrshire 13. 09. 2011

My Scottish ancestors are among the low land Scots sent to County Antrim, Northern Ireland in order to further establish the Ulster Plantation. They probably were among the groups arriving after 1649 at the behest of Oliver Cromwell. Research has revealed that most groups of settlers originated in the same Scottish County even the same Parish and did not "scatter" but tended to stay close together. As of 1660 the Dysarts/Deserts were associated with families such as Fergusons/Forgissons, McClintocks/McClentogs, Rosses, Crawfords/Crafford. Craigs, Montgomerys and Wilsons. If I am correct these are all Ayrshire names. It has been suggested that they possibly came over with Sir Robert McClelland Laird of Bombie in Kirkcudbright, but that is Dunfries/Galloway. I welcome any and all tips, also for possible posting sites for Dunfries/Galloway. David Dysart Deland, Florida, USA. Email: ddysart@stetson.edu

Heron's 10. 09. 2011

I am looking for the Heron's that left Scotland in 1679 after the Bothwell Bridge Battle, lived in Ulster, Antrim, and Down, then sometime before May 1774 returned to Scotland and caught the Gale to the Colonies. John Heron left Scotland in 1679, went to Ireland, had @ least 3 sons, John's son Robert's son was christened in Boardmills Presbyterian Church in April 1700. That James had a son James b. 1734, this is the son that sailed from Straener in 1774 with 4 sons name Samuel b. 1752, John b. 1758, Robert b. 1760, and James Hooper Heron be. 1762. Trying to lock down their heritage and wives and mothers for these men. Fairly positive that Andrew Heron was John's father. Any additional information would be great. Thanks Donna Herren Lively. Email: livelydonna@yahoo.com

Jane Murdock/ Muirkirk 07. 09. 2011

I am seeking any family information on a Jane Murdock of Ayrshire, specifically at Muirkirk in East Ayrshire. From our records she was born in Ayrshire on May 5th, 1848, possibly to parents named William Murdock and Mary Muir. She was married to a Thomas Craig (who, confusingly, may have changed his name from McGregor) whose birthplace is unknown. Their daughter, Mary Muir Craig (born 1877 in Edinburgh, specifically Newcraighall) married first a man named William Murray and then Alba Amos Davis, who lived in the United States (Montana). One of the children of Mary Muir Davis and Alba Davis is Marguerite May Davis (born 1905), my grandfather's grandmother! If anyone knows of the village of Muirkirk or details about William Murdock or Mary Muir, who may have been born in the 1820s, I would love to fill in the blanks! Email: joolesdi@yahoo.com

The Craig/Armour/McAlister/McPhunn names - Largs 07. 09. 2011

In 1841 John Craig married Jean Armour in Largs, Scotland. John and Jean had 5 sons, John 1842, William 1844, James 1847, Thomas 1850 and Samuel 1855. John Craig operated a large woodworking business in Glasgow. James joined the Indian Army. William was a Blacksmith in Glasgow. Thomas owned a fishing rod manufacturing business in Glasgow. Thomas we know little about, but a cousin thinks he went to South Africa. The five brothers also had a half sister Jean McAlister. Jeans father was drowned in the 1835 Ferry boat accident off Largs. Jean married John McPhunn, and the family lived in Glasgow. Anyone with interest or information on the family please contact. Email: ncraig@ntl.sympatico.ca

Dick family/ Kirkmichael Parish 06. 09. 2011

My name is Bryan Dick, living in Christchurch, New Zealand (the earthquake city). I am trying to tie down ancestors of the Dick family who lived in the old Kirkmichael parish. I have them at Balsaggart farm in 1785-1793 when my direct line, William Dick was born in 1793. His father James married in 1775 which gives me a most likely birth, from Scotland's People and Ayrshire Records, at Clenclaugh in 1753. I have tracked Glenclaugh to very near to Balgreggan farm and could be absorbed into it, although the ancient map shows both but with a small spacing. Both farms are still in existence (according to Google) Is it possible to find tenant lists for these farms in that era? Where do I look? Your assistance would be much appreciated. With thanks, Bryan Dick. Email: dick.ed@xtra.co.nz

Alexander & McCadam, Kilmarnock & Galston 03. 09. 2011

WALLACE Alexander/COCHRAN(E) Mary/McCADAM Rosie I am researching from New Zealand and would like to find any looking for information about my ancestor's family. Alexander was born in 1780, died 1856. He married Mary COCHRAN(e) in 1804. He was born in Galston. A daughter, Ann, married David BAILLIE in 1827 in Kilmarnock. Alexander's wife was daughter of Andrew Cochran(e) and Rosie McCADAM. Eileen. Email: eileen.otago@gmail.com

RAF Marine Craft Section Troon WWll 03. 09. 2011

Hello, We are researching any information on the RAF Marine Craft Section based at Troon, during World War ll, My father an Australian was posted To that unit where he served on the high speed Launches, and the motor torpedo boats at Troon And also at Abbotsinch. Any information would be Of great value for us to share with our grandchildren And great grandchild. Thanking You. Email: marlineandted@bigpond.com

Galt's/ Irvine Ayrshire 03. 09. 2011

Looking for any other descendants of John Galt 1740 and Rachel Howie. John Galt 1773 and Agnes Guthrie 1777, John Galt 1800 and Mary McQueen 1800 John Galt 1833 and Mary Higgins 1833. Any info on the Galt families that lived in Irvine would be appreciated. William Higgins, Email: higginsw@ica.net

John Thompson Kerr & Jane Paterson/Ayrshire 01. 09. 2011

From information taken from the death Certificate of John Thompson Kerr, John Thompson Kerr Died 28 October 1907, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. His age at death was listed as 75 years. His occupation was "Carpenter". It is stated he resided in Victoria for 53 years. He married at age 20 in Scotland to Jane Patterson(sic). From this we can ascertain that John was Born C 1832. John is listed as being born in Ayre(sic), Scotland. His parents are listed as Father, John Thompson Kerr, a Farmer and his Mother is listed as Agnes Kerr. The informant was given as William Kerr ,his son. From information taken from the death Certificate of Jane Kerr nee Patterson, Jane Kerr Died 7 November 1896, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Her age at death is stated as 65 years. It is stated that Jane resided in Victoria for 42 years. Jane married at age 20, Glascow, Scotland. Her parents are listed as James Patterson, a Mill Employee and Margaret Patterson, nee Murdock. The informant listed here is The Undertaker. Further on Jane from results found on the Old Parochial Records searched for The County of Ayr, Old Cumnock, Scotland, Births 1819-1854: Paterson(Sic) Jane, Lawful daughter of James Paterson(sic) Boxmaker, Cumnock and Margaret Murdock, was born the 9th and baptised the 23rd March 1828. There is a marriage listed of John Kerr and Jane Paterson both residing in the parish of Row ( now spelled ( Rhu), which is in Dunbartonshire and a way from Ayr which were proclaimed on the 27th April, 5th and 12th May 1851. John & Jane had ten children with the first child, Archibald I suspect being born in Scotland. From Jane's death Certificate it states: Archibald, dead Archibald: 43 Margaret, 40 Agnes, 38 James, Dead John, 36 William, 33 Isabella, 31 Grace, 28 and Allan, 22 Would love to hear from anyone who may have a connection to either The Kerr/ Murdock/Paterson lineage of The Area and hopefully open up my line of research on these Scottish Families. Any help, suggestions etc gratefully received Jill Kerr Email: jbkerr@cairns.net.au

Mary Steele, Ayrshire 29. 08. 2011

I am looking for family history information on Mary Steele, born on or about 7 May 1835 somewhere in Ayrshire, Scotland. Married: Alexander Campbell, 21 May 1851. Died, 23 August 1903 in Beaver (Beaver City), Beaver County, Utah, USA. There is some conflicting information on the birth date for Mary Steele. Other information claims she was born in 1824. Anything you have would be of interest. Email: rockwood.family.history@gmail.com

Henry Wilson, Scotland 28. 08. 2011

Henry Wilson, son of Henry and Catherine ? Wilson, sailed to Canada in 1861. Does anyone recognize this family? When was Henry and Henry and Catherine born? Where were Henry and Catherine Wilson from? Henry was a Cultivator and perhaps worked on his father Henry's Farm? Later Henry became a Railway man in perhaps Ottawa and Toronto. Any other information would be appreciated? Any cousins out there? Email: gullake@primus.ca

Browns 22. 08. 2011

While I was born in Glasgow, I came to Canada in 1952, and have lost all contact with my father's family. I'm looking for any information on the Brown family from Ayrshire. My grandfather was John Brown , and he was personal secretary to his older brother James. James Brown MP was born in1939, died in 1939, and was MP for Atrshire for many years, as well as Lord High Commissioner to the Church of Scotland.Any info rmation woyuld be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Nor Brown Email: normbrown@sunwave.net

Ronalds of Tarbolton 18. 08. 2011

Would appreciate any information others might have about the siblings of 'William Ronald' of Bennals, Tarbolton etb 1724 etd 1802, or of his father Hugh Ronald etb 1703 in Ochiltree. Email: phyllis_trick@sil.org

William Redmond Warren 18. 08. 2011

Information about my father is respectfully requested. William was born June 10 1936 to Elizabeth Hailey (think that is the spelling) in Aitken St Glasgow. Illegitimate, William was given up by his mother to his child minder Winifred Redmond, at two months for adoption. Lizzie (William's mother) was sent to the US in service, and stayed there for 9 years. Lizzie was reunited with her first born William in 1992, when William travelled to Scotland to find his roots. Unfortunately the connection was thwarted by an angry half sister, who had no idea William had existed, and who feared for her inheritance - sadly something which had not occurred to William as a motive for finding his mother. William died of cancer in Canada on August 5, 2006. It is now five years since his death, and as per his request, I am looking for information about his biological family, to include in a Family Tree. I am particularly interested in his bio father's identity, and his uncles,aunts and grandparents names. Now that I am married to a Scotsman from Ayrshire, and we live in Canada, this is very important to us! Thank you Nadine Warren. Email: nwarren1@shaw.ca

Boyds 15. 08. 2011

I am looking for information about the Boyds, specifically Andrew Boyd who came over in 1746 after the Battle of Culloden. He came to Frederick Maryland. I have the line after that but cannot find a connection for him to Ayrshire which is where he was born. AG Boyd Foster. Email: pazienza@headscheme.com

Newtons 15. 08. 2011

My name is Jennifer Crossan, I recently heard that my family comes from Scotland. Looking to find information. Their last names were Newtons, left Scotland and settled in N. Ireland. Rumors has it they lived in Newton Castle and were thrown out of Scotland because they were stealing horses. Does anyone have info. or documentation about the Newtons? Thank you, Jennifer. Email: Counliv@aol.com

McClure clan 15. 08. 2011

Looking for relatives of a William McClure born 1825 Pike, Illinois. His wife was Mary Ann or Polly Ann Briles married 1847. They had 7 children & Steven Andrew is my great grandfather born 1864 in California. If u have any information please respond. Thank you in advance, Denise Rickey. Email: bf21fan@gmail.com

Andrew Boyd /Kilmarnock 10. 08. 2011

I am trying to make a connection to Ayrshire through Andrew Boyd who arrived in Maryland in about 1736. Family records say he was from Kilmarnock. His son, born in Maryland, was David Boyd. Email: agfoster@headscheme.com

Wallace Clan /Ayrshire 03. 08. 2011

I am related to Andrew Muir Wallace born 15 Feb. 1783 near the banks of the Dee, Balmagoe Parish , Ayrshire , Scotland. He is the son of John Wallace ( born about 1766 and died about 1793) and Jane Muir ( born about 1768 and died about 1814 ). I am looking for more information on their place of birth and death as well as their parents Samuel Wallace born in Shire of Ayr , Scotland and John Muir born in Beathorn. I appreciate any help as this is going back 200 plus years . Thanks William Rhett Craig. Email: Craig3MD@aol.com

David Powell /Ayrshire 03. 08. 2011

I've been told that my great great grandfather came from this region. I have no living relatives that can help me out with this. Is there anyway I can find out if this info is true. His name was David Powell born about 1843, came to America and fought in the American Civil War.......I would like to know his parents names, and are there any Powells related to him still there? Thanks Dan Hanlon Email: anubus2000@hotmail.com

Dawson Family /Kilmarnock 21. 07. 2011

I am researching my fathers family. My father was Doug Williams, his mother was Mavis nee Dawson, her father was Thomas Morris Dawson and his father was William Dawson and mother Caroline (nee Stewart). I understand they were from Kilmarnock before emigrating to New Zealand. Can anyone tell me more about my Scottish family. Any information will be appreciated. Many thanks. Cheryl Email: cbhb56@hotmail.com

The name Auld /Ayrshire 21. 07. 2011

My husbands family settled in Prince Edward Island. They were from Ayrshire Scotland. The name means Old, but Old what? Where and when did the people pick up that name? Email: lornabauld@gmail.com

Niven family /Ayrshire 08. 07. 2011

Does anyone know about the Niven family, who may have originated in Ayrshire? In the 1800s, some Nivens lived around Glasgow. thank you! Margaret Niven Shipman Cooper. Email: msc0512@comcast.net

Elizabeth Little /Riccarton 06. 07. 2011

I am looking to find Elizabeth Little, born in 1938 in the Riccarton area of Kilmarnock, her brothers were George, Robert and John, Elizabeth married an Irvine man, but that is all we know. Her cousin Magda Gallacher now in Liverpool contacted my dad through a monthly magazine she read. Elizabeth was also known as Lizzie or Joyce. Thankyou for anything you can tell us. Email: andrew_mckenna@tiscali.co.uk

Gilbert McCulloch /Ayrshire 27. 06. 2011

I'm looking for the parents of Gilbert McCulloch born 1779 and Grizel Haney born about the same time. I'm at the preverbal brick wall on this one. Any help for this would be great. I have Gilbert's son Jon and his twin Janet born in Saltcoats Scotland, hope this helps to track down Gilbert and Grizel's parents. Email: dqgobo@myaccess.ca

Phillips Family /Galston 10. 06. 2011

My name is Robert Barclay, My Mothers maiden name was Mary Barr Phillips, Her father was William D . Phillips they lived on Catherine Drive #5 . her mother was Mary Phillips also, she had a large family of brothers and sisters Catherine Elizabeth Pricilla William Daniel Alfred Jane, possibly more not sure, I am hitting a stone wall concerning these folks . as there is a large list of The Phillips names in Scotland. I would appreciate it if any family member could contact me with information thank you in advance. It will be a pleasure hearing from you. Email: RBBBARC@aol.com

Hugh Henry/ Sorn 21. 05. 2011

My husband connects to a HUGH HENRY who removed to the states sometime before or around 1740. He married Mary Donelson, dau of John Donelson and Catherine Davis. Hugh and Mary's 1st child, James, is believed to have been b abt 1744 in VA. I have located only one HUGH HENRY b before 1725 in Scotland. This HUGH HENRY was c 19 SEP 1718 Sorn, Ayr, Scotland (IGI C11613-2). His parents, James Henrie and Mari Richert (Mary Richard) were married 06 DEC 1705, Muirkirk, Ayr, Scotland (IGI M116072). Their Hugh Henry's siblings are believed to be: 1) Robert Henrie c 25 DEC 1706 (C11613-2); 2) John Henrie c 19 MAR 1710 (C11613-2); 3) Agnes Henrie c 22 MAR 1709 (C116113-2); 4) George Henrie c 02 NOV 1712 (C11613-2); 5) James Henrie c 19 SEP 1718 (C11613-2). All were born Sorn, Ayr, Scotland. Possible parents for Mary Richard Henrie are James Richart and Abigal Home (Hume). My main interest is in locating information for HUGH HENRIE (Henry) that would be helpful in connecting him to my husband's Henry line of Scotland. Any information regarding this HENRY line would be appreciated. Thank you, Fran Chancellor. Email: gfrc35@hotmail.com

Margaret Williams Watt 15. 05. 2011

I am searching for documentation providing a line of descent from Sir James Watt, the noted Scottish inventor, through to my grandmother, Margaret Williams Watt, born August 3, 1894, in Glasgow, Scotland. Margaret lived in Glasgow, except for a year or two spent in Saskatchewan, Canada, until adulthood and married John Robertson Macreadie in Glasgow in October of 1932. They then emigrated to Winnipeg, Canada. She died December 8, 1971 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, and is buried there. Her mother's name was Margaret and her father was George Watt of Glasgow. Although my people hail from Glasgow, not Ayrshire, any information you could provide showing a line of descent would be extremely helpful and very much appreciated. Heartfelt Thanks. Miss Deborah McLean. Email: dmacwat@telus.net

Adam Holmes 14. 05. 2011

Looking for Adam Holmes, born 1720-21 and who his parents were. Settled in USA, at New Braintree, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Married Hannah Thompson in 1746 in Leicester, Mass. USA. Anything new as to his birth or parents wanted for many years. HMG. Email: nhgraves@comcast.net

Thomas Miller & Margaret Wallace 05. 05. 2011

My name is Linda Miller and I live in the US. Research has told me that my ancestor, Thomas Miller and his wife Margaret Wallace sailed for America in 1723 and settled in New Jersey. In that year his brother purchased a castle in Ayrshire now known as the Monkcastle. The castle is still there but I don't believe it is still in the Miller family but I am hoping Miller descendants still live in the area. If so, I would love to connect with you and share information. One day I hope to visit this area. Email: innerlite57@msn.com

WM. Park 04. 05. 2011

Hello, my name is Gordon Jackson and I live in Canada. We have old family documents that place a WM. Park ~1530 as the Ilk of an Ayrshire Clan. I am not really sure where to check for confirmation or help, and wonder if anyone there might have a knowledge base or suggestions for us? Many thanks in advance, Gord. Email: gwj.jackstay@telus.net

Thomas Clark/Kilmarnock 28. 04. 2011

I am searching for information concerning the ancestry of my grandfather, Thomas Clark who came to Canada in about 1855. What I know about him at this point is that he gave his origin as Kilmarnock and that he was born on December 2,1828. I have also discovered that his father was Thomas Clark who died at Greenhead Farm, Kilmarnock on February 14, 1875. His mother was Agnes Calderwood. His grandfather appears to have been one Alexander Clark about whom I know nothing except that his wife was named Susan Brown. I hope to visit Ayrshire over the Christmas period this year and would like to visit some of the sites where family might have been as well as to do some genealogical searching if possible. I am also very keen to find relatives assuming that Thomas Clark had siblings who stayed behind in Scotland. Sincerely, Roger Allan Clark Leamington, Ontario Canada . Email: rogeraclark@hotmail.com

Douglas 25. 04. 2011

Hello, I am tracing my family history. My pedigree name is Douglas and most of the males were blacksmiths. They all lived and worked around Craigie, Fenwick, Beith, Dreghorn Kilmarnock & Riccarton. I would be more than interested to invite people who may be connected to view my tree and exchange information. Jeannie Douglas-McPaul. Email: jeanniedj3@gmail.com

John Cook/Kilmaurs 22. 04. 2011

Hi, I am researching my maternal grandmothers family and know that her father John Cook was buried in Kilmaurs in 1936. He was married to Jessie Harrison although i don't know what year they married or the year she was born. I'm also looking for information on the following Cooks - George Cook b. 1822 who married Marion Gilmour (b.1829) in 1848 Adam Cook b.1863 who married Robena Lawson (b.1867) Adam Cook b. 1781 who married an Elizabeth Turner b.1791 If anyone is able to help it would be absolutely wonderful. Regards Alison from Australia. Email: alisonre79@hotmail.com

King Family/Killmarnock 13. 04. 2011

We would like to find out how to track our heritage for the King Family of Killmarnock, Scotland. The two brother's James and William came to Canada as young boys (approx. 19 years old for one and the other a year younger). The brothers cane to Canada in 1871. We think their father's name was William. We will be travelling to Scotland this May and would like to get some paper history to see if we could find grave sites of their folk or siblings. Thank you for your attention in this matter. Norman King. Email: nbkoil@telus.net

George Jackson/Newmilns 13. 04. 2011

I am interested in gathering information about my grandfather, George Jackson who lived in Newmilns between 1900 and 1905, when he married Agnes Farquhar Connell in Newmilns. He played in the town band during that period. He was an American whose mother was Scottish, Martha McKie. I believe he went back to Scotland during this period to settle some estate matters. If anyone has any information about George Jackson I would appreciate hearing from you at: Email: mjackson@andover.edu

Margaret Cockburn/Largs 12. 04. 2011

Seeking information on Margaret Cockburn, born abt 1831, Larges, Ayreshire, daughter of Robert Cockburn and Margaret Michie. Family emigrated to Canada in the 1860's. Have records for her in Canada but unable to find any for her mother and father. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Email: purnellkid@sympatico.ca

White, Haldane & Houston 08. 04. 2011

I am researching these three families. David WHITE b.1683, Kilbirnie; married 03 Feb 1704, Margaret CALDWELL b. 1683, Kilbirnie. Children: (1) David b. 26 Dec 1708; married 02 April 1728, Janet MacKIE; (2) John b.05 Sep 1714; (3) Margaret b. 23 Feb 1718; (4) Elizabeth b 28 May 1721. William HALDANE b. 1767, Colmonell; married 1792, Jean KENNEDY. Children: (1) Mary b. 11 Dec 1793; married 30 Mar 1818, James DUNLOP, Kilmarnock; (2) Jean b. 19 Mar 1796; (3) John b. 27 May 1798; married 1804, Elizabeth McILWAIN; (4) William b. 04 May 1800; married ll Nov 1838, Jean HOUSTON b. 03 May 1806, Irvine. Willian HOUSTON married Anna RAESIDE 30 July 1819, Kilbirnie. Children: (1)Jean b. 21 Aug 1720; (2) William b. 21 Oct 1722; (3)Isobel b. 15 May 1726; (4) John b. 06 Apr 1729; (5) Thomas b. 25 Apr 1735; married 24 Aug 1758, Janet WHITE b. 02 Dec 1736. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Roberta Muir Email: muirbert77@yahoo.ca

Margaret Blane Aitken/Kilmarnock 07. 04. 2011

I am trying to find any information out that I can in regards to my Grandmother Margaret Blane Aitken, she was born on May 7, 1882 in Kilmarnock Ayershire. All I know is that she did come to Canada to marry my Grandfather Francis Craig Murdoch (his line also came from Scotland). But with all my relations passed I do not have any one to tell me of her family back in Scotland and I would be very interested in finding anything I can about her. Hope someone can help? Thank you Cathy Dalman (Murdoch) Clandeboye, Manitoba Canada. Email: cathy@rmofstandrews.com

James Mac Williams/Ayrshire 07. 04. 2011

Can anyone tell me about the history James Mac Williams Sr. pre-American Revolutionary War. I am told he was a highlander and was possibly from Ayshire. Respectfully, Jeff KlecK. Email: jkleck@musd20.org

Robert William McNeish/Ayrshire 25. 03. 2011

Does anyone have any info on the MacNish - McNeish - Nish Clan. We are coming to Aryshire in April 2011 from Virginia and would like some info. My grandfather was born there in 1895 on Robert William McNeish, thanks, Gary. Email: mcneish69@hotmail.com.

Burns/McBride/Ayr 22. 03. 2011

I am trying to find information on the family of Anthony Burns, born near Ayr Scotland in 1762. He probably married Margaret McBride in 1782. Does anyone have information on the Burns family from around Ayr Scotland? Email: creakbaum@sbcglobal.net.

Burns/McLoskey/Ayr 22. 03. 2011

I am making a trip to Scotland and am trying to find information about the family of Anthony Burns, born in Scotland Oct. 19, 1760 I believe near Ayr Scotland. He married Margaret McLoskey, (born about 1786 in Antrim, Ireland) in Fayette, Pennsylvania Oct. 27, 1806. Her parents were John McLoskey and Elizabeth McMillan, but I can't find anything about Anthony's parents. Can anyone provide additional information on the Burns family? Email: creakbaum@sbcglobal.net.

Glen/Rothesay Isle of Bute 21. 03. 2011

Looking for connections for Glen family from Rothesay, Ayrshire. James Glen(1799) married- Elizabeth Bannatyne/Williams/ Williamson? Born 1796-1803? Children names- William 1831, James 1833, and Archibald 1835. Also any information on Archibald Glen 1835 married Janet Smith (Rothesay).One daughter Margaret Bruce Glen 1858. Other childrens names-Elizabeth Williamson Glen 1860, James Glen 1861 and possibly Archibald Glen 1864 (Kilfinan). Archibald Glen 1835 may have re-married an Augsta/Augusta Glen (1825-31?) born in Kilfinan. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have no more leads. Best regards Kym Glen. Email: kymboglen@hotmail.com.

James Murdock & Catherine MacMillan 18. 03. 2011

I am a decendent of James Murdock born may 7th, 1794 in Ayre, Scotland and he married Catherine MacMillan who was born in 1798 in Island of Arron, Scotland. I am trying to find out more on our history and if we still have family in Scotland. Any information on this would be very helpful please contact me at Email: kcfanatic1@yahoo.com.

John Craig RAF/Stevenston 1920 15. 03. 2011

I am hoping to find my Dad's family. He died when I was 4 years old. His name is John Craig (no middle name) and he was born in Stevenston, Scotland. It is hard to read the address on the birth certificate but if I could guess I would say he was born at 24 Moorfrath East? His father was a dynamite Worker also John Craig and his mom was Charlotte Barstow Craig nee Rutherford. I believe his parents died when he was young. I think he had a sister Jean and I was named after his Aunt Margaret. He was a pilot and served in the RAF in WWII. He came to Canada after the war to begin a new life. I believe he was meant to bring his fiance over after he settled but instead he met my mom and had six children with her. He worked for Coca Cola in Northern Ontario. In 1965 he had open heart surgery and died as a result on February 12/66. This year I turn 50 and I am planning to spend my 50th birthday in Stevenston trying to find my "roots". If you can help me that would be a wonderful birthday gift. -- Maggie Craig. Email: houraday@gmail.com.

Boyle Kilmarnock 10. 03. 2011

Robert Bowen posted a message here in June 2009 asking about Adam Boyle - born in Kilmarnock about 1868 and emigrated to Australia in 1888. I have a couple of letters written by him to my grandfather from Finland and Russia, where his father Robert Boyle taught German, and I have quite a bit of information about his family background - The Boyles were quarrymen, brickmakers and drysalters in Ayrshire. Adam's aunt Helen Boyle married my great grandfather John Humphrey. Unfortunately, the Australian email address that Robert Bowen gave is not good - my long message to him was bounced back. So Robert, if you're out there reading this site, please contact me. If anyone else has information about John Boyle, brickmaker of Kilmarnock (1821-1876) or John Boyle drysalter of Kilmarnock (1853-1932), I'd be very interested to hear from you. John Humphrey in Toronto Canada. Email: humphreyjohn@rogers.com.

Muirhouse in Hurlford 07. 03. 2011

Some of my ancestors came from Scotland: Fairlies and Flemings. I have acquired some of the birth, Marriage a death certificates or the Fairlies and the Flemings and on some of the birth certificates and death certificates it would show the place of birth or death as the Muir house. At first I thought they were referring to Grace "Grizal" Muir the wife of William Fleming who happened to be the mother of Agnes who was giving birth. But I noticed that this place was on more records than just the records I was interested in. So, I would really be interested in finding out what the Muir house was. Is it still around. Are there pictures of it? The last place my direct ancestor Peter Fairlie occupied was a dwelling on 19 Dean in Kilmarnock Scotland. He lived just down the way from his sister Mrs. Mary (Fairlie) Lyle who lived at 26 Dean. They Left for United States Sometime between March 1881 and January 1884. Email: tracy@lpopranch.com.

John McMurray & Elizabeth GALT 05. 03. 2011

In am trying to identify my GGGGD John McMurray's first wife Elizabeth GALT. They had a son (GGGD) called also John born 6th March 1850, according to the birth certificate the parents are named as John McMurray and Elizabeth McMurray, (Nee GALT), both giving their place of birth as Colmonell Ayrshire. at the time he (GGGGD) was a Farmer of 16 acres "Laigh Dangart" In the 1851 Census this is confirmed, ( Colmonell - Lt Dangart) John (Snr) Head, 30 years, (Born 1821?) Elizabeth 25 years (wife), (Born 1826 ?) John (Jnr 1 year.) and a John Hunter (Farm Servant). On 8th February 1859 at Craig My GGGGD John McMurray married a Margaret Templeton and had 3 - 4 other children. On the wedding certificate it shows him to be a Widower, Farmer of 20 Acres Laigh Dangart. I have made various searches including with Scotlands People and at present can not find:- 1. Marriage details for John McMurray and Elizabeth Galt. 2. Details of her death, death certificate As a result identifying her parents. Any help, advice or information would be appreciated in regards to this. Ralph McMurray Email: lobojude10@gmail.com.

Thomas Burton & Caroline Greig 24. 02. 2011

Hi, I am researching my family history and have got back as far as Thomas BURTON marrying Caroline GREIG in 1822 I believe that Caroline came from Ayrshire, and am interested in going back further. Can anyone supply me with any details of either family Many thanks in anticipation, Brian Greig Burton. Email: brian.burton845burton@btinternet.com.

Ayr Barracks / William Alexander Carnehan 23. 02. 2011

My grandfather William Alexander Carnehan was born on 15.6.1870 in Ayr Barracks. His father Alexander Carnehan was Sgt. Major in the Royal Field Artillery and his mother was Elizabeth Carnehan nee Sharp. I am having difficulty finding out about Ayr Barracks and the regiment. Would be grateful for any information you may have. I Findlay Email: i.m.findlay@virginmedia.com.

John Graham / Lower Fenwick 16. 02. 2011

Hi! I'm looking for any information on John Graham (b. 1745 d. 1779 in Lower Fenwick, Ayrshire Scotland). He had a son, George Graham (b.1763 in Fenwick- d. -1830 ) who married Jean (Jane) Brown (daughter of John Brown and Janet Tannahill) in 1787 in Loudoun. Their son, Alexander Graham, emigrated to United States (Pennsylvania) in 1815 and married Janet Park, daughter of Robert Park and Euphemia Gilmour. Alexander settled in Indiana County, Pa. and our family has stayed mostly in Indiana County, Pa. since then. Looking for any and all information on these people. Your help is appreciated! Donna Kanyan. Email: dkanyan1@verizon.net.

John and Anne (Annie) Dawson / Dundonald 15. 02. 2011

Hello, I am searching for information regarding my great great grandparents, John and Anne (Annie) Dawson from Dundonald. Their son Thomas (apparently born in Kilmarnock) was my great grandfather and his daughter Mavis my grandmother and her son Douglas Williams was my father. Any help or information you can give me to help fill in the gaps would be appreciated. Many thanks Cheryl. Email: cbhb56@hotmail.com.

Hugh Bradley / Stevenston 14. 02. 2011

Dear people im`e trying to find out about my Grandfather Hugh Bradley 35661,12th Bn., Royal SCOTS he died at ARRAS in France on Dec.10 1916 age 28. Frank was also killed in France but I can find no information on Frank on the CWGC site,they came from Stevenston and worked as coal miners, the sons of John Bradley coal miner, and Mary Bradley, maiden name Culhane. Hugh and Franks names { I think are on the remembrance roll of honour in Stevenston } If someone could help me with information on any of these loved folks I would be eternally gratefull. Yours Sincerely Thomas Coyle. Email: tecoyle@shaw.ca.

Thompson / Ayrshire 12. 02. 2011

After the death of my Mother 10 years ago I found a book of genealogy in which I am the last entry. The book is titled "Thompson Genealogy". At the very beginning it states that we are "pure scotch" although they were part of the Plantation of Ulster. I would like to find out if it is at all possible, if I have any remaining relatives in Scotland. In the introduction it also states that "The Thompson name is among the many that are mentioned by Hannah. This name is common among the records of Ayrshire , the lowlands of Scotland from which our fore-fathers came to Northern Ireland. Could someone help me know how to go about researching this? Sincerely, Eileen F. Kehler Email: jekehler@wcoil.com.

John McFadzean / Girvan 01. 02. 2011

I'm in search of information on a John McFadzean born around 1833-35 Birthplace Girvan area. He was a school teacher. I'd appreciate any help I can get. Email: patricia.michieli085@sympatico.ca.

John Malcom / West Kilbride 31. 01. 2011

I am trying find any further information on a John Malcom manly his parents names and when and where he was born and died. The information I have is that John married Janet Tyre on the 20/10/1792 at West Kilbride, Janet was Christened there on the 26/2/1764, they had six daughters to my knowledge Mary in 1794, Rachel 1796, Janet 1803, Jean 1806 and Margaret and Elizabeth in 1807 all in West Kilbride. I have found a John Malcom who married Jean Dickie on the 5/4/1772 in West Kilbride and a Archibald Malcom who married Mary Simpson on the 11/8/1776 also in West Kilbride but have been unable to link either of these couples to the John I am researching. Any information would be much appreciated. Peter Burrows . Email: peter.burrows47@hotmail.co.uk.

John Black and Rachel Anderson/Stevenson 28. 01. 2011

Looking for information on John Black and Rachel Anderson who married in 1889 in Stevenson or Stewartson, Ayrshire. Email: gratefulopal@yahoo.co.uk.

Culberstons/Ayrshire 24. 01. 2011

I am looking for any information of perhaps any remaining Culberstons. William Culberston born around 1665 in Ayrshire, Morebattle in Kelso. He fled to Ireland in the late 1600s. Lived on " Culberstsons row." Died in Antrim. Decendants came to America in early 1700s to Pennsylvaniania. My dream is to come to Morebattle one day and see where my family came from. Would love someone from the area to write too. Thank you, Andrea McDonald Culbertson. Email: excaliber1908@aol.com.

McWhirter/Irvine & Colmonell 23. 01. 2011

My name is Anthony James McWhirter and I have been researching the McWhirter Family History. I believe that Gilbert McWhirter and Ann McCredie were residents of the Ayrshire area. I believe that they may have lived in Irvine and also Colmonell. I am wondering if any McWhirters are still in the area as I will be travelling to Scotland in September 2011. I would like to catch up with a relative or two and see the area in which my 5 x and 6x great grandparents came from. Email: beetle02@tpg.com.au.

Patrick McMurdock (Murphy) 22. 01. 2011

I am a descendant of Patrick McMurdock (Murphy) & Lady Elizabeth Kelsoe who lived in Arran, Scotland. (Patrick, b.1730 in Arran Scotland, d. 5/11/1785) (Elizabeth, b. 1720, d. 5/8/1798). They were married in Kilmore, Arran, Scotland. They were natives of Arran, Scotland and brought with them, when they came to America, their church letter, copies of which are [apparently] still in the family [?]. They moved to the north of Ireland and while there changed their name to Murphy, supposedly because Elizabeth was "Lady Kelsoe", and they were afraid of trouble with the English who were persecuting the royalty of Scotland. As they were strict Scotch Presbyterians and Ireland is mostly Catholic, they came to America, landing at Wilmington, N.C., about 1772. Patrick Murphy bought land near Tomahowk, Sampson County, N.C. and is buried at Black River Chapel in Sampson County. These notes were from my grandmother, Ethel Henry Atkinson. If anyone has any information at all, I'd appreciate it. The home he built in Tomahawk still stands and is in good condition. I have pictures of thier home and graves. Contact me at dyc2002@ yahoo.com. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide. Joyce Atkinson. Email: dyc2002@yahoo.com.

Eijer 18. 01. 2011

Dear Sir, Ma'm, My name is Jerome Eijer from the Netherlands (Rotterdam). For a long time now I'm looking for the origine of my familyname Eijer. The first step would logoical be to retrace the family-tree, Which I did, The point where the search is stopping in around 1600 in Birdard Friesland (now a dutch province). But before this date we can't find any link to older grandparents. The unic thing about this name is that I can not find 1 clue else where. The clues I've found have been integrated in my familystory. For this reason I can state and prove that every Eijer in the Netherlands is a relatieve. This extends to the name "de Jong"; the sailors' clan Outside the netherlands I've never come along the name Eijer or Eyer/Ayer, beside North-America. Therefor I suspect that our name Eijer/Eyer or maybe Ayer should have some AngloSaksian origene. A shot scan through the Scotish family-names told me that Eijer has no direct link to Scotland. But the step to Ayer makes this somewhat easier. Therfore I've got the following question: Can someone tell or help me any further on my search to this Eijer/Eyer/Ayer family-quest in Ayr? thanks in advence Jerome Eijer Rotterdam, The Netherlands . Email: jeroeneijer@gmail.com.

Joseph Ewing 11. 01. 2011

Looking for the birth of Joseph Ewing who married Margaret Glendinning 31/08/1827 Monkton & Prestwick. 1841 Census: Newton Upon Ayr with family: Elizabeth 12/ Twins Lillias/Lily & Janet 5/ M.K. 4 mths. 1851 Census: St Quivox Whitletts Ayr with family: Twins Lilly & Jean 14/ Janet 12/ Mary 9/ Annie 4/ Samuel 2. Joseph's birth date would be around 1799-1802, on Scotland's people site the entry has Ewing then a blank space for information. His death is also not available, but would have been between the 1851 and 1861, as he is there in 1851 but missing from the 1861 census. Email: albanbrau@sky.com.

Thomas Galt/ Elizabeth Dennison of Dundonald 05. 01. 2011

I am looking for any information on Thomas Galt b.16 June 1751 married Elizabeth Dennison 3 March 1795 in Dundonald. Aunt to John Galt novelist and John Allan (Edgar Allan Poe). Elizabeth and Thomas had two children, one Jane born 21 March 1797 in Irvine but the second child was either William or Wilhelmena born 20 Oct 1795 in Crossland, Dundonald (now Craiksland). Jane Galt is my gtgtgt grandmother. With thanks, Louise Greaves. Email: lougreaves@aol.com.

Royal Bank of Scotland in Stewarton/ Ayrshire 31. 12. 2010

Hello I was hoping that someone would have some information on an old Royal bank of Scotland building that was situated at 22 Lainshaw Street Stewarton. My Grandfather, William Macrae was the bank manager there from 1909 to 1921 I was hoping that there would be an old photograph of this building somewhere. Plus any historical information that might relate to the building. Thank you Marjorie Macrae. Email: macraem@bigpond.net.au.

William Gladstone Rockliff/ Ayrshire 22. 12. 2010

Hello, My Great-Grandfather, William Gladstone Rockliff, came to the United States in 1880 from Ayrshire, Scotland. I am interested in any information concerning his ancestry. William Gladstone Rockliff's father was George William Rockliff (1831 - 1872) Married: Ellen Muir. She was born 15 JUL 1827, Stevenson, Ayrshire, Scotland. She died 10 JAN 1900, in Owen County, Indiana, USA. George William Rockliff's father was William Rockliff (1805 - 1841) William (middle name unknown) was a Sergeant in H.M. 40th Regiment in Bombay, India. Inquiry reveals that he allegedly died 26 Dec 1841 in Calcutta, perhaps due to combat injuries sustained as a member of H.M 40th Regiment of Foot. It is also alleged that he married a woman named Margaret in 1831 in Bombay. I can find little reliable information concerning this William Rockliff or about any of his antecedents. Any information relative to the ancestry of William Rockliff would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. William Dale Rockliff, Jr. Marion, North Carolina, USA Email: willrock@andwireless.net.

McClure/ Ayrshire 08. 12. 2010

Looking for any info on the mcclure name,persons ect. Email: jmcclure@securespeed.us.

Snodgrass/ Ayrshire 22. 11. 2010

I am descended from Charles Snodgrass (1742-1808) whose ancestors are reported to have been from Ayrshire. According to one old source (which can't be located by anyone), his father was John Snodgrass, born in County Mayo, Ireland in 1717. John supposedly had seven sons who lived in America: Joseph (b. 1740), Charles (b. 1742), James (b. 1743), John, Jr. (b. 1745), Frank (b. 1748), William (b. 1751), and Michael (b. 1753). I do not not if these men emigated to America or were born here. I first found Charles Snodgrass in Berkeley County, Virginia in a 1770 church record. Documentation shows that three Snodgrass men lived very close to each other in the Monongahela Valley (Monongalia County) during the late 1700s and early 1800s. They were: James (d. 1786), Charles (d. 1808), and William (will proven in 1832) Snodgrass . The Monongahela River is located in present day West Virginia. Has anyone traced this Snodgrass family in Scotland? Have you located records? Any information appreciated. Millie Covey Fry. Email: milliecovey@columbus.rr.com.

James Kay Reade/ Ayrshire 19. 11. 2010

Hi, If you can help with any knowledge of the family name - Reade I would of course be very grateful. I have traced the family name (fathers side) to a James Kay Reade of Ayrshire, Scotland around early 1800's. Anything you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Email: peterr@bluecross.com.au.

James Ritchie and Family/ Stevenston 11. 11. 2010

James Ritchie (b.1730 - d. 1793 in Stevenston) is my 5th great grandfather. I am looking for any information on his parents or family. I know he is buried at High Kirk cemetery with his wife Sussanah Niven and a few other relatives. His children were John (1751-1828), James (1754-1817), William (1755-1834), Hugh (1756-1808), Susanna (1759-?), Jane (1761-?), Walter (1763-1771) and Margaret (1773-1824). Any additional information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Please Email: lscoggins@earthlink.net.

House in Prestwick 11. 11. 2010

I am grasping at straws. I am looking for a large white hosue that had a wall around the front. It sat quite near the water. The owner was an artist. I am old he was quite famous. His wife was headmistress or teacher at a boy's school. I lived in the house in the 50-60s and have been trying to find out about it for a long time. I am hoping you can help me. I have an old 1909 map of Prestwick but can't place it. Thank you so much. Cheri Gardiner. Email: moshiko@socolo.net.

Fergusson/ Anderson / Old Toll, Ayr 04. 11. 2010

I am trying to find the children of John Fergusson of Old Toll, Ayr, Aryshire and Christina Anderson married June 1846 John was a Sawyer by profession The 3 known children are Christina Fergusson B Sept 1845, James Fergusson B March 1848, Jane Fergusson B January 1850. The descendants of James and his sister Christina are of interest, I have no information on these two children. Jane's descendants are known. If you think you know this family contact me on atarthurt@gmail.com. Thank you Arthur T. [Australia]

Mary Soden Tannahill/ Kilmarnock 21. 10. 2010

I am trying to get some information on my mother who i was told came from Kilmarnock Ayrshire. She was born Dec 28 or 29 1928. Her Maiden name was Mary Soden Tannahill. Her parents were William and Elizabeth Tannehill. They came to Canada in 1929. On the ship record whick they took from Glasgow it says my great grandmothers name was E Milne and she lived at 62 or 52 Hill St. That is all the information i have. I was hoping to find her birth certificate. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Email: psteele@toronto.ca.

Alexaqnder Andrew MD/ Kilmarnock 12. 10. 2010

Hello. Re. Alexander Andrew MD. I am Alexander Roy Martin. I have sporadically tried discover information concerning my grandfather. He had relative living in Kilmarnock. Furthermore I was told that the Andrew's Liver Salt factory and business was that of his brother. He came to South Africa as a medical doctor with the Highland Brigade during the 1899-1902 "boer" war. He then remained here and married a local lady whose maiden name was Maas. My mother was their firstborn. She was named Dirkie Agnes . Until her death she maintained regular contact with her Scottish family. My grandfather died in South Africa in October 1935. Information of any sort, or guidance on how to proceed will be most welcome. Email: roym@netralink.net.

McClures in Ayrshire Scotland 10. 10. 2010

I am looking for information on the McClure Family from Ayrshire Scotland-my family history is my grandmother Jean Rutherford Hall mother's name was Frances Ethel Mary Graham (nee McClure) born Mar 14, 1886 in the US, Her father was John McCaa McClure born Sept 1, 1849 in Girvan, Ayrshire Scotland he immigrated to canada in and around 1855 or 1856 he died at Upper Lois Creek, BC Feb 7, 1933, his wife was Susanna McClure (nee Cochrane). John's parents were David Matthew McClure born in 1823 in Dailly, Ayrshire Scotland, married Mary McClure nee McCaa on Aug 19, 1849-he died in ontario 1895 David Matthew McClures parents were David McClure born on July 30, 1799 in Stewarton, Ayrshire Scotland died June 25, 1882 in Stewarton Ayr, Ayrshire Scotland married Anne McClure nee Gault or Galt on June 30, 1820 in New Dailly, Ayr, Ayrshire Scotland she died April 22, 1859. I think Davids parents were James McClure born abt 1770 in Ayrshire married Barbara McClure (nee Nairn) born 1773 they married in 1792. thank you in advance for any information you may have. Theresa. Email: tteppema@shaw.ca.

James Hamilton 10. 10. 2010

Searching for information about James Hamilton, born in Ayrshire, Scotland (possibly 2 Feb 1814, immigrated to Canada (likely before 1847) where he lived in the Niagara region of Ontario until his death on 17 July 1899. He married a Reece in Canada in 1847. Please contact me if you have any information about James parents or siblings, where he lived in Ayrshire and when he immigrated to Canada. Thank you. Email: myancestorsearchproject@gmail.com.

James Brown & Elizabeth Shearer/ Loudoun 05. 10. 2010

Hello, I'm looking for my ancesty James Brown married with Elizabeth or Isabella Shearer in Loudoun, Ayr, Scotland. They had 3 children : James; Hugh birth : April 16, 1827; Andrew birth : 1833 or 1834 in Loudoun. I search on many website to genealogy and I did'nt find about James Brown. I paid many website and nothing! The 3 brothers will immigrate to Quebec, Canada about 1847. I retraced both. But I would like to have more information about their father James Brown, presbyterian, located in Ayr. I don't have his year of birth, of death, etc. I will visit Scotland soon and I would have the information about my ancestry. I want to visit Ayrshire (Loudoun) where my ancestry family lived. Thank you if you have more information about James Brown with Isabella Shearer. Did they immigrate also or lived in Scotland! Email: louise_legare@sympatico.ca.

David Moore on WW1 Memorial in Stevenston 01. 10. 2010

This is my great grandfather. I am looking for relatives still living in scotland who may be able to share info. He was born in Stevenston on 5 September 1885 and died in the war on 19 September 1916. He is buried in France at Amien. Email: omordha@telus.net.

Margaret Aiken / Ayrshire 20. 09. 2010

Looking for any information on my grandmother Margaret Aiken and her family. She was born March 8, 1915, in Ayrshire, Scotland, the daughter of William R. and Elizabeth (Lyall) Aitken. Margaret was the youngest of seven children. She arrived in America at the age of 16. She resided in Oakland, California, and worked as a nanny for the Levi family. Thank you! Marie Rohner. Email: marierohner@ymail.com .

McMurray 18. 09. 2010

We are looking for a male McMurray (McMurry, McMurrey) from Scotland who has Y-DNA tested with whom we can compare results. There are a number of us in the States who have tested and are members of the Murray Surname Group in Family Tree DNA. We trace our descent from a William McMurry who emigrated from Ulster and begins showing up on records in the 1750's in Virginia. He brought five sons with him from northern Ireland - Thomas, James, John, Samuel, and William, Jr. (You may have seen postings by Don McMurray about this line) William's ancestors came from Ayrshire, Scotland, where in 1606 they emigrated to Co. Down in Ulster as part of a pre-plantation group. The land in Co. Down had been granted to Hugh Montgomery Sixth Laird of Braidstone, and Sir James Hamilton from Dunlop. Our branch of McMurray's settled in Killyleagh of Co. Down. We would like to make a connection with those who might have been "left behind," so they can tell us more about our ancestors. Mike McMurray Email: mmac734155@sbcglobal.net .

Thompson & Alexander families / Ayr 18. 09. 2010

Hello, I am interested in locating anyone in Scotland who has information on the Thompson & Alexander families. My ancestors were John Thompson who married Esther Hale and James Thompson who married Ruth Alexander. Ruth Alexander was the daughter of John Alexander. I believe they lived in Ayr and emigrated to America sometime in the 1730's. Please respond if You have any information. Thanks, Ms. Terry Thompson. Email: Tlyn37t@aol.com.

John McMurtrie / Barr 10. 09. 2010

John McMurtrie was an innkeeper in the village of Barr in 1837. I am trying to determine the name of that inn. Thank you! Andrew McMurtry. Email: Andrew.McMurtry@cision.com.

Stuart Hillar Brown 10. 09. 2010

I am currently looking for my sibling by the name of Stuart Hillar Brown d.o.b. 29/05/68, his mother's name is Jean Madeline Brown and I believe that she may have moved back to the Ayrshire area of Scotland Best regards Miss d Bailey. Email: Donna.Bailey@coventry.gov.uk.

Andrew McCrindle/Dailly 24. 08. 2010

Andrew McCrindle was my grandfather born in Dailly 1888. If anyone has family please contact. Email: irl45@hotmail.com.

Jamieson Family 24. 08. 2010

Hello, I am looking for information on the Jamieson family from Ayrshire (my Mother's side). Her Grandfather was John Jamieson born ca. 1853 possibly in Troon. He married a Sarah Ward sometime before the 1881 census. They had a daughter named Sarah (no birth date for her). In the census of 1881 John lived with his Father-in-Law William Ward. The address I have is Alma Place in Irvine. At this time John's daughter Sarah was only 18 months old and his wife Sarah is not listed at all leading to the belief that she may have died in childbirth. His wife Sarah's birth date is listed as 18 Jul 1855. Her parents were William Ward and Sarah Boyd. John was married again on 14 October 1881 to a Margaret Anderson. They lived at 64 Harbour Street in Irvine. Their children were James (my Grandfather) age 9, Jeanie age 7, Mary age 4 and Maggie age 1. By the 1901 census (31 Mar 1901) there was another daughter Barbara then age 8. It is thought that John died sometime in 1930 but this has not been able to be confirmed. John's parents were Robert Jamieson born in Craigie, Ayrshire about 1805 and Mary McClure. They were married in Dundonald, Ayrshire around 1832. Mary was born about 1806 and died in 1890. They had seven children: Isabella born 1833, Daniel born 1837, Robert born 1839, Elizabeth born 1843, William born 1845, Janet born 1847 and John (my GGrandfather) born 1853. In the 1861 census they were living in Dundonald and there were still six children at home. Daniel may not have been one of them. In the 1871 census they were living at Portland Street in Troon and Robert, Janet and John were still at home. They think that Robert died in Troon about 1892 but have not been able to trace his actual death certificate. Robert's father, also Robert Jamieson, was born about 1772 in Tarbolton, Ayrshire and married a Mary Wyllie on 14 September 1793 in Craigie, Ayrshire. They had seven children: Janet born 1790, John born 1793, James born 1795, Mary born 1797, Elizabeth born 1801, Robert (my GGGrandfather) born 1805 and William born 1810. I apologize if this seems so disjointed but details on this side of my family have been hard to come by. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Rosemary Happell, Canyonville OR USA. Email: blacklab@tymewyse.com.

Eaglesham/Brown 24. 08. 2010

A couple originating from Ayrshire came to Montreal Canada around 1900-1902 . Thomas Walker Brown born 1878 Ayrshire had married in Scotland Margaret or Elizabeth Eaglesham born 1877 also in Scotland.(could she have been d/o Robert Eagleshaum b 1817.03.10 and Elizabeth Wright's who married 1837.06.30 Ballantrae, Ayr?). The Browns had about 6 children ( approx. 2 children born in Scotland ; one son might have been raised in Scotland and their daughter Olive ,born in Ayr , was about 2 years old when she arrived in Canada with her parents; the other children , including Myrtle, Ernest, Leila, were born in Montreal. Would like to know about ancestors of this couple and Wright, Wilson and Brown relatives . Also I would like to know if Thomas Walke Brown was related to Robert Fulton Brown born in Scotland in 1863 (Place unknown) , married to Elizabeth McIntyre,born 1857. The couple originally came to Massachusetts before coming to Montreal with their 5 children. Robert Fulton Brown (born 1863.01.21 et Elizabeth McIntyre (born 1857.04.27 died in Montreal. Louise. Email: louise.lariviere@sympatico.ca.

Thomson family 24. 08. 2010

Any info on James B. Thomson, b.26 May 1849, Loudoun Castle, d.17 July 1926, Vienna, New York, married Ellen Sarah Wilkinson. Email: kelley.v@sbcglobal.net.

Lockhart 13. 08. 2010

I am a descendant of Granville Lockhart son of George Lockhart, son of William Lockhart, born 1745 married to Margaret Gibson. Are there any descendents still remaining in Ayrshire, Scotland. ? Lynda Lockhart-Burrows. Email: lynda_burrows@hotmail.com.

William Barclay 10. 08. 2010

Hi I am trying to trace my great grandfather who I believe to have originated from Ayrshire. My great grandfather emigrated to Argentina sometime before 1892. He married (in Argentina) a Mary Mackin from Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. They settled in Rosario and had 4 children. Patrick Joseph Barclay (my grandfather) was born in Rosario in 1892. There were two other sons Robert and Alexander and a daughter Mary Rhubina. The inscription on my great grandfathers grave reads: WILLIAM RICHARD BARCLAY 10/1/1912 died at the age of 45 years, which would give a date of birth around 1867. My grandfather's obituary states that his father was a "Scotsman from Ayr". The 1895 Argentina census for Rosario lists a William Barclay age 27, origin British. My grandfather's marriage certificate describes his father William as an engineer. I would be grateful of any sources of information that you could suggest that might help me to trace my great grandfather back to Scotland and would be also grateful if you could post this as a message on your web site in the hope that someone might be able to help. Regards Adrian Barclay. Email: barclay1312@yahoo.co.uk.

James McClemont /Sorn 28. 07. 2010

James McClemont (b. 1803-1888) I'm looking for information on the McClemonts. James and Ann(e) lived in Sorn. He was a/the shoemaker at "Bridgend". I'd like to know about his parents and/or siblings. Any information is appreciated. Email: kclark3@roadrunner.com.

Janet and Rebecca Wyllie/Ayr 28. 07. 2010

My paternal grandfather John Wyllie was born in Ayr,April 19,1891. His parents were David Wyllie,born in Ayrshire about 1865(the 1891 census and the 1901 census disagree on whether his birthplace within Ayrshire was Coylton or Galston)and Margaret(Maggie)Graham born in Dalry Ayrshire about 1866. His siblings were Janet,born about 1890, David Graham Wyllie born April 20,1895, a long time Illinois resident,died in Florida Sept. 9,1958. Rebecca, born about 1898, and Robert Linden Wyllie,born sometime afte the 1901 census. By the time of my father's birth in Edinburgh on August 15,1918, my grandfather had dropped one l, changing the name to Wylie. Apart from this my father's name is David Graham Wylie,after his uncle. Mine is David Alexander Wylie,after my great uncle and my fathers's late brother. At the time of my grandfather's death in Chicago on October 17,1949, the detah notice liste "two sisters in Scotland". We do not know if the sisters married or had descendants. If so we would love to hear from them. Today, Uncle David's descendants continue to use the orinal spelling Wyllie. My grandfather served in the British army in World War I;great Uncle David did so in the American Army in World War I,and is buried at Wood National Cemetery,Milwaukee,Wisconsin. Sincerely,David A.Wylie. Email: honeyblowear@gmail.com.

MCCOLL 28. 07. 2010

Dear Sir: I have been told that the McColl family of Scotland are descendants of Robert the Bruce. Do you have any documentation of this? Thank you for your time. Yours truly, Lucy F. McColl Charleston, South Carolina USA . Email: lucymccoll@bellsouth.net.

Aitken 28. 07. 2010

Hello to all the Aitken's out there. I am trying to find out anything on my late Grandmother. Of course I haven't much. Her name was Margaret Blaine Aitken, I have of course her Birthdate at home so I will have to enter that at another time. She married my Grandfather Franklin Craig Murdoch here in Canada, his family was also from Scotland. They had sons Frank, Robert, Horace, Richmond, my father Johnathon Blackburn and two daughters Margaret and Joyce. I know through my father that she was born in Aryshire but I do not know when her family came over to Canada or if they even did. My father told me that there was quite a fight on with my grandmother's father were he did not want her to even marry my grandfather, she did and I think there was a family drift after that. I am planning a trip to Scotland in the next couple of years and would love to know anything about. Thanks Margaret Elizabeth Catherine Dalman/nee Murdoch Clandeboye, Manitoba Canada. Email: cathy@rmofstandrews.com.

Donald MacDonald/Ayr 20. 07. 2010

I am searching for connections to my ancestor, Donald MacDonald. He was born in Ayr in 1755 and emigrated to US/Canada and fought in the American Revolution(1783). After the war he settle on a land grant in Nashwaak, New Brunswick, Canada. He went on to marry Hannah Crane and they had several children. He lived to the age of 105 years and was the last surviving member of the 42nd Highlanders living in Nashwaak. I would like to find relatives living in Scotland. I am his ggggrandaughter. Thank You for any assistance - Linda MacDonald. Email: llmacdon59@yahoo.com.

Kay Sharpe 20. 07. 2010

I'm interested if anyone can add to my knowledge of James I. (perhaps for "Irvin" MackClelaland (or MackCleleland) and his heirs and forebears. He was born c. 1711 in Ayrshire. He immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Taunton, Massachusetts, before 1726. He married Margaret Fleming (born c. 1714) on 10/25/1733 in Brimfield, Massachusetts. The spelling of his surname was changed to "McLallen" at some point. Thank you kindly. Kay Sharpe. Email: ksharpe1907@hotmail.com.

Marion-May Simson 20. 07. 2010

My name is Henri MOLLERON and I live in France. My maternal grandmother was Marion-Smith SIMSON, born in Ayr in 1886 (she died in Rouen, France). I wonder if I can retrace my ancestry and clan (I believe we are Frasers) and any remaining relatives in the region, although the family story is that all her close relatives emigrated to the US, in New York City and in Fort Laramie (Wyoming). I will myself stop in Ayr in a few weeks. Email: molleron@bbox.fr.

Hugh McDonald and family 20. 07. 2010

I am trying to put together a family tree for my husbands side of the family who came to Canada in the 1950's. Hugh and Martha (nee Monaghan) lived in Ayr, Scotland along with their only child Angus McDonald (born 1938) Hugh has two brothers: Peter and George. Hugh's father was named Angus, mother's name is unknown Martha had two siblings: Duncan and Susan Parents names are unknown I believe that they owned/rented a house which backed onto 50 Oswald Road in Ayr. Any help would be much appreciated! A. McDonald. Email: cowcatd@hotmail.com.

Pollock family 11. 07. 2010

Hi I am a historian researching the Pollock family who were very important in finding gold in Gympie, Queensland, Australia back in 1867. All I can find is that they came from Ayrshire - does anyone have anything on the Pollock family over there. Marilyn England. Email: marilynengland@uqconnect.net.

Catholic Cemetery 11. 07. 2010

Hi, I am trying to find the location of a Catholic cemetery where a relative of mine is buried. He died in Reid Square Burnside, Newton upon Ayr in 1858. I would be grateful for any information, Thanks Frank Kerr in OZ. Email: frankk2@grapevine.com.au.

David Strachan /St Quivox 17. 06. 2010

Hi my name is Allison Simpson I am doing the family tree on my husbands side and I have come across that they have come from Ayrshire, Scotland. Most of them were Coal Miners John Strachan born :1801 St Quivox Ayrshire married Martha Young born :1806 David Strachan born 19 Dec 1828 married Helen Spence (maybe Elen) born:16 Aug 1831 Newton, Ayrshire, Scotland David Strachan born 31 Jan 1859 St Quivox Ayr, Scotland married Margaret Wilson. If anyone can help with certificates or any information will be happy to pay for the cost and postage. Email: kevall@aapt.net.au. I live in Queensland, Australia. Thank you Allison.

Graham Martin 10. 06. 2010

Hello, I have been doing a family tree and have found that my Great-Great-Grandfather came from a place called Crassie in Ayrshire. It must be a very small place as it is not on any maps. Do you think someone could have a look for me. My name is Graham Martin and I live in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. Email: gtmartin@ozemail.com.au.

James Brown, Margaret Kerr 05. 06. 2010

I am trying to find my great grandfather's, William Matleson Brown's parents , who lived in Diary , Ayr, Scotland: Father James Brown born approximatly 1816 and mother, Margaret Kerr born 1820. A clue I have is that my grandfather, William Brown raised Galloway cattle that he imported from Scotland. William Brown was born April 26, 1948. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Sincerely, Sally Shupack Great Granddaughter of William Matheson Brown. Email: sshupack@cox.net.

William Mathleson Davis 05. 06. 2010

My great grandfather, William Mathleson Davis, a native of Dairy Ayrshire, Scotland immigrated to Australia as a mere lad. He remained in Australia until 1877, when he disposed of his interests in that country and bought a Seven Oaks farm in Carrollton, Missouri, USA. His wife, Mrs. Flora Ainton (maiden name) Brown was also born in Scotland on April 29,1855 and died December, 1937. Of interest to me is my great grandfather's family in Scotland and my great grandmother's family also in Scotland. My great grandmother, Flora emmigrated with her parents to Australia, where she received her education and was married to W.M. Brown in 1874. Could you help me to find my great-great ancestors in Scotland or tell me someone who would research this history for me for a fee? Sincerely, Sally Shupack Great Granddaughter of William Mathleson Davis and Flora Ainton Davis. Email: sshupack@cox.net.

William Good / New Cumnock 05. 06. 2010

Hi, I am looking for information on my great great great great great grandfather, William Good. From my family records, it shows he was born and a farmer in Sorn Parish, later moving to New Cumnock where he farmed until his death. He was born abt. 1740, and married a Margaret McLatchie or McClatchie (b. 1744). She moved with her children to Kilmarnock after William's death. The trail goes cold at this point in my search. Can anyone help me? Some sites show many, many Goods living in Ayrshire during this time period. Thank you! Please email any info to: sparrjani@hotmail.com.

Ronald / Ayrshire 30. 05. 2010

Thomas Ronald, Hector Ronald, William Ronald all names I am looking for they came from Ayrshire. Hector became a dairy farmer, William kept a halfway house at Strathaven, his sons john & james were carriers of iron Muirkirk to Glasgow. Thomas was in with smugglers on the coast when young but changed his ways, became excise man then migrated to Paisley, his son Thomas became an expert weaver and raised his family, they migrated to the USA in 1850 and 1856. Thank you, Dean Thomson. Email: deanthomson5@gmail.com.

Agnus McBride / Ayrshire 16. 05. 2010

Hello, I am trying to find information on my relatives. In particular I am looking for any information someone might have on the parents of Agnus McBride, born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1903. We have an old story in our family about both of her parents dying when one of the first automobiles in Ayrshire spooked their horse draw carriage. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Email: modernsamurai13@hotmail.com.

James Baird / Ayr 1790 before and after / 12. 05. 2010

Looking for information on James Baird, a shoemaker in Ayr who married Margaret Vance on the 22nd May 1790. They had 8 children : Margaret; Janet; John; Mary; Agnes; James; Robert and Jean. I'm a great great granddaughter of John Baird, the first son born to James & Margaret Baird on the 11 January 1796. I'm trying to trace the roots of James Baird as I have already done a complete history on John Baird who came to South Africa for the Battle of Blaauwberg in January 1806. If anybody knows of a relative or historian that might be able to shed some light on James i.e. where he came from, who his parents were etc. etc. I will be most grateful. Lindi Baird Cape Town, South Africa. Email: bairdsa.lindibaird@gmail.com.

John Cuthbertson / Stewarton / 21. 04. 2010

John Cuthbertson born at Hill House, Stewarton, Ayrshire,Scotland - Nov 7, 1814 died Mar 10,1897. Margaret, his wife - born July 13,1828 (Scotland) died 26Jun,1908. This headstone is in Crain Cemetery, Dimmick, LaSalle Co, Illinois, USA. They farmed in this area since 1850. Their first child (John Allin) was born 19July1848 in New York, USA. Trying to determine where Margaret was born in Scotland, where/when they were married and when they immigrated to USA. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanking you in advance, C Hedges. Email: c_hedges@sunwave.net.

Andrew Leckie / 21. 04. 2010

Hello, I am looking for any information on Andrew Leckie, who left Scotland in 1925-1927 bound for Australia. He is my great grandfather, I am the granddaughter of his first daughter Elizabeth. She had a brother named John, and sisters Lil and Jean. Thank you Keryn Bailey. Email: roen.05@gmail.com.

Marion McGill Telfer / Muirkirk / 09. 04. 2010

I have a birth certificate For my Father's stepmother. Born to James Telfer and Catherine Telfer Registered for the Parish of Muirkirk Wellwood Row. September 11 1879. Could you please direct me to further research her History and roots. Thank you for your assistance. David Lees, Mount Vernon IL USA. Email: dleescrna@gmail.com.

William Stevenson or Janet Fulton / 06. 04. 2010

My husband is a descendant of William Stevenson and Janet Fulton. I am doing a family history for my own curiosity and would greatly appreciate any information anyone could give me. All I know is that they came to Ontario Canada frrom Ayrshire Scotland in 1843. If you have any information please email me at. Email: rosie@yourlink.ca. Thank you. Rosanne Stevenson.

John Willock / Ayr / 06. 04. 2010

Hi, I'm looking for information about John Willock, the Scottish Reformer from the mid 1500's, from Ayr and preached at the St. John's Church. Annette Willock Becker. Email: awb212@aol.com.

Glenayreston / 01. 04. 2010

My family is doing some genealogy research on a Scotland born relative with a middle name of "Glenayreston", full name: William Edwards Glenayreston MacDonald. I know glen means valley and the glenayre might be a reference to Ayrshire. Any help on the origin of this word or name would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,William Ravin,Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. Email: INSIDEDIM@aol.com.

John Dawson/Annie Hamilton / 25. 03. 2010

Hi, I am searching for information on my great great grandparents John and Annie Dawson. John was born in Stronachlochan, Argyll and Annie in Old Monkland Lanarkshirre. They married in 1871 and resided in Kilmarnock in 1901. Any help you can provide would be appreciated, Cheryl. Email: cheryl.baty@bigpond.com.

David Moore / 12. 03. 2010

Hello, I am searching for my ancestors: David Moore born in January of 1852, and his parents Joseph Moore born in Ireland in 1834 and wife Elizabeth born in Ireland in 1829. David Moore was born in Ayrshire or maybe Lanarkshire, Scotland. I appreciate any help. Thank you, Monie. Email: monieh2@md.metrocast.net.

James (Hanna) Haney & Elizabeth Gilliland / 12. 03. 2010

I am trying to find information on this couple from Ayr. James, I believe, changed his name to Haney after he immigrated to America. His dates are 1752-1833. He married Elizabeth Gilliland and they had a son, James. He was born in Virginia in 1770 so they had to have immigrated before then. Can anyone tell me the immigration date and port? I would also like to know their history in Scotland. Email: patreciaf@sbcglobal.net.

Colonel John Crawford (born 1687 died 1748) / 15. 02. 2010

I am looking for information on Colonel John Crawford, who was born in Ayrshire, Scotland and emigrated to Pennsylvania with the ancestors of Andrew Jackson. He had a son, (Major)Robert Crawford) that was born in Ireland between 1726 and 1728. They came from Ayrshire to USA and settled in Pennsylvania. They moved to South Carolina and settled in the Waxhaws in the mid 1700's. I am a relative and live near the Waxhaw Presbyterian Church where they are buried along with Andrew Jackson's Parents. I would like to know more about them before they came to America. Thank you, Joey Neely. Email: joey@rpsigns.net.

Allans of Ayrshire / 15. 02. 2010

Looking for information regarding my 3 rd Great Grandparents: ALLAN, William born 1782 Ayrshire, Scotland married Margaret RUSSELL born 1799 Fifeshire, Scotland According to oral family history, William was an engineer and while he was in Sweden building a bridge in Goteborg, a son was born to them: James Dickson ALLAN born 22 Aug 1825 This family immegrated to Ontario sometime before 1860, the year that James married Mary Harriet Thorpe. Mary was born 1836 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Judith Steele. Email: Judys85@aol.com.

McCartney Family / Tarbolton 09. 02. 2010

Hi - reseraching our family tree and have got back to David McCartney who was born about 1801in Inverkeithing Fife. David must have moved to Tarbolton Ayrshire and married Anne Steel and a number of children were born to them in Tarbolton including, son David, William, George ( who used the spelling Macartney during part of his life) and possibly an Archibald. The family subsequently moved to Greenock. David was a Carter and a wine and spirit merchant. I believe Davids father was Hugh McCartney and his mother's name was Kennedy. Research options have dried up. Does any one else have any details of potential family members. David was my Great great Grandad. Thanks Alex ( Andy) McCartney. Email: andy_mccartney@hotmail.co.uk.

McClymonts / Girvan 09. 02. 2010

McClymonts in Girvan- Can anyone please advise me on this family who were merchants/manufacturers in Girvan in the late 1700s and early 1800s. There was a connection through marriage with a Douglas family Wigtownsire/Kirkcudbrightshire in the 1700s. Thanks......Bob.. Email: bobhenry39@btinternet.com.

Heron/Herron Family / Dalmellington 22. 01. 2010

Interested in the following Heron/Herron family from Dalmellington. James Heron, a shoemaker, and Sarah Cowan, marriage date and location unknown, had the following daughters in Dalmellington: Agnes (b. 9 Mar 1760 Dalmellington, Ayreshire, marr. John Hunter date and location unknown, d. 14 Jul 1860 Creetown, Kirkmabreck Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire), Jean (b. 3 Jul 1761 Dalmellington, Ayreshire, marr. William McNish date and location unknown, d. after 1851 census where she appeared widowed and living in Creetown, Kirkmabreck Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire and before 1855 statutory death register began), and Elizabeth (b. 26 Nov 1775 Dalmellington, Ayreshire, marr. Andrew Campbell date and location unknown, d. 12 Jun 1856 Creetown, Kirkmabreck Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire). Possible sons of James and Sarah Heron (mother not listed on birth register in Dalmellington parish and statutory death registers not located) are James (b. 28 Nov 1762) and William (b. 6 Oct 1765). James Heron the father is listed as junior or younger on all birth records except that of oldest child, Agnes, indicating that his father was also James Heron and that he also lived in Dalmellington. A James Herron did marry an Agnes Herron of Straiton in Dalmellington on 8 Jan 1737, and a James Heron (mother not given) had a son James on 24 Sep 1738 in the same parish (per OPR). Possible additional children of James Heron senior and Agnes Heron are William b. 1740, unnamed b. 1743, Jannet b. 1746, Jean b. 1751 and Jean b. 1753 (all born in Dalmellington, the mother not listed for any of them). Any additional information on this family appreciated. Thank you, Susan Civgin. Email: d.civgin@comcast.net.

Stevenson / Ayrshire 10. 01. 2010

Hello, I'm researching my family I've got it back to, James Stevenson born abt. 1755, in the FamilySearch.org web site it shows that James had 5 children which William Stevenson 1785 direct lineage. There doesn't show a mother to the children or James Stevenson's mother and father. William Stevenson married Elizabeth Clarke in 1803 St. Quivox And Newton,
Ayr, Scotland. If any one has any information it would be greatly appreciated, also the area in which they lived and any Clan assoc. Thnk you. Email: scottsman61@surewest.net.

John Bell Spence Armstrong / Newmilns 04. 01. 2010

Looking for daughter and ex wife/partner of John Bell Spence Armstrong. Hi I am looking for my half aunt who will be approximately 35 or 36 years of age. Her father died in the Newmilns area of Ayshire in 1973 and unfortunatly my half aunt was born either 5 days before or after his death but it was in the same week I have been told. Her mother had kept in touch with my great uncle Anthony Kelly up until his death and then contact was lost. If you think this may be you or you know who this is please contact me. Email: pollee69@googlemail.com.

Ann Boyd and William Finnie / Kilmarnock 28. 12. 2009

Hi, I am trying desperately to trace the birth and parents of my fifth g.grandmother, Ann Boyd of Ardrossan who married William Finnie of Kilmarnock in 1745. Following are records of the banns and marriage. Banns & marriage details re: Ann Boyd & William Finnie: Extract from old parochial register of Kilmarnock shows the following: William Finnie, Hammerman in Kilmarnock, his 2d marriage, & Ann Boyd, in the Parish of Ardrossan, were booked on Saturday April 13 1745 & consigned eight marks of penalty & after orderly proclamation three several sabbath days were married at Ardrossan on Tuesday April 30 1745 by Mr Dow there. Thanking you in hopeful anticipation, Lynne Hadley, Melbourne, Australia . Email: prowse@hotmail.com.

Cullens|Collins 08. 12. 2009

Anyone have a connection with a Thomas Cullens|Collins who originally was from Ireland but lived in s|w Scotland for a period before sailing to Nova Scotia, Canada in the mid 1800's?Would love to trade info. Carole. Email: stanandcarole@sympatico.ca.

Wilson / Ayr 01. 12. 2009

Hello - I am looking into my wife's family and would appreciate any assistance to get started in picking up the trail in Scotland. I am looking for information on James Wilson, born 1854 in Ayr, Ayrshire. He died Feb 3, 1893 in St. John's, Newfoundland. We know that when he came to Newfoundland he was a ship's captain but unfortunately I don't know which ships he was on. In Newfoundland he married Sarah Jane Bartlett on August 31, 1882. She was born March 13, 1860 in Trinity, Newfoundland. Email: tandj_johnson@hotmail.com.

Nash / Maybole - Troon 26. 11. 2009

Hi I am researching my family tree and would appreciate any information on Stephen and Charlotte Nash. Stephen was born in 1853 in England (Wiltshire I think). He married Charlotte Finch Baker in India in 1878, they moved to Maybole then Troon, had 9 kids one of which was my grandfather Henry. Cahrlotte died in Troon February 10th 1903. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you very much. Jean McKee. Email: jeanmckee@lineone.net.

Ferguson / Coylton 23. 11. 2009

I am the Great Grandson of John Robert Ferguson and Margaret McFadgen Ferguson, who immigrated to Linton, Indiana, USA from County Ayrshire, Civil Parrish of Coylton, District of Black Bull. He was born on June 18, 1851 and she was born on July 14, 1859. I cannot find any history on John's parents, but Margaret's were Jaes or James McFadgen, born in 1827 in Ireland and her mother, also named Margaret, was born in 1832, also in Ireland. My Great Grand Mother had a Sister named Jean. I do not know my Great Grand Mother's maiden name. My Great Grand Father was a coal miner, as well as my Grandfather and my Father. I know I must have relatives in the area and if anyone can provide information or assist me locating them, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you. John Ray Ferguson Warren, Michigan USA. Email: 62john@comcast.net.

Wood Family / Ayrshire 20. 11. 2009

Hello, I am looking for any information available on James* Morgan Wood. His father was also James Wood, mother Jeanie McDonald Morgan. My father-in-law James* was born in Ayrshire on December 2, 1913. He had two brothers, John who now lives in Inverness and Robert (Bob) who was killed during the war. I would greatly appreciate any information someone might have about this family. We have been struggling to find information for several years and I just today found this website. Thank you so much for any help you can give. Joan K. Wood. Email: joankwood@yahoo.com.

William Livingstone / Riccarton 12. 11. 2009

I am tracing my family tree and I am trying to find the birth record and parents for my ggg grandfather William Livingstone. According to the Scotland 1871 census he was born in 1823 in Riccarton, Ayrshire. Using Scotlands People web site I was unable to locate him in the Scotland 1851 & 1841 census and unable to find a birth record. He married Annabella Craig on 30 Dec 1853 in Riccarton, Ayrshire. They had 6 children: James, Annabella, Elizabeth, John, William, and Margaret. He had a brother, John born about 1827. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Email: ram88doc@aol.com.

Anthony Hogg 05. 11. 2009

Does anyone know of Anthony Hogg born approximately 1902, I think his mothers maiden name was Moore, she may have died in childbirth with her second child. There was talk when I was young that she was connected to Moores mineral mine #9 in Ayr. I would love to know more of my dads heritage. From Heather "nee Hogg" Penny. Email: hpenny@rogers.com.

Craig Family/ Dalmellington 01. 11. 2009

I would like to make contact with a member of the Craig family of Dalmellington . Robert Wilson Fergusson and Margaret English had daughters Mary and Ruth.. Ruth married William Craig they had children William, b 1902, Mary Ewing b1908 and John b1904 all children's births were registered Dalmellington. John Craig was living at 3 Ayr Road Dalmellington in 1944..I am researching the Fergusson family originally from St John's Town ,Dalry and Tynron Dumfrieshire. I live in Melbourne Australia.

The marriage certificate that I have for Robert W Fergusson and Margaret English is a bit fuzzy, I was hoping that someone would be able to correct my interpretations please. It states that they were Married on the 23rd Day of October 1868 at /Patra?/ at /Bridge End?/ Parish of Dalmellington in the County of Ayr. Another bit seems to read Patria Chapel. It also mentions that Robert and Margaret's usual address was /Dennison Mill. Dalmellington /Is this spelling correct? What type of mill would it have been and would they have lived there as well? Hope someone will be able to help me understand the document. Judy Briggs. Email: scraps@st.net.au.

Andrew and Agnes Cocrane/ Ayr 01. 11. 2009

We are trynig to find information about Andrew and Agnes Cochrane and their decendants, especially a Daughter Elizabeth McClelland Cochrane born September 9, 1937 in Ayr, Scotland to Andrew and Agnes Cochrane. She was married in Scotland to
Roswell Claypool, an American Military Serviceman in the Air Force. She died March
30, 1965, my wife is her daughter Linda. We would like to find out as much as we
can about the family still in Scotland, as well as the family geneology. Thank you for your response and help, Sid Whiteside. Email: sidwhiteside@embarqmail.com.

Macdonald 25. 10. 2009

I am trying fo fill in some missing pieces in my family tree. John Macdonald the head of our line was a Clanranald Macdonald. He fought in the Battle of Culloden, survived and lived for another 24 years and died in 1770. His son John, was born in Athol in 1749 and died in 1839. He was a ship owner and lime merchant at in Perth. He was one of the largest shipowners in Perth in those days. His son John Robert was born in Perth in 1799 and died in Norway in 1838. He was a Master Mariner and Master of the brig "Lively" owned by his father. He married in 1821 to Jean Bell who died the following year giving birth to their son John Robert. He was born in Ayr on 19th May 1822, and he was bought up by his grandfather in Perth. He was my great great grandfather, and emigrated to South Australia where he settled and raised 10 children with his wife Prudence Brown. As I live in South Australia, I have detailed knowledge from then on. Because of the number of John Robert Mcdonalds down the line, and being a very popular name I have hit the brick wall, but would be very interested to find if I have any relatives anywhere else in the world. Thanking you Pauline Campbell. Email: rantline@bigpond.com.au.

Hannah family 18. 10. 2009

My ggg grandfather, James Hannah, was born in Ayrshire in 1754. He lost his wife and infant child in a drowning accident and decided to join the British army fighting the revolutionists in America. He married Lucy Staples of Castine, Maine and eventually settled in New Brunswick, Canada in 1784. I know nothing about his birth family in Scotland and would be grateful for any Hannah information. Email: bonniejean1948@live.com.

Macklem Family 07. 10. 2009

My name is Jamie Macklem. I am trying to trace back the origin of my family name. I believe they came from the Ayrshire area. They settled in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario Canada. Any help would be appreciated. Attached is a photo of a head stone in a local cemetery, thanks Jamie Macklem. View Image. Email: jsmack27@rogers.com.

Milligan Family 30. 09. 2009

I am researching the Milligan family in the Carnegie Library in Ayr, Scotland. I was born John Ogden Milligan. My great-grandfather was John Augden Milligan, b. 1840, d. 1926. He fought in the Illinois 93rd Infantry in the Civil War. I came to Ayr hoping to connect with the generation that came from Ayr to the U.S. I had found one John Milligan who came to the U.S. in 1825. I don't know more about him. Do you have information on this branch of the Milligan family? (I don't know that John Augden Milligan's father's name was necessarily also John. It could have been James or William, or something else). The John Augden Milligan branch settled in Scribner Nebraska. I have stood on the graves of both John Augden Milligan and his son, also John Augden Milligan, my grandfather, in the Scribner, NE cemetery. I have of course seen their gravestones, but it was interesting to find a web site that has the names of all the people buried there, and that is where I found my GG's birth year, 1840. Any help you can be will be greatly appreciated. I'm particularly interested in where the "Augden" came from. I'll be in Ayr until Thursday afternoon. Warm regards, John Omaha PS: I changed my name legally to John Omaha (that is where I was born) in 1977. Email: John@Johnomahaenterprises.com.

Main/Morrison/Roxburgh Families 26. 09. 2009

I am looking for relatives of Daniel Main of Ayr who was involved in a rescue of a Greek ship in the 1800s off of Ayr. A picture of Daniel Main is in the Ayr Library. Any info would be helpful. Email: bmorrison59@shaw.ca.

McClatchie's 26. 09. 2009

Are there any McClatchie's still residing in Ayrshire? My Great Great Grandfather emigrated to Canada in 1805. His name was John McClatchie and his occupation was listed as a ship's carpenter on the immigration papers. I have also been told that the original spelling of the family name was McCletchie but I have no proof of the veracity of that statement. Thanks to anyone who sees this and responds. Keith Keith McClatchie . Email: keith.mcclatchie@facsniagara.on.ca.

Gibb family/ Auchinleck 26. 09. 2009

Hi, My ancestor Andrew GIBB was factor to James Boswell at Auchinleck House around the late 1700's to approx 1830's. I would like to find out any information about the Gibb family connected to this Andrew. I am in Australia and I am very keen to know more of the Gibb family dating back before the mid 1700's in particular. Also my grandfather used to tell me of an association between the Gibb family and the famous Robbie Burns. If any one is related to this line of Gibb or can provide any info. I would be very appreciative. Thankyou Andrew LEE. Email: andrewlee7@bigpond.com.

Moodie Family/Old Cumnock 22. 09. 2009

I am tracing the Moodie Family from Old Cumnock. James Moodie (born 1729 died 25/12/1794) married 1755 Jean Wylie. The Family were Weavers and in later generations Cotton Handloom Weavers and Journeymen/Agents. I have a lot of information on this family who eventually came out to Australia in 1852 on the "Cuthbert" to Melbourne Victoria where we have another four generations here in Australia. Robyn Randles (nee Moodie). Email: robrandles@bigpond.com.

Jamieson/ Largs 07. 09. 2009

I am attempting to delineate my grandmother's family. Her name was Jean Moodie Jamieson and she was born in Doune, Perths in 1877. Her father was a doctor in Doune as was her grandfather and both were named Thomas Jamieson. Her grandfather was born into Largs in a family of 3 children, William, Thomas, and Archibald Moodie Jamieson. His father was named William who was to have died before 1865. I hope that it was long before as his first child(William) was born in 1789 in Largs! The trail has gone cold as we say in Canada and I wonder if anyone currently in the area has any further information. I am as interested in existing family as much as in the family tree itself. Thank you, Brian Saunders, Victoria, B.C., Canada. Email: riverwest@shaw.ca.

Affleck/Robertson/ Ayr 07. 09. 2009

I am trying to trace my maternal g-g-granparents family. EUPHEMIA GALBRAITH AFFLECK was born c. 1814 in Ayr and married Robert Robertson in 1838 at Ayr. I don't know who Euphamia's ancestors are but the following death notice for Euphemia gives some indication that her husband ROBERT ROBERTSON came from Ayrshire and has a potential connection to the LAIRD OF STRUAN/ CLAN DONNACHAIDH The Age (Melbourne, Australia) newspaper, 2 January 1901 death notice reads as follows: "ROBERTSON - On the 31st December at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr John McNeil, "St Vincent", High Street, Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria. Euphemia Robertson nee Euphemia Affleck, eldest daughter of the late William Affleck, of Ayr, Scotland, and widow of the late Robert Robertson, grandson of the last Laird of Struan, Perthshire, Scotland, of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Kilmarnock, Scotland, aged 90 years. Please contact Ian Watkins if you have any information. Email: watkinsi@ozonline.com.au.

Barron Family/ Girvan 30. 08. 2009

Hello: I am looking for any information on the Barron Family of Girvan. Archibald Barron and Eliza Jane Allan had the following children: James Barron Mar 3 1819 Girvan, Jemima Barron Mar 11 1817 Girvan, John Wesley Barron Feb 19 1823 Girvan, James Barron married C/Katherine Powell abt 1838 Girvan. They had the following children, Elizabeth Barron 1839 Girvan, Mary Barron 1841 Girvan, James Barron 1843 Dailly, Archibald Barron 10/1844 Girvan, Thomas Barron 9/1846 Giran D: before 1851, Margaret Barron 7/1848 Girvan. I am looking for any information on the Barron family and a possible reason why James Barron 1819 would have changed name to Burns after immigrating. Any help, or info would be greatly appreciated gwilannne. Email: lmcarlos@rogers.com.

Samuel Moffat/ Ayr 30. 08. 2009

I have read that one Samuel Moffat born 1650 Ayr, was a Presbyterian Covenanter who fought at Bothwell Bridge. He is said to have fled to Ireland 1679 with a wife and child. He is thought to be the progenitor of our Moffet line there. Son William Moffat born 1678 Ayr is said to have gone to New Jersey USA but I have his children born in Ayr, buried in Ireland. Specifically Samuel Moffat 1710-1765 buried at Ballylig Antrim. Gathering information to shed more light on this "tradition." Abigail McIntyre (nee Moffat). Email: abigailmcintyre@live.com.au.

Thomas Jamieson/ Largs 30. 08. 2009

I am interested in discovering any information about my great great grandfather, Thomas Jamieson who was born in Largs, Ayrs in 1803. His father was a farmer, Willian Jamieson and his mother was Jane Moodie. He also had 2 brothers named William Jamieson and Archibald Moodie Jamieson. If anyone has any information about these distant relatives of mine, I would be delighted to correspond. Brian Saunders. Email: riverwest@shaw.ca.

Paton, Dixon, Seymour, Wight/Wright, Jeffery 28. 08. 2009

I am tracing my family tree. Any information on any of these Surnames is very much appreciated,Willing to share my genealogy with you. John Henry Murphy m Hannah Wright/Wight Seymour JEFFERY/Jeffrey my ggrandmother. I was told that nana's names were family names hence Wright/Wight Seymour, they came from Scotland her father was Henry Seymour Jeffery b1850 Shetland Isles Scotland m 3Feb.1877 Ellen Dixon (Ellen's parents were Edward Dixon m Margaret Paton) Henry Seymour JEFFERY s31/12/1839 Girvan, Ayr, Scotland, parents were Frederick JEFFERY m Hannah Wright/Wight SEYMOUR. I have no further information as yet to add except they settled in Yarraville/Footscay Victoria Australia. Kind regards Sandra Boubis. Email: sandra.boubis@three.com.au.

Watson/Waterside 16. 08. 2009

Hi. Can anyone please tell me where Waterside district is or was in the early 1900s. My family were from this district [on my fathers side] the family name is Watson. Regards, Robert Watson. Email: samuska.siamese@btinternet.com.

McCambridges 16. 08. 2009

I just visited Ayrshire and enjoyed it very much. However, I did not find any information about where Catholics might have been buried, eg. John William McCambridge, born about 1811 in St. Quivox. An 1841 census listed him as a coal trimmer, Ayrshire City. He's also listed in the 1851 census. His death certificate said he died November 4, 1860, age 50, and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery of Ayr, registered at Sundernaid 5/11/1860. In Ayrshire I hired a very competent guide. We checked at the Ayr city cemetery, no luck, too early. They recommended St. Margaret's Catholic church. Their records go back farther, but their small cemetery quite obviously didn't hold any poor Catholics. I would welcome any suggestions as to where John William McCambridge's remains might have been deposited. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks very much. . Email: ditrip@msu.edu.

David Shaw and Mary Clarke/Kilmarnock 03. 08. 2009

I would appreciate any assistance that you can give me in tracing the relatives of David Shaw (14 August 1828-22 July 1886) and Mary Clarke(1880-1911). David Shaw was the son of a David Shaw and Janet Paton. On 6 June 1851, David Shaw married Mary Clarke; daughter of William Clark(e) and Janet McGregor. Their first son son David Thomas Shaw was also born in High Street Kilmarnock in 1854. All three migrated to Australia on 23 November 1854 aboard the Athletae. David and Mary went on to have 7 more children and were one of 4 founding founding familes in Yarck (Gobur), Victoria, Australia. I believe that either David or Mary's sibling joined them in Australia. Any help with tracing relatives or other information relating to the Shaw or Clarke families would be very much appreciated. Regards Irene and Colin. Email: derbyfour@optusnet.com.au.

John McKenzie/ Ayrshire 03. 08. 2009

Hi I am looking for information of John Mckenzies parents.......John was born 1797 in Aryshire Scotland......he married Mary McNaire of Argylshire Scotland,in 1827 in Bonaventure Quebec. I have not been able to find any information about his parents or any siblings......I would appreciate any help. Thankyou Kaye McKenzie. Email: kayemac@telusplanet.net.

David Spence Deally/ Alloway 01. 08. 2009

Looking for information on my grandfather, David Spence Deally who was born 11/05/1905 and immigrated to Canada. David was from Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland, and I would appreciate any information that someone might have on the family name or history. Don Deally. Email: ddeally@hotmail.com.

James Anderson/ Ayr 27. 07. 2009

Hi, My name is Nigel Anderson and I am looking for any information regarding a James Anderson Born in Ayr (I Think) in about 1888. His father Charles Anderson, occupation Engineer married a Jessie Clark. I am looking for any information about this couple. Regards. Nigel Anderson. Email: nigel.lesley@wave.co.nz.

James Smith and Ann Ritchie/ Stevenston 23. 07. 2009

James Smith (b 1813), son of James Smith and Janet Crawford and Ann Ritchie (b 1814), daughter of James Ritchie and Jane Barclay were married, presumably in Stevenston, where both families lived, some time around 1830. After their marriage they emigrated to Virginia, USA. I have searched the ScotlandsPeople website for a record of the marriage, and also asked at the High Kirk in Stevenston when I visited there a few years ago, all without finding anything. Although Ann's parents are buried in the High Kirk cemetery, it appears that James' parents are not, although other members of the extended family are. Was there another church in Stevenston in the 1830s where James and Ann might have been married? If so, how could I contact the church or whatever depository might have their records? Margaret Smith, Colorado, USA. Email: fairplaymargaret@gmail.com .

Alexander Doo from Ayrshire 23. 07. 2009

Hello. I am the Great-great granddaughter of Alexander Doo. I have been researching this family many years and am at a standstill with Alexander. I know he was born on or about 1813 in Ayrshire, Scotland according to the 1861 Census of Sackville, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada. I have no record as to what year he went to Canada, but he did not marry until 28 Oct 1845 in Sackville, Westmorland, New Brunswick, so he would have left Scotland before that date. I also do not know his parents' names. I did find a Duncan Doo on the 1861 census in New Brunswick, but I do not know if he was a relative. If anyone could give me some help on this Doo family and/or the history of this last name, I would most appreciate it. Unfortunately, I do not know which town or village in Ayrshire that Alexander Doo was from. Thank you in advance for your help. Dee Estrella. Email: dee@realestate4sedona.com .

John Fleck and Jean Dunn /West Kilbride 14. 07. 2009

I'm interested in clan names. I can trace my family tree of John Fleck and Jean Dunn to Scotland back to 1745 Scotland. He had children born in Crosbie Parish of West Kilbride, Ayrshire. However, I am at a loss to fit into any clan by the name of FLECK. Thank you Wendy Hovdestad. Email: hovdestad7@hotmail.com .

Hunter family / Girvan 29. 06. 2009

Hi, I have been tracing my family history and I have discovered that they come from Girvan, Ayrshire. They are: James Hunter-Gt Grandfather, John Hunter 1840-Gt Gt Grandfather, Charles Hunter 1805- Gt Gt Gt Grandfather, Hugh Hunter 1756- Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather. They are shown as Boot Makers in the records I can find and would be grateful if you could give me a link that would take me further back. Kind regards Kelvin Hunter, New Zealand. Email: hunters3@xtra.co.nz .

Robert Craig and Annie Aitken / Ayrshire. 29. 06. 2009

I am seeking information on my great grandparents who were both born in Ayrshire (regret no further detail. Robert Craig was probably born 1856 and Annie Aitken 1862. The married shortly after emigrating to Australia. They arrived in Sydney on the "Aberdeen" on 13 April 1886 and married on 13 Aug 1886. I know Annie had a sister Jeanie and I think a brother Robert. TONY JENSEN. Email: tony.jensen@aon.co.nz .

Adam James Boyle / Kilmarnock. 24. 06. 2009

Adam was my grandfather said to have been born and lived in Kilmarnock, migrated to Australia approx 1891. He had a sister Charlotte, other than that i don't know much. Family legend is that his father was a language professor or tutor in Russia at some time. Adam "ran away to sea" about age 20 or 21 and ended up in Sydney where he married Lillian Ann Chandler. Is anyone aware of any connections? Robert Bowen. Email: wreiserv@bigpond.net.au .

Eultcoatt, Ayrshire. 24. 06. 2009

I have a relative as born Eultcoatt, Ayrshire. Not sure if that was a town, road or house. It was Samuel Bennett abt 1816 Head of household in the civil parish of Gorbals County Lanarkshire. This information was from Ancestry.com and 1851 Scotland census. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Frances Bennett Maddox. Email: cmaddox7325@charter.net.

McCartney family/ Stonehouse. 18. 06. 2009

I am seeking information and possibly living relatives of the McCartney family. We lived in Stonehouse until 1973 when we emmigrated to Australia. My fathers name is Colin Campbell McCartney, his father Robert, his father Robert Tweed McCartney. I am particularly interested in Roberts siblings and descendants. Thomas, Bill or William, Mary Tweed Blackwood, Margaret (Peggy) Crisp, Jean Mckay and Lilias McCartney. If any one has any info please contact me Shaun McCartney. Email: shaunmccartney@westnet.com.au.

Stevenson. 17. 06. 2009

I was recently in Greenoch and Gasgow, but failed to get to Ayrshire for family research. I am the son of John Douglas Stevenson, originally of Ontario, Canada. His parents were Andrew Stevenson and Mary MacDonald, also of Ontario. I believe his grandparents were William (Willie?) and Elizabeth Stevenson, who emigrated from Ayrshire County. This would be in the early 1800s. This is as close as I have come to making the Scottish link with my family. My father informed me that his line was from Ayrshire County, but didn¹t tell me where. Another bit of information is that Robert Louis Stevenson is supposed to be a shirt tail relation of ours. If anyone can pick up a thread from the Stevensons where I have left off, I would appreciate a note. I can provide more information about Dad¹s siblings, if it is needed. Sincerely, John Donald Stevenson. Email: johndstevenson@att.net.

Dunlop/Dunlap Clan. 14. 05. 2009

I am a _?_ great-granddaughter of Alexander Dunlap, Jr birth: abt 1716 and Anne Macfarlane (McFarland or Elizabeth Ann McFarland) birth abt 1720. They came to America between 1737 (marriage year) and before Alexander's death in 1744 in Great Calf Pastures, Goshen, Virginia (aka.. Augusta or Rock Bridge County, Virginia). If you know of any real evidence please email me at : marengodog@hotmail.com. I am looking for information on ancestor and descendents.

Moffat Clan. 12. 05. 2009

I am interested in any information available on the Moffat Clan that flourished in the 12th thru 16th century. They served Wallace until his fall, then transferred their allegiance to Bruce. Watson C. Smith. Email: wcsmith8936@earthlink.net.

McBurnie/McBirnie of Ayrshire. 10. 05. 2009

I am researching this family who lived primarily in Crosshill, Maybole and Kirkmichael. They were descendants of James McBurnie (born c.1784 Ireland) and Ann Thomson. He was one of the Irish weavers. If anyone thinks they have a connection I would be happy to assist with research. I am organising the McBurnie/McBirnie Family Gathering to be held 8 & 9 August 2009, at Manor Park Hotel, Prestwick, Ayrshire. Hence we are endeavouring to make the tree as complete as possible and get it printed out in readiness for the gathering. More information on our family and the gathering can be found at: www.mcbirnie.myevent.com. Robyn. Email: mcbirnie@lycos.com.

Robert WALKER / Tarbolton. 06. 05. 2009

Robert WALKER reportedly lived in Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland before 1665, when he was arrested for selling "lining cloth". He had been raised near Glasgow and migrated to Ireland prior to 1688 as he is reported to have been on the rolls of inhabitants of Londonderry during the siege by James II. He is reportedly my 7th gr. grandfather and I would like to find out more about this person if possible, given the lack of records for that time period. Don French. Email: flynx.pip@verizon.net.

James BOYD,1799 + Jean (N; WILSON ). 30. 04. 2009

James BOYD, 1799, who md jean WILSON, 12-10-1822 ? any info appreciated, from either side , anything. I have him being born 23-12-1799, Beith, Ayrshire. James was son of William + Mary ( n; BARR ) and Jean was son of Hugh . Will always love any help, from Bindi, Email: bindi@mcmedia.com.au.

SHAW family history, Muirkirk. 21. 04. 2009

My husband's mother's family are from Muirkirk, Ayrshire. They are the SHAW family. They originated from Mingingaff and Stevenston however. We have thought long that there must be a SHAW tartan, but have reason to believe that the family was known as the Territorial Shaws!. I'm not sure what this means exactly. The earliest family in Muirkirk were DAVID SHAW b 11 Jan 1820. He was one of the twelve children born to JOHN SHAW and JANET THOMSON, prior to this time the family were in Mingingaff. Earlier generations had been in Bannahill, Ayrshire. David Shaw married Jennet Waddell Walker of Glasgow, in 1869. Has anyone any knowledge of the TERRITORIAL SHAWS, and/or how they came by this title? I would really be pleased to find out as I'd like to get something special for my husbands 75th birthday next year. Something that will remind him of his mother's family and links to Ayrshire. Thank you, and blessings from New Zealand Phyllis Pearson. Email: len_phyllis@slingshot.co.nz

Mary Robertson b. 1890. 19. 04. 2009

My paternal grandmother was Mary Robertson b. 1890 in Ayershire, Scotland.? She immigrated to the US in 1909 and married my grandfather.? My father was born in 1919.? At the time she immigrated her father?is listed as living?at 19 Kings St., Ayer, Scotland.? I am adopted (mother died after my birth) and met my father and a half-sister as a young adult.? Unfortunately my grandmother, who ironically lived right down the street from where I grew up with my adopted parents, died shortly before I met my father.? I am seeking any relatives in the area that may be grandchildren of a brother or sister of Mary Robertson.?If you have any information, please contact me at Email: caroljean776@aol.com? Thank you! Carol

John BARR, and Mary N; SHEDDON. 19. 04. 2009

Seeking any info, about my 5 x great grandparents, John BARR, and Mary ( N; SHEDDON / SHEDDEN ), i dont have parents for them, or dates, im descended from their daughter Mary ( 1772 ), who md Mr William BOYD, someone said john may be son of alexandr Barr and agnes STIRLING, ? ? ? who md kilwinning, 24-8-1758, But my BARR family is from Beith, i havnt been able to find Mary BOYD ( n; BARR ) death or burial. from bindi . Email: bindi@mcmedia.com.au.

Jane Jones Collins McDowell/Catrine. 19. 04. 2009

My Mother, Jane Jones Collins McDowell is from Catrine...Brothers...Briney, Jim, Francis...et al. Married Robert Patton Martell, Nova Scotia, Canada. Please forward any living relativesin Catrine, Ayrshire, etc. James Andrew Martell. Email: jimmartell@eastlink.ca.

Rev. Thomas Robertson 1650's. 31. 03. 2009

Looking for info on Rev. Thomas Robertson from Ayrshire, Scotland. Having emmigrated to Jamestown, Virginia, USA approx. 1650's Thank you, Lisa Feinberg Ellicott City, Maryland, USA. Email: cootiecat@aol.com.

Robertson family info from 1500's. 31. 03. 2009

We are looking for any info on Thomas Robertson family from 1550 A.D. from Ayrshire, Scotland. He & his wife left for U.S. around year 1550 & probably sailed to Jamestown, Virginia, USA. Thank you, Lisa Feinberg, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA. Email: cootiecat@aol.com.

Michael Hailey. 29. 03. 2009

My great grandfather, Michael Hailey was born in Kilbirnie in 1861. He married Catherine Bridget McCafferty in 1884. Catherine was born in County Durham, UK in 1863. Michael's parents were Joseph Hailey and Ann Connolly. They were both born in Ireland. The Hailey's moved to the U.S. in 1904, when my grandmother was 3 years old. My grandmother, Annie Hailey married Leslie Ross. His grandfather, James Stewart was also from Kilbirnie, born in 1829. James' father was Henry, born in 1787 but I do not know where. My son and I are visiting Scotland next summer. If anyone believes they may still be related to us, we would love to visit them. Our name is Ross. Email: nancyjaneross@gmail.com.

James Gray & Christina Irons Anderson. 22. 03. 2009

Please Help! I found some notes made by my mother in 1932 concerning her grandparents in Scotland. The note reads "The family of James Gray and his wife Christina Irons Anderson lived in Bonnie Brae, Erdire, Ayrshire, Scotland. The family was of Presbyterian faith and had eleven children; nine girls and two boys. The children names are Mary, Lizzy, Ellen, Marge, Gennie, Agnes, Nellie, Janet, Christina, Alexander, and Robert. Mary was born November 4, 1851. She was the sixth daughter. She came to the United States in about 1871. She lived most of her life in Bonnie Brae, Erdire, Ayrshire, Scotland. She was born in Rugtherland near Glascow. The notes came from talking to Mary Gray in 1932. If someone could help me make sense of where Mary and her family lived and where she was born I would be greatly appreciative. The only places I can find are Scotland, Ayrshire and Glascow. I can not find any reference to Rugtherland or Erdire. I thought maybe these were places that no longer existed or possibly the note had Spelling errors. My goal is to complete some family records my deceased mother started many years ago and to visit Scotland in July of this year. Thank you, Bob Leathers, Casper, Wyoming, U.S.A. Email: bob29@bresnan.net.

Samuel McBurney. 19. 03. 2009

My great grandfather, Samuel McBurney, claims in different censi that
his birth occurred between 1820 and 1824 in, variously, a) Ayr, b)
Gallowshire, Ayr and c) Wigtown Can anyone help me decipher this ? Are
these all part of one county? Many thanks for any clarifications. Karin in Ottawa, Canada. Please email me directly at: Keystone@ca.inter.net.

Thomas Bickerstaff. 19. 03. 2009

Hi I am looking for information on a Thomas Bickerstaff b1806 (according to the 1851 census it says place of birth Ayr Scotland) I cant find him in Scotlands People, By 1828 he was married and living in Birmingham England. I have no information on siblings or parents, i wondered if anybody could help Mary Hathaway. Email: mlmnhathaway@yahoo.co.uk.

Willingham family in ayrshire scotland. 16. 03. 2009

Im working on a Willingham family tree. And a fellow Willingham descendent passed on the results of a DNA test to me and it turns out the possibility of our ancestors coming from Scotland. So if there are any Willinghams in Ayrshire that had ancestors that went to Va in the 1600's, here is my email address. appreciate any help and have a great day Phillip Barr. Email: pharb2@msn.com.

Moffat/Easton/Hunter/McKnight. 13. 03. 2009

Looking for any connection between the following families: Moffat/Easton/Hunter/McKnight. My grandmother was Jane Easton Hunter McKnight, born 1893, Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland to Agnes Moffat and Alexander Easton McKnight. Siblings were David, Alexander Easton, Elizabeth 'Betsy', Helen 'Nellie', Mary and Agnes McKnight. Thank you!! Barbara Woodside. Email: woodsideb@peoplepc.com.

Woodside Family. 13. 03. 2009

I am interest in any information about the Woodside families living in Ayrshire, Scotland before the 1800s. I have traced my family to Ireland (northern) after 1799 but believe they were originally from Scotland. Thank you for any information. Barbara Woodside. Email: woodsideb@peoplepc.com.

Tracy Finnie. 10. 03. 2009

Hello, I am looking for any information on Hugh Finnie born in 1848 in Ayr, Ayrshire. He immigrated to the U.S somewhere around 1882. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks so much, Tracy Finnie. Email: trayseefin@yahoo.com.

John Stirratt. 02. 03. 2009

Hi, My name is John Stirratt of Florida, USA. I am really unsure what part of scotland my family is from. I had heard the origins might be from Ayrshire. Do you happen to know? Any info would be great. Thanks -John Stirratt, Jr. Email: jstirratt@yahoo.com.

Thomas Burden. 27. 02. 2009

Hi, Does anyone have any information regarding my great grandfather Thomas J. Burden born app 1860 married to Catherine. I am looking for date of death. I am also looking for his wife's maiden name. I can trace the Scottish Census until approximately 1901 and his age at that time was 41. His birth place was Kirkoswalk, Ayrshire and his father's name was Thomas. He is listed as Gamekeeper at Auchans Cottage. Thank you so much if you can shed some light on my ancestry, Judy Oliver. Email: judyoliver25@shaw.ca.

Barracks; South Quay; Ayr - 1863. 22. 02. 2009

Hi I'm trying to identify which regiment my ancestor Samuel Haynes was with when he married in 1863. The marriage record is very difficult to read - it could be 41st or 4th regiment. Can you help? Regards Chris Judson. Email: chris.a.judson@googlemail.com.

Gavin Ralston Craig. 22. 02. 2009

My ancestor, Gavin Ralston Craig, is according to family history from Ayrshire County, although none of us have been able to find out about him. He was married to a Mary Campbell and came to the United States via Londonderry, Ireland. His sons were Gavin William Craig, who became a judge here in California, and Charles Morse Craig, my great grandfather. Do you know of where genealogical information might be available there in Ayrshire? Family stories said he was from the same town as Bobbie Burns, but then all Scottish families I know here in the US claim to be related to Robert Burns. Thanks, Michele Craig. Email: mcraig@afes.com.

Rachel McMasters & Robert Brown. 22. 02. 2009

My name is Bill Slaven, I am doing research on the family name. I found that we were from the Ayrshire area under the name of Rachel McMasters and Robert Brown. Then a daughter (other siblings unknown) Rachel Brown who married a James Slaven. My best guess is 1800-1860 time frame. Is there a contact somewhere in Ayshire that maintains records, or is it the individual churches. I will be schedluling a trip over that way within two years. I know this is a strange request however if someone there can give me a start it would be greatly Appreciated. I live in Safety Harbor Florida United States. Thank you for your help in this matter, Bill Slaven. Email: BSlavenFSI@aol.com.

Campbell Family 1800s. 22. 02. 2009

Looking for information on my ggg grandfather Neil Campbell who was a Handloom Weaver and married Catherine Whitelaw. I have no idea of their BMD's at all. I do know that three of their children were born in Girvan - Sarah 1825, Jane 1828 and Catherine 1831. Would appreciate any help in solving this mystery! Thanks Kay from Australia. Email: gcinspect@bigpond.com.

Looking for relatives of George Clark. 17. 02. 2009

My father George Clark was born in Ayr 3rd March 1927. He has since passed away and am curious to know about , perhaps my Scottish family. I know his parents were George and Marie Clark, and he had at least 3 sisters. 2 of whom I believe migrated to the USA. My father joined the Merchant Navy at an early age (told mistruths about his age in order to join), He served with the MN during WWII. Eventually migrating to Australia. i'm not sure where to start in my search, but I figure here is as good a place as any. any Information would be greatly appreciated. Regards Christine. Email: cbell25@bigpond.com.

Great grandfather David Blair. 17. 02. 2009

I am looking for information on David Blair - he emigrated to Canada sometime around 1860 - he had a daughter named Annie Louise Blair - I think she was born in Canada in 1882. Seems he was connected somehow to Blairquhan in Ayrshire. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Lynette. Email: sheltielove@shaw.ca.

William Robert Hamilton WOOD. 31. 01. 2009

Hello, I am trying to discover some information of my paternal grandfather,
W.R.H.Wood. The information that I have been able to find is sparse and I genuinely believe that his intention may have been "never to be found". The records that I have are from his migration to Australia in about 1911 to his death in 1928 in Melbourne. He appears to been very poor with his mathematics, as I have five years of birth [from 1869 to 1874] depending on which form he completed. On his Australian marriage certificate he gives his birth place as Ayrshire and his parents as William and Agnes Wood. On the birth certificates of his first 2 children he lists Dalmellington as the town of his birth, but with different dates for his birth. His marriage certificate lists him as a batchelor aged either 40 or 42. I have found on in the 1901 census a Robert Wood born in Dalmellington in about 1869, but he had a family of 5 and that doesn't match with the documents in Australia; although he may have been the same person. Has anyone any knowledge of this man, I would be very greatful, In July 2009 I will be visiting Ayr in an effort to discover more about this man. Donald Wood. Email: andon@1earth.net.

Mick Harrald. 20. 01. 2009

While searching the internet one day, I came across an obscure mention of my family surname originating in Aryshire Scotland. If anyone could provide information regarding this, please contact me at: harrald4@altelco.net.

Greg Lemmex. 15. 01. 2009

Hello my name is Greg Lemmex, I am the grandson of Jeannie McWhirter who was born in Maybole on July 24 1890. She was the daughter of David and Sarah Mcwhirter. Davids parents were John McWhirter and Margaret LaPraick, John was from Girthon. I have a little more but it starts to get vague. My grandmother had at least one brother, his name was John, he was born on September 30 1885. Hope someone knows more thank you for any help. There is a gravestone at Newton Stewart in my familys name if that helps. Email: kodiakk1@hotmail.com.

Christina Kyle. 12. 01. 2009

Greetings! My father, Harry Walter Stinson Jason Painter Kyle, was the son of a full Scotsman whose family located to the Black Log Valley in Pennsylvania. His father's name was the same, with an explanation for the numerous middle names being that it was custom for sons to take the mother's maiden name as a middle name. My grandfather had three brothers, and his wife's maiden name was Van Scoyc. Does this sound familiar to anyone? God bless all who visits here and leaves any information. Christina Kyle U.S.A. . Email: ckcasteel@attglobal.net.

MYvonne McLoughlin. 23. 12. 2008

I am trying to contact family members in and around Ayr and Prestwick. My mother is Margaret Don, daughter of May. I look forward to hearing from you, Yvonne McLoughlin. Email: ymcloughlin@mach1global.com.

Patricia Caldwell. 23. 12. 2008

Hi, I am looking for information on Alexander Caldwell (b: 1558 Ayreshire Scotland; d: 1570 Firth Orkney Scotland). His son was William Caldwell (b: 1577 Sraton, Ayreshire Scotland; d: 1664 Enniskillen, Fermangah Ireland). Any information about his parents and their parents would be helpful. Thank you.-- Patricia Caldwell. Email: madampc@msn.com.

Murdoch/Wallace. 16. 12. 2008

Hi I'm looking for information about John Wallace Murdoch, his mother Frances Wallace, and Frances' mother. John Wallace Murdoch was born in 1801 at Glasgow, Lanark. He traveled to Tasmania and finally settled in New Zealand. His mother Frances Wallace was born 1767 in Kelly, Ayrshire. Frances' mother was either Janet Colquhoun or a Miss Porterfield. Both of these women had been married to John Wallace, grandfather of John Wallace Murdoch. I would welcome any confirmation or information. Thank You, Joanne Morris, Australia. Email: joannemorris@exemail.com.au.

Agnes Dunlop born on/about 1880 Ayshire. 12. 12. 2008

Hello, I am seeking any information regarding Agnes Dunlop or information pertaining to her. Agnes Dunlop supposedly was born on or about 1880 in Ayshire, Scotland. She is the daughter of William Barr and Agnes Dunlop. What I know for a fact is that she was living in Samoa (formerly Western Samoa) and had passed on or about 1975 plus or minus a year or two. Samoan Islands is also where Robert Louis Stevenson, who wrote a well known Treasury Island Novel (a scottsman) is also buried there. She supposed lived in the village of Lotofatu(?). She had two daughters (that I am aware of)-Jessie and Kaite (presumably Dunlop maiden names or possible last names-I don't know for sure). Katie is my maternal and biological mother as I was adopted at a young age. I myself was born and raised in American Samoa and currently interested in trying to trace down my maternal line. Both my adopted parents have passed on and therefore have become interesting in finding out who my maternal parents are. My half brother provided me the information about my grandmother Agnes Dunlop whom he visited in Samoa and was supposedly at his funeral. I also supposedly have a half brother in New Zealand. I do not know any of them as these are all new revelation for me and my journey begins to trace where exactly in Scotland my mother's family is from. Perhaps one day, I'd like to visit the motherland and see the beautiful countryside including Eindingburgh. Supposedly Agnes Dunlop married a native of Samoan but unsure of the Dunlop name, either it was her's or a gentleman's. Thank you, Misi Tuumalo (this is my adoption name, and Agnes Dunlop is my grandmother.)
Email: tuumalom@hotmail.com.

David McMurray/Murray. 12. 11. 2008

Seeking information about family of David McMurray/Murray born 5DEC1838, Ayershire, Scotland. David immigrated to USA at the age of 12. His father was Gilbert McMurray (1805-1886) and his mother was Janet/Jennett Mulrick (1809-1891). Other children of Gilbert & Janet: John, Gilbert, James, Thomas, William, Peter, Jean, Mary, Margaret and Helen. All the children were born in Ayeshire between 1827-1849. Submitted by Linda LieVan Martin, Bradenton, Florida USA. Email: LMLIEVAN@aol.com.

Osborne Hamilton. 12. 11. 2008

Looking for any information about Osborne Hamilton (1750 - 1822) son of John Hamilton and Elizabeth Stewart who migrated to America around 1770. Lived in Frederick Maryland and married Mary Davis and migrated to Bath County Virginia. Family researchers have listed Osborne's place of birth as Ayrshire around 1750. I have not definitively placed him there. He came to American around 1770. Phil Grabowski CME, Wachovia, Charlotte, North Carolina. Email: phil.grabowski@wachovia.com

Thomas Dawson. 07. 11. 2008

I am researching my family tree and wish to find out more information regarding my great grandfather Thomas Dawson born in Kilmarnock, Scotland. He later married Ada Jensen and moved to New Zealand where my grandmother Mavis was born and she had a brother Aubrey and Peter. Any information would be of great assistance to me. My email address is: cheryl.baty@bigpond.com Thanks.

Tracy Mattie (Smith). 13. 10. 2008

My name is Tracy Mattie, I live in Canada. I was raised in Antigonish county, Nova Scotia by my maternal grandmother. Mary Margaret (Smith) Mattie. She use to tell me of her paternal Grandfather Rorie Smith who came to Canada at the age of 8 on ships. I know he had a son Hughie Smith, my great grand father. My grandmother said our family was from Ayrshire and that there was a bible containing the Smith family history. If any one can give me any information on this and our family's Scottish heritage please get back to me. Thank you very much. Eagerly waiting for response Tracy Mattie . Email: tracy_mattie@yahoo.ca.

Thomas Coyle. 02. 10. 2008

Dear people im`e trying to find out about my Grandfather Hugh Bradley 35661,12th Bn., Royal SCOTS he died at ARRAS in France on Dec.10 1916 age 28. Frank was also killed in France but I can find no information on Frank on the CWGC site,they came from Stevenston and worked as coal miners, the sons of John Bradley coal miner, and Mary Bradley, maiden name Culhane. Hugh and Franks names { I think are on the remembrance roll of honour in Stevenston } If someone could help me with information on any of these loved folks I would be eternally gratefull. Yours Sincerely Thomas Coyle , Calgary / Alberta / Canada. Email: tecoyle@shaw.ca.

Mure/Muir. 23. 09. 2008

I am wondering if anyone knows of a group of the Mure clan leaving Ayrshire in the late 1500' to early 1600's, and settling in the Midlands in Northamptonshire. Any info is appreciated! Thanks, J Moore. Email: jmoore@elkcreek.net.

Caldwell, Millar, Kerr Family. 23. 09. 2008

Looking for information on Robert Caldwell born about 1810 Ayrshire, Sccotland. Robert married /Barbra Millar /, Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland 14 January, 1837. Barbara was born about 1811 - her parents were /Willam Millar and Margaret McKillop. Barbra had three siblings that I have found: Walter, Bryce and Peter. Walter and Bryce immigrated to Canada and settled in Megantic County, Quebec. Robert and Barbra had 4 living children : Barbra ( 1836 - 1911 ) Marjory ( 1839 - ) Robert ( 1849 - 1910) Mary ( 1859- ). Robert and Barbra Millar immigrated to Canada and settled in North Halifax, Megantic County, Quebec. I have no record of when they immigrated, however I do have a record of their children Barbra, Robert and Mary arriving in Canada in 1866. Robert died: March 7, 1876 and was buried at the Inverness Presbyterian Church, Megantic County, Quebec. Barbra died: October 2, 1887 and was buried there as well. I have no records of Barbra ever marrying, however Mary married Robert Kerr in 1901 at the Inverness Presbyterian Church, Megantic county, Quebec. Robert married Adelaide Malvina Bernstil August 18, 1888 at the Ireland Anglican Church, Megantic County, Quebec. Robert died in 1910 and was buried at Adderley cemetery of the Inverness Presbyterian Church, Megantic County, Quebec. Robert and Adelaide ( known as Ida) had 7 children: Walter Earnest (1889 - ) {my great grandfather) Bryce (1892 - 1989) Antoinette Whilimene (1893 - ) Robert (1898 - 1989) un named infant son ( 1901 - 1902) Albert Manillion ( 1902 - 1903) Ida Malvina (1904 - 1918) I would appreciate any information of Robert and Barbra, their parents, siblings and immigration to Canada. Thank you. Betty Bull . Email: bebull@shaw.ca.

Russell Relatives. 17. 09. 2008

I am looking for desendants of Robert Russell Sr. Who fought on the side of Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745-6. He and his sons left Scotland with the other 1000 "transports" after the uprising. His son Andrew is my relative. He also had two brothers Hugh and John. All of them settled in Pennsylvania within 10 years. Andrew married Isabel Mayes who was born in Ireland. Any information would be greatly apprieciated. Email: samandcheryl@prodigy.net.

Looking for McGill Napier Roots- Ayr. 17. 09. 2008

Hi, We are looking for any living relatives of my Mum. Her mother was born in 1925 at 29 High St Girvan. Ayrshire. She was one of 7 siblings born to Alexander Napier and Barbara McGill - they married in 1920. We know a girl called Girvan was born, and sons Walter, Dougie, Robert (he tragically died in a motorcyle accident aged 28 in 1953) Later on in years we can trace Girvan to liverpool and my mother has memories of her Aunt going to America with a G.I. We are not sure if they were married before they left. If anyone has any memories,names anything at all, we would me most grateful. Thankyou Emma . Email: emmaw@campus.ie.

McMillan. 17. 09. 2008

I am looking for information regarding the McMILLAN, MacMILLAN, ETC family. Neil was born in 1777 Tarbolton, Ary, Sct, father was John and mother was Janet Fisher. Johns father was probably Thomas. Neil married JANET IRVINE in Jan 1800 then immigrated to North Carolina, USA before 1810. Email: zeman@charter.net.

McCann Clan. 17. 09. 2008

I'm so confused. I have checked Scottish Clans and there is a MacCann. I have checked Irish Clans no MacCann. My father-in-law mentioned something about the McCann's being kicked out of Scotland because they were sheep stealers. When they arrived in Ireland could it be they dropped the "a" in Mac and became Mc? Can anyone out there help me please? Gloria McCann. Email: GMccann115@aol.com.

Arthur William Robinson. 01. 09. 2008

I am trying to find out any info on my late father, Arthur William Robinson who was born at Ayr Barracks July 1901 and had a twin sister Nellie, he also had a brother in the Air Force and 2 other sisters Kathy and Eva. His father was in the army and my father subsequently joined the forces, Duke of Wellington Regiment, where he became Sergeant Major and acting Bandmaster. He saw service in Egypt, Afghanistan and India from where he returned just before the outbreak of the 2nd World War and was then stationed in varius places, Aldershot, Catterick and Iceland. Perhaps there may be someone out there who has some info on him. Susan Juffs. Email: susanjuffs@yahoo.co.uk.

William Callister died 11 December 1883. 24. 08. 2008

My above named ancestor died in a shipwreck around "Keille" in Ayrshire on the above date. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to locate the burial location? Many thanks, Ian de Montault. Email: ian.de.montault@telenet.be.

David Blair of Ayrshire born approx 1610. 22. 08. 2008

Hello, my name is David Wesley Blair of Florida, USA and I am looking for information pertaining to my ancestor David Blair of Ayrshire Scotland. I have traced back and found I am the 12th generation now from David's The Blair of Blair's line. The only information I have on David Blair of Ayrshire is he migrated to Aghadowey Ireland around 1641 with the Scottish troops. There is no record of David Blair's family prior to the Irish Rebellion on October 23, 1641. David had 2 sons named Abraham and James. Any information is appreciated and you can contact me anytime via email: dblair8@cfl.rr.com.

William Bynner Campbell 12. 08. 2008

Hello, I am seeking relatives of my paternal grandfather, William Bynner Campbell. He was born on November 21, 1881, at Heaton Norris, Stockport, England, and died in New York in 1934. According to his obituary, his "family estate" was "Dalhama," Cumnick, Ayrshire, Scotland (though such place seems to not exist). He died when my father was a teenager, and my first cousins and I are trying to put together a family tree. When he died he had been the senior executive partner of Price Waterhouse, a major American accounting firm. His obituary also said that in 1905 he became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Any advice or leads would be most welcome! Jeanne Campbell Sedgwick Woodside, California. Email: jcsedgwick@yahoo.com.

Christina Stewart 12. 08. 2008

Hi everyone, My name is Christina Stewart, I am a New Zealand-born granddaughter of Bill "Bronc" Stewart from New Cumnock, who immigrated to NZ around 1939 leaving behind 10 brothers and sisters, their descendants still plaging the area so I see. I'm trying to solve a family mystery that has puzzled my family ever since my grandfather passed away in the late 1950's. In his will he made mention of a mysterious Mary Ballantyne of a Burnside Farm. This was the first anyone had heard about her. It was not til a month ago when I paid a visit to New Cumnock, and went to visit my last remaining 90 something great-aunt that I discovered a secret. According to her, Mary Ballantyne was an old girlfriend of my grandfathers, whom he had a female child (name unknown) with out of wedlock. Because of family politics, and the stigma of illigitimacy etc, she wasn't able to tell me much more than that, other than Mary had been a bus conductoress, and her family were likely from the Cumnock area?. We surmise Mary is probably long deceased by now, but my father and uncles would like to make contact with their long lost half sister, born some time in the 1930s, or any descendants. If anyone has any information that could help, please email me on: zealoussouljah@hotmail.com. Thanks,

Richard Eugene Ruy-Gamble 04. 08. 2008

My name is Richard Eugene Ruy-Gamble. My paternal grandfather's name was Orrie Joseph Gamble and his father's name was Michael Gamble born in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA on 9-10-1849,and was married to Elizabeth Carnahan born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 9-7-1858. I have been told that my ancestors originated in or around Ayrshire, Scotland. Any information you could provide would be appreciated in tracing my roots back to Scotland. I would really like to know what clan we belonged to so perhaps I could contact relatives descended from the same clan. Thanks, Rich. Email: rgamble@dc.rr.com.

George Drysdale 29. 07. 2008

My name is Derek Drysdale and I am trying to put together my family history. As far as I can tell, my great grandfather was George Drysdale who was born January 9, 1863 in the Parish of Kilwinning in Ayrshire. He came to America in about 1881 with his brother( and possibly his father ). If anyone has information on this I would love to hear from you. Thank you. Email: derek.drysdale@yahoo.com.

Duncan Glendinning 28. 07. 2008

Hello from Australia, I have a relative, Duncan Glendinning who was married to Mary Smith in 1905 at what appears to be Dallmillingham Ayre. If anyone can relate to him I would appreciate some more information. I am writing my Glendinning family history and although they are strictly 'Borderers" Duncan's father William, born 1830 went to Argyle and married there. I lost track of him after the Census of 1881. Maybe someone can help? Sincerely Betty O'Reilly nee Glendinning. Email: bettymarg30@hotmail.com.

Andrew Barr 28. 07. 2008

Hi there I was wondering if anyone could give me any information about any lords who had the name of Barr. My great great grandfather was apparently a lord in Scotland and I've been trying to get information on him so that I might find out more about my family's history. I'm not sure if maybe he changed his name before he came here to Canada but I suppose it could be possible since I have once in awhile come across the title lockhart of Barr. If anyone could provide me with some sort of starting point that would be most appreciated. Email: Andrew.Barr@avisbudget.com.

Robert and John Templeton 25. 07. 2008

My name is Dennie Templeton and I reside in the USA in Radford, Virginia.I have been tracing the Templeton family history for the past several months and have reach three generations for John and Robert Templeton in Ayrshire in the early 1700's. Most of the Templeton family in the US is from Virginia and West Virginia. I am trying to identify any links to the lineage and history that I may be able to communicate with anyone from Ayrshire and surrounding areas.Any information or inquires would be appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you. Will be glad to send any tree information that I have and it is also posted on Ancestry.com as the Templeton Family tree. Email: dtemplet@radford.edu.

Trent Barr 20. 07. 2008

My name is Trent Barr. I guess Barr is a pretty common name there in Scotland. I am a huge golfer too. Anyway, I met Allan McNish last year in Monterey California for the ALMS races and I noticed that his helmet has the tartan colors that reflect his last name or his district in Scotland where he is from. Does Barr have a tartan color or colors like that too? Can someone send me a picture of the pattern so I can show my 5 month old son when he is older where his name comes from? Thanks much, Trent Barr Roseville, CA. Email: tpbarr@hotmail.com.

Ritchie Family 16. 07. 2008

My ggggg- grandfather was JAMES RITCHIE born 8 May 1757 in Stewarton Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland. His father was ALEXANDER RITCHIE III born in 1739 in Ayrshire, Scotland. His mother was MARGARET WILSON born on 4 Jan 1729 in Stewarton Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland. James went to Liverpool, England and then in 1774 he immigrated to America on a ship called "Marigold" with his brothers. Any information on the Ritchie family would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lissa Ritchie(California) Email: llibertyordeath@yahoo.com.

Peter Davon 16. 07. 2008

I have been trying to trace the ancestor/s of my great great grand father, Peter Davon born Kilmarnock or Ayr 1819 and who came to Australia in 1848. I would like to establish the link to his parentage to allow me to build a family history beyond the point where I am now. So far i have had no luck as it seems that records were not compulsory in Scotland prior to 1855. Can anyone help in this matter. Please reply, but money making schemes need not reply. TD Bendigo Australia. Email: bartel@impulse.net.au.

George Morton Paterson 14. 07. 2008

My name is George Morton Paterson, the eldest son of George Martel Paterson and Edna Kornder. My father was born (March 3rd, 1903) and raised in Upper Kennetcook, Hants Cty, Nova Scotia, and his parents were Alexander Paterson and Mary White, both, I believe, from Stranraer (sp?), Ayrshire, Scotland. My grandfather Alexander (Sandy) was born about 1870, and I know nothing about him. If anyone can help me in my search, please email me at: morton.paterson@gmail.com.

Jerry Castille 14. 07. 2008

I am Jerry Castille Married To Tommie Jean Mclemore. I have traced her family to William Mcilmorrow Born about 1635 Died 1679 ? in Glassal Columwell Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland. Married Mary Aitken Born about 1635, Died About 1700 Glassal Columwell Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland. Any Information on this family would be appreciated. Thanks Have a good day. Jerry Castille, 1134 Hebert Lane, St. Martinville, Louisiana, 70582 U.S.A. Email: castillejf@cox.net.

Margaret Green 09. 06. 2008

I wonder if anyone can help me to find descendants of David Caldwell b Kirkmichael Ayrshire 1859 who married Elizabeth Davidson. They moved to Helensburgh and had a family of five sons and one daughter. The family went to the USA between 1907/1920 the last son to go was William R Caldwell and his wife Jean. The family settled in Cleveland Ohio. They were joiners and plumbers. William died in 1963 aged 73 years. His brother Andrew died three days before William. William had lived for nearly twenty years at 644 E 260th St. Euclid and was a member of the Forest Hills Masonis Lodge. He was survived by his wife Jean and son William R Jnr. and three daughters Mrs Helen Spicer Mrs Ann Arant of Lima, Ohio and Mrs Betty English of Raleigh N.C. His sister Mrs Cecilia McLellan of Indianapolis survived William. I would love to find this family. Thanks, Margaret. Email: margaret.green8@btopenworld.com.

Sheryn M. Carew 03. 06. 2008

I am looking for any information about the Jamiesons from Beith or the Carews from Dalry.? Elizabeth Jamieson and Pierce Carew both emigrated to Waterbury, Connecticut USA in the early 1900s.? They were married there.? Pierce, my grandfather, was one of six children ~ the youngest I think.? Elizabeth Jamieson was one of 13 ~ several of whom did not survive to adulthood. I'd be interested in knowing if there are any remaining Jamiesons or Carews in the Beith/Dalry area and how I can contact them.? I'd love to be able to put together some of the pieces of the puzzle.? Unfortunately, my dad was the last of his generation that we know of over here and he passed away last August. Thank you. Sheryn M. Carew. Email: kelonac@aol.com.

Carolyn Anderson 21. 05. 2008

I am searching for the McMillian's of Dundonald Ayr, Scotland James McMillian married Elizabeth Buchanan on 17 Feb 1795. They had three children that I can find. Ann Davis bapt. 6 Dec 1795 Hugh Baillie McMillian bapt. 22 Jan 1798 Alexander McMillian bapt. 12 Dec 1800. I am particularly interested in info on the two sons. I believe both went to Herefordshire and worked as gardeners at Stanage Park in Brampton Bryan. Hugh Baille McMillian married Anne Bryan 01 Mar 1828 Caynham, Sjropshire and Alexander McMillian married Mary Cane 1834 in Brampton Bryan. I have found Hugh on the Census of 1841 and his name is spelt MacMillian but that is no big deal. Alexander died in 1838 in Brampton Bryan. I am hoping that this is the right family. If anyone has information on them I would appreciate it. Thank you Carolyn Anderson. Email: 5anderson@comcast.net.

Kaye MacKenzie 16. 05. 2008

I am interested in serching for the parents of John McKenzie born 1787 in Ayrshire Scotland, he immingrated to Canada in 1804 he married Mary McNair, who was born in Scotland, she had also immigrated to Canada. I am interested in his parents names.......his oldest sons name was William,that might be a clue, and there oldest daughters name was Margaret. Thankyou for your time....Kaye Mckenzie. Email: kayemac@telusplanet.net.

Lynda 04. 05. 2008

I am interested in any information relating to the history surrounding the surname - Eaglesham. I have managed to find a connection between the name and the Ayrshire district. I am hoping someone can enlighten me as I know one of my relatives gave their eldest child Eaglesham as a second name so that this side of the child's family heritage would never be lost. Any help would be great. Cheers. Lynda (Australia) at: lynda2ron@yahoo.com.au.

Letitia McMillan 09. 04. 2008

Hi, my name is Noelene Neilson and I am from Queensland, Australia. I am looking for any information on a lady by the name of Letitia McMillan who was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland in 1837 and her parents names were Samuel McMillan and Janet (Jannet) Clarke. She came to Australia and was married at 16 to John Jones in Melbourne in 1853. I believe she was my great grandmother and would greatly appreciate any information on her or her family. I can be contacted at the following email address: noeleneneilson@yahoo.com.au.

Barr/Faddis Family History 09. 04. 2008

I am looking for family members who are related to Annie Barr and Robert Faddis. Both were from Ayrshire and immigrated to Canada in 1928. Each had 7 or 8 siblings, some of whom are still in Scotland. I would like some information as I am hoping to travel to the area in the summer of 2008 and would like to look up some long lost relatives. Please contact me at: loonladymir@yahoo.ca Thank you.

Blain Family 20. 03. 2008

I'm trying to find any information about the Blain family name origin. The Ayr region has come up a few times. If anyone has information about any Blain's in Ayr or that immigrated to Ontario Canada in the late 1800's please contact me. Jason Blain. Email: jason.blain@sympatico.ca.

Clive Bevan 18. 02. 2008

I am interested in hearing from anyone with connections to the Foulds
family, in particular John Foulds a gamekeeper on the Auchans Estate by Dundonald until his death in 1847. John was born c1788 and married Isabel Strang
in 1802. Other family members settled in Eaglesham and Tarbolton. Email: clivebevan70@hotmail.com.

Hugh Walker 30. 01. 2008

I am hoping to find information and descendants of the Walkers from Ayr. I have found that my ggf James Gray Walker was born in 1845 to James Walker and Alison (Gray) Walker. He had an older sister Alison born in 1839 and a younger brother Andrew born in 1847, both in Ayr. My ggf James Gray Walker came to Alaska through Canada some time before 1879. That is the date I have for my gf James Walker born in Alaska. Hope to hear from someone. Email: walkerzoo@alaska.net.

Cunningham research 28. 12. 2007

Looking for any information on Cunnignham relatives migrating to the USA. I have three generations of information they lived in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Thanks for any possible leads. Respectfully. David. Email: davwv@yahoo.com.

Kennedy family 26. 12. 2007

I am searching for any details on Nicholas Kennedy born 1793. Place of birth is listed as 'Ejir'. I am not sure if this is an old spelling or misprint of Ayr. He travelled to Ireland and married Sarah in 1815 in Armagh. They had 4 children in Ireland before immigrating to New Jersey. There they had 1 son before moving on to Halton County Ontario Canada where their final child was born. Nicholas would be my gg grandfather. We have been unable to find any information of his parents or siblings. Can anyone shed some light on this? I can be reached at ahaslock1@cogeco.ca. Really looking forward to any data. Regards, Karen Haslock, Halton County Ontario Canada

Rob Bennethum 28. 11. 2007

My great grandparents came from Ayrshire Scotland. My grandfather, born in Canada was Archie F Baird. My great grandfather was John Baird from Ayrshire. Any information you may have would be wonderful. Thank you Rob Bennethum Reading, PA USA. Email: RBennethum@LOOMISCO.com.

Wilson Family 27. 11. 2007

I am researching my family history. Great great great grandfather Thomas Wilson was born about 1767, one of his children, Hugh born 1798 was my great great grandfather, his son David ((1837) was my great grandfather and his son George (1879) was my grandfather. As far as I can tell all were born in Girvan, Ayrshire up to my grandfather who I believe to have been born in England. I would dearly love to hear from anyone who may have any information about the family, or maybe related. Regards, Barbara Sellars (Wilson) Brisbane Australia. Email: sellars@powerup.com.au.

Michelle Turner 26. 10. 2007

Hello my name is Michelle Turner I am trying to find out any information on my great grandmother Agnes McFadzen born on 29 July 1892 (Kingcase Prestwick). Her father was James Mcfadzen who had something to do with the railways. Her mother was Elizabeth Murchie who was a domestic servant. Agnes had a younger sister named Elizabeth. Agnes, Elizabeth and there mother immigrated to Australia about 1911 to Queensland. Agnes married John Dean on 16 May 1918 in Victoria. Agnes had cousins who also immigrated to Australia. Lilly, Selina, Jock, Charles, James, Alexander & Jean McDowell. If any one can assist me please contact me on : turnerm4@optusnet.com.au.

Donna Johnson 17. 10. 2007

Hello, my name is Donna and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have traced my family back to Ayrshire Scotland to Andrew Dunlop born about 1796. The civil parish was Kilwinning, county was Ayrshire, and the parish number is #599. Andrew Dunlop's wife was Jean, he had a son Andrew Greig born about 1829 and William Reyburn born July 18 1837 (year is approx). I would love any and all help as how I can research from abroad, (I am a member of Ancestry) or even better, have someone contact me who have these people in their family tree. I know that Andrew brought his family over to Canada in about 1842. I have no idea if Andrew or Jean (unknown maiden name) left siblings/parents behind. Please contact me. If I can I will gladly return the favour and help someone research here in Canada. Sincerely, Donna. Email : deejay2@telus.net.

Robert.Hancock 17. 10. 2007

Does anyone know of the parents of William David McMail Born 1902 believed to be Ayrshire. William Davis McMail married a Welsh lady called Kathleen Gulliford both are now deceased. William David had 2 brothers a Lewis or Louis McMail and a Jock McMail. Lewis was the elder Brother we believe he may have serves in a Scottish Regiment? Jock McMail Married a Welsh Lady Margaret and died Burry Port South Wales.He had 3 Sisters Bella (Isabella?), Lottie and Barbara. I am trying to get some information for the daughter of William McMail i.e. Jeanette Irene McMail.. Please e-mail : robert.hancock1@tesco.net if you can assist, many thanks.

Ailsa McKenzie 07. 10. 2007

Hi, I live in New Zealand but my father was born in Ayrshire - at 'Turnberry Lodge'. I have viewed this lodge from the road, but would be very interested to know just what sort of lodge it was and why he was born there. Was it a maternity home at that time? Any information would be very much appreciated, Ailsa. Email : ammck@xtra.co.nz.

Dianne McHarg 07. 10. 2007

I Dianne McHarg is having trouble with family tree. I am looking for
any information on William Dunlop McHarg who was born in Ayr, Scotland
in 1888, married Margaret Ann Alcroft, she and her family travelled out
on the S. S. Barradine in March 1924 and he arrived 2 years before but
I don't know the name of the ship. Their childrens names were: Margaret
Ann McHarg born 1910 Ayr Scotland William Henry McHarg born 1913 Ayr
Scotland James Hendry McHarg born 1915 Ayr Scotland John William McHarg
born 1917 Ayr Scotland Robert McCullough McHarg born 1919 Ayr Scotland
Samuel McHarg born 1921 Ayr Scotland. They had 3 others who were born
in NSW Australia and they were David McCullock McHarg, Agnes Parkes
McHarg and Flora McPherson McHarg. If you can help with anything on
this family it would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me at : deep_springs@bigpond.com. Dianne McHarg.

Wendy Wade 21. 09. 2007

Hi from Australia. I am looking for JOHN BARR born 1798 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. He married JEAN GILMORE born 1807 in Dundonald Ayrshire, Scotland. Their son FRANCIS BARR was born in 1830 in Beith and he married AGNES GIBB ALLISON, from Barony, Lanark, Scotland. They were married in Scotland on the 24th Dec.1827 when they were about 20 and soon after immigrated to Australia FRANCIS BARR was my GGGG Grandfather. Any information would be greatly appreciated from anyone knowing of any descendants, family crests or tartans. Please email me at: wendy2411@hotmail.com. Many thanks, Wendy

Katherine McIlwain 15. 09. 2007

I am looking for information on the McIlwains and Scotts of Aye, Scotland. My ancestors emigrated from Scotland to Belfast, Ireland and then emigrated to South Carolina, USA in 1790. The first names on my pedigree are James McIlwain and Caty Scott. Their offspring (some born in Scotland) were John, William, Andy, Nancy, Betsy and Jenny. Any information you might provide about either family would be much appreciated. I can be reached at: katherinemcilwain@comcast.net. Thank you, distant cousins!

Irene Russell 13. 09. 2007

I am looking for information on my grandfather James (MCrae or McCreadie)Russell born april 12,1885 at 169 Rankinston Coylton Ayrshire. I am particularly interested in his mother and father Charles Russell married at Annabank Church Tarbolton Apr.11 1873 to Annie Clark (great grandparents) and Ann Russell mother of Charles Russell. She was not wed to Charles' father?. Email: catherine.russell@sympatico.ca.

The McKenzie Family 10. 09. 2007

I am looking for any records concerning my father Thomas McKenzie. He states he was born in Ayr. Thomas migrated/worked on ship to Australia around 1926. I have various papers that give his birthdate as one of 2 September 1904, 7 September 1907 or sometime in 1911 (unlikely). Thomas' parents are John or Thomas McKenzie and Mary McNeilly. OR these are his brother and sister. John/Thomas McKenzie was a tailor. Any information would be most appreciated. Email: pmc84525@bigpond.net.au.

James Hillis 09. 09. 2007

I have begun researching my family bloodlines and have succeeded in finding my Great-Great Grandfather. Thomas hillis was his name and was born in Scotland Feb 1835 or close to that date. Canadian Census show him here in 1871 but not before that and in tracing him i believe, from the records available, that he was from Ayrshire Scotland. Little is known of the man and with most of our family unsure of our history it has fallen upon me to dig up the past and find our roots. If there is any hillis's left in Ayrshire i would love to hear from them and find out if they know whether i am barking up the right tree[i know a bad pun]. And if this is not the family line then i will continue to look. Thank you very much...James D. Hillis Email: jimhillis57@rogers.com.

Stephanie Mayes 09. 09. 2007

I am wondering what you can tell me on the threshing mills in Aryshire history. I am looking for specific information regarding a threshing mill business run by William Stewart of the Isle of Bute. He used have the Nether Ardroscadale and Upper Ardroscadale farms there. Any information you have would be great! Thank you, Stephanie Mayes Email: mayes1402@yahoo.com.

Giffen Stevenson 21. 08. 2007

I am looking for two different surnames connected to me, all with roots in Ayrshire. Specifically, line of ALEXANDER GIFFEN (1809 - 1885), son of Margaret & (unknown) Giffen. He had several siblings, including: Jane (Muir), Fleming, Agness, and Hector. I am trying to figure out who Alexander's father was, and further back from there. I am also interested in the parentage of Elizabeth STEVENSON (GIFFEN), Alexander's wife, also of Ayrshire. I know her mother's name was Janet (maiden name unknown), but I am not sure of her father's name, etc. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Email: scarletbegonia417@hotmail.com.

Brad Barr 21. 08. 2007

hello from canada,i am getting married in june 2008 and i am looking for any information on the "BARR" clan tartan. also i am looking for our coat of arms and any info anybody can give about my last name. Hope to get a little help from anyone who cane give it!! I live in a little town in Ontario Canada called "Almonte" please help me make my wedding be one for the books here in this little town. Thank you!! Brad Barr Email: cruscher@primus.ca.

Karen 31. 07. 2007

In the late 1700's James Denniston came to America. I've been told that he may have come from Ayeshire, Scotland. Can anyone help? Email: kdenniston@charter.net.

Marie Hawthorn 28. 07. 2007

I am trying to find any photographs of the Italian Fish restaurant owned by
the Guidi brothers in the early part of the 20th century. They came over
from the Barga, Tuscany area in Italy. The restaurant was located at the
top end of Kilmarnock near the railway bridges I believe. My grandfather,
Basilio was one of the brothers and I believe he ran the chip shop in
Hurlford until his untimely death. I have never managed to get an exact
location for the Kilmarnock restaurant but feel someone out there might have
a photo. If anyone can help please contact me at: removed@lycos.co.uk. Many thanks, Marie Hawthorn xxx

Diane DeWitt 04. 07. 2007

Hi, I am Diane DeWitt and I am trying to find information regarding my great-great-grandfather JAMES WILLEY DICKIE who I believe was born in Ayr or Ayrshire around 1839 or 1840. He emmigrated to the Boston, MA. and fought for the North during the Civil War. At some point he married ELIZABETH MCKEY, a Scotswoman. If you have any information regarding him or his wife, please contact me at: Email: dewittdiane@hotmail.com. Thank you for your consideration.

Charlie Hubbard 19. 06. 2007

I'm so hoping someone can help me. I'm trying to find information on my Great Great Great Grandfather. This bit of information came from a slip of paper in a family bible. James Hepburn was born in Ayrshire, Scotland 12 Jan 1838. He married Margaret Lyon Crichton in the states. She was from Dundee, Scotland born 22 Nov 1840. Margaret Crichton came to the United States in 1846 with her family. In 1855 James Hepburn came to the United States, it's unknown if it was alone or with family. I can not find any information on either of these two people once I hit Scotland. Any little bit of information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Charlie Hubbard "Blessed Are The Cracked, For They Shall Let In The Light." ~Groucho Marx~ Email: Sardonic@ezeeweb.com.


My two daughters, one daughter-in-law & I are travelling to Scotland in September. We would be interested to hear from any decendants of my grandfather's or grandmother's families. My grandfather was David Herron, born at midnight June 21st,1876 at Balvaird. His father was Alexander Herron, his mother Jane (Thomson) Herron; they were maried on October 21st, 1853 at Kirkoswald, County of Ayr. Grandpa's birth registry is signed by "Wm Herron, Registrar" We also have a copy of Grandma & Grandpa's marriage register. Grandma was Mary Sneddon, born November 1, 1875 at Girvan, Ayrshire. They were married on March 11, 1898 at Kirkoswald. Grandma's parents were William Sneddon & Jane (McDougall) Sneddon. David & Alexander Herron are said to be "woodsmen", while William Sneddon was "gas. manager" at Culzean, Kirkoswald. We think they emmigrated to Canada in early 1904. We would be grateful for any help we might get. Email: maryhawes@shaw.ca.

Glen Dobbie 09. 06. 2007

My family name is DOBBIE. After some research I have found that the family roots are in the Maybole/Kirkmichael area. I have just about gone as far as I can tracing the Family tree and would love to swap any info with any Dobbie's still in the area. Did you know we had a Lord Mayor in the Family? Email: glen-d@tiscali.co.uk.

Mae Conlan Myers 12. 05. 2007

I was born in Darvel Aryshire (november 1947) My mum was Anne Richmond and my father was John H. Truesdale. I still keep in touch with a few family members, but am interested in finding more. I am just starting to do a family geneology. Let me know if we are related. Mae Conlan Myers. Email: mae.myers@comcast.net.

James B Macclanahan 01. 05. 2007

Hello, I am looking for information on the parents and other relitives of John MacDonald. He was born in Ayr Scotland on 17 February 1854, and lived in Kilwinning. In his daughters notes, she said his parents are Noah MacDonald who was born in Scotland and died around 1856,and Betsy (Barker) MacDonald who was born in England and died around 1864. Noah was a surgeon. John went to Edinbourgh like his father and came to the U.S. in 1885. In 1893 he married Ida Battel who work for Clara Barten, the founder of the Red Cross. I thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Jim MacClanahan (I live in Sacramento, California, USA) Email: jmacclanahan@sbcglobal.net.

Steve Selig 10. 04. 2007

Hello, I’m researching the American naval architect Henry Eckford (1775 – 1832) and his various ship designs and builds. He was born in Kilwinning, Scotland then immigrated to Canada and later would become America’s premier ship designer during the War of 1812. He moved to Turkey in 1831 to build ships for the Sultan and died in Constantinople (Istanbul) Turkey on November 12, 1832. Any help with information would be appreciated Thanks. Email: redtitan78@yahoo.com.

Gwen McCord 10. 04. 2007

My ansestors are from Ayr....Lots of them...My Grand ma ma Jane Clinton was born in Ayr 1873,...Her father Patrick Clinton was born around 1840...died 1926 in Ayr, Brian Clinton and Ann Stanley were his parents from Ayr...I really doubt any long lost relatives are left who may know of the family....My great grandfather was said to be the Harbor Master from Ayr....I suspect a pretty good position at the time.....perhaps it's not really true ...who knows?? As fate would have it, my husband and I will be spending 4 nights inAyr starting on June 14, 2007.....I wonder if there are folks/historians out there who have a command of the names mentioned....thank you Gwendolyn McCord....from florida, USA. Email: gwenmccord@hotmail.com.

Donald Allen (Allan) 20. 03. 2007

I am looking for family descendants or parents of Alexander Allan who lived
in Girvan, Ayrshire during the 1841 Census and was born in 1806. His wife's
name is Jannet and she was born in 1811. They had 6 children, one of which
was my great-grandfather, James, born in 1839, who came to America around
1863-1868 and settled in Red Bud, IL. If you have any information concerning
this family, please let me know at. Email: don.allen@navy.mil.

Maggie 18. 03. 2007

I have many Ancestors from Ayr. James Brackenridge b. 1762, Ayr married Margaret McDowell and had a son James ABT 1788. James married Sarah McClure b. ABT 1804 Tarbolton. Any information on this family gratefully received. Email: maggiemay@onwight.net.

Pauline Hortle 05. 03. 2007

Hi I am from Tasmania, Australia and seeking any information on Robert Craig born about 1864 and his wife Annie Craig nee Aitkin born about 1861. They were both born in Ayrshire, Scotland and later came to Australia. Their daughter Ann Roy was born on 2nd May 1887 and they lived in Lithgow, NSW, Australia. Many thanks, Pauline. Email: pauline.hortle@bigpond.com.

Jay Hoglund 28. 02. 2007

Hi! I am looking for genealogical information on: My Great-great grandfather: John Cunningham who died in 1846 in Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland. He married Elisabeth Reyburn on January 9, 1829, in Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland. Their children were named Alexander, Grizzell (Grace), Elisabeth C., and John (my great grandfather). My Great Grandfather: John Cunningham was born on March 8,1834 in Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland. He came to the US in (or before) 1864. I have more information on the descendents of the the above, if anyone is interested. I would like more information on the people listed above, if it is available. Thanks! Email: jhoglun@burnsmcd.com.

Barbara Boyd Martin 27. 02. 2007

My Boyd ancestors emigrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland - perhaps Ballybay - probably in the mid-1700's. As nearly as I can tell, Robert Boyd's family lived in Ayrshire, or in that vicinity. A Presbyterian minister, also Scottish, Dr. Thomas (?) Clark went to America with his congregation, which included the Boyds, in the late 1700's. They were lumbermen in New York State, and by 1895 had migrated south to Pennsylvania. I have many details about this Boyd branch after they arrived in New York State, but haven't yet determined their origin in Scotland. I'd be grateful for any information. I realize "Robert Boyd" is a common name - there are many of them. Other names associated with them in Central New York are Rowley, Campbell, Ingersoll and Butler. Email: boydmartin@peoplepc.com.

David Clark 22. 02. 2007

My grandfather, Robert Walker Emslie Clark, deserted my grandmother in 1903
leaving a three year old son. He was never heard of or seen again but I have
managed to trace his death certificate showing that he died in Mauchline in
1950 aged 79 years. His address was given as 21 Beechwood Road, Mauchline.
It is just possible he used the name Robert Walker as his marriage to my
grandmother was never anulled. If anybody remembers the family I should be
very pleased to hear from them.. Email: david.clark@bowleaze.me.uk.

Deane Gemmell 19. 02. 2007

I would like a bit of history about the Templehouse Farm and the Thorn Farms in Dunlop. My ancestors, the Gemmells seem to be born and die at these locations for centuries. Also, does anyone know where a place called Dunish might be? My great grandfather whose father was the last born at Thorn Farm, has Dunish, Ayrshire, Scotland as his birth place. Thanks much. Email: iamasara@comcast.net.

Melissa Seymour 18. 02. 2007

My grandmother, Betty Seymour nee. Armour left me her collection of handwritten notes for her family history. Her great great grandfather Matthew Armour came to Australia in 1841 with his wife Jean (nee. Nesbitt/ Nesbit) and their children. They were from Fenwick and Louden, Ayrshire. I have since found Matthew's father, Alexander who married Alison Foulds. They were from "Tyburn" Alison Fould's father was Allan Fowlds? and mother was Mary Wallace. Alexander's father was also Alexander from Kilmarnock b. 21 Dec, 1736 and he married Margaret Young. His father was James Armour who died 28 Mar 1757. James married Janet Auld on 8 Dec 1726. Isn't the internet marvelous! Matthew sailed from Greenock and it took 3 months to travel to Australia. It has taken me a few hours to travel more than 300 years in time. I would like to hear from any potential "relo's" back in the old country to say a virtual cheers and g'day to! Melissa Seymour. Email: ausko22@hotmail.com.

Jessica Alderwood 16. 02. 2007

Hi, My name is Jessica Alderwood, I have recently been trying to trace my family name, Alderwood, and found that I have some ancestors that have lived in Ayrshire, as far as I know, my family and I are the only Alderwoods left in the world, A.K.A. my brother is the last male to pass the name on. If anyone has any info. on the Alderwood lineage, I would be extremely interested. Email: cbaroud@actionsansfil.ca.

Sue Lawrence 25. 10. 2006

I am trying to trace my Family Tree back further than Alexander WATT (b 24.4.1790) m (1) Jean SHEDDON (d 1838). They farmed in the Fenwick area and had at least nine children, the eldest son also being Alexander WATT (b 5.8.1821) - my Great, Great Grandfather. I believe Alexander married a Helen (or Ellen) ORR after Jean Sheddon died and they seem to have had at least four further children. I have a note that suggests Alexander's parents may have been Hugh WATT and Janet KIRKLAND - but I have no proof and no details. Any help, suggestions etc gratefully received Sue Lawrence (nee Watt). Email: c.s.lawrence@btconnect.com.

Lois Bodsworth 24. 09. 2006

hi, my mums family all come from ayrshire. I have a photo of my great great grandad, Gilbert Brackenridge, standing outside of his shop in ayrshire and the address is 45 Cassillis road, Ayrshire. I would like to know what the shop is now used for, whether it is now a house or another shop. If anyone has any information about it or its current owners that would be brilliant. When my Gilbert owned it, it was called 'J & G Brackenridge' and it was a grocers. Also, on the other side of the family was a lady called Margaret Mcnaught. She was my great great gran. She had my great grandad, Hugh campbell mcnaught, out of wedlock and was disowned by the family and never seen again. Hugh was brought up thinking his grandparents were his parents. We dont know whether she changed her name or where she lived. She gave birth to Hugh in 1901 but her brith date is unknown. His fathers last name was Campbell. If anyone has any information it would be much appreciated. thank you, LoisHear about latest news and freebies first when you join The Insider Club. Email: bod16@hotmail.com.

Sylvia McMillen 18. 09. 2006

Hi, I am looking for William McMullen he was born in Scotland, not sure the town, not sure the year, and not sure of his parents. He died in 1820 in Kentucky. But I do know he married on 12-25-1792 in Nelson County, Kentucky (USA). To Sophia Kimbley Born 1774 in Northumberland County, Virginia (USA) and she died in 1822. They had 8 children all born in Kentucky (USA). William is my ggggrand father. I have seen several spelling of our name. McMullen, MacMullen, MacMillian, McMillian, McMillan,McMillen. Does anyone have any information on this line? Email: SJWoosley@aol.com.

Lyn de Klerk 12. 09. 2006

Hi, I'm looking for any information about ancestors and descendants of a David Wightman. As far as I know David, was most probably the son of John and Margaret Wightman (nee McCartney), and was born 21 June 1854 in Kilbirnie, Ayr, Scotland. David Wightman was possibly a policeman. David married Elizabeth Quinn on 10 December 1880 in Dalmellington, Ayr, Scotland. Elizabeth Quinn, daughter of Thomas and Martha Quinn (nee Prendergast), was born 20 March 1861 in Dalry, Ayr, Scotland. After their marriage David and Elizabeth Wightman moved to Lancashire, England and had about 10 children before returning to Ayrshire in later life. David Wightman most likely died 10 September 1922, and was buried 13 September 1992, in Dalmellington, Ayr, Scotland. Elizabeth Wightman most likely died 5 May 1946 and was buried 8 May 1946, also in Dalmellington. Any information on the above persons or their ancestors and/or descendants would be appreciated. Email: lyndeklerk@home.netspeed.com.au.

Jim Russell 05. 09. 2006

Hi, I am looking for any info of a Alfred James Cochrane and his wife Elizabeth Cochrane nee Dawson. Alfed died 7 October 1933 at Prestwick Ayr. Elizabeth died 20 July 1932. Alfred was also a Provost at Prestwick from 1915 to 1919. They had 3 children Edith, Alfred, & William Teaill Cochrane.

29. 09. 2006. Further to my postings 05. 09. 2006 re the Cochrane Family. Alfred James Cochrane at the time of his passing (1933) lived at 30 Main Street Preswick Ayr. The son William Teaill Cochrane lived at 121a Preswick Road Ayr, and the other son Alfred died In France in W.W.I. If any one can help please contact me.
Email: jimmag1@bigpond.net.au.

Krystle Neill 01. 09. 2006

My name is Krystle Neill from Washington State. My sister, Rachelle, and I were curious if we had any family left in Ayr Scotland. Our great grandfather was born in Ayr his name was Hugh Burns Neill born in 1865 he had a sister named Agnes Neill. Huge had two daughters and their names were Merle Neill and Agnes Neill. Email: NeillGirls2@aol.com.

Carolyn Langley 10. 08. 2006

I am a descandant of David Bryce from Ayr, Scotland whose son William Bryce (born dec 12, 1773 in Ayr) and wife Mary Ellen Orr Bryce (born June 9, 1774, daughter of James Orr and Agnes Fulton) immigrated to the Union District of South Carolina in the United States in 1799. Their first daughter, Agnes Bryce, was born in Ayr, Ayr, Scotland and christened on February 9, 1794. Soon after they moved to Lanark, Gorbals, Scotland where three more children were born: Mary Bryce (born October 18 1795), Thomas Jimison Bryce (born July 23, 1797, and Elizabeth, christened June 19, 1799.) If you are related to any of this Bryce family, please contact me as I am researching my genealogy connections in Scotland. I currently live near Carrollton, Georgia, USA where William and Mary Bryce lived in 1827 where it is believed they are buried near their youngest son. Thank you for any assistance. Carolyn Langley ggggg grandaughter of David Bryce Email: langlec@mindspring.com.

Gillian Hamilton Pook Lawrence 24. 06. 2006

My name is Gillian Lawrence(maiden name Pook) the daughter of Shena Hamilton and Alan Walter Pook. I am interested in finding out more about my mother's family. Her parents were James and Mary Hamilton. She also has a brother Stanley who married a Canadian girl named Anne from Winnipeg, Manitoba. My parents and grandparents immigrated to Peterborough, Ontario Canada on October 22, 1966. I also have a brother named Christopher James Pook. We still have some family in the Ayrshire area, Jim and Edith Brown who live in Symington; Bob and Maureen McCroskie (not sure where they live, only have email address). Both my grandfather and uncle were very involved in Scottish music. In fact my uncle had his own Scottish Country Dance band call "Stan Hamilton and the Flying Scotsman" I now live in Waterloo, Ontario Canada. I recently met a "Hamilton" at my work place and her family also comes from the Ayrshire area; and has the name of James going back through her family history. We are wondering if we are related, many lines back. Both my mother's parents were buried at St Quivox church near the old Hannah Research Dairy. There is a little stone cottage (which at last report is still owned by, a woman who breeds Corgi dogs. Mary Hamilton was only interred there September of 2003. The funeral was attended by my brother Christopher Pook, Anne and Stan Hamilton. My parents, Shena and Alan, are both deceased. Some of my father's family Alan Pook spent some time in Troon when growing up but they were originally from Devon, England and had a dairy farm there at one time. If you have any information to share, please contact me at this email address. Email: wlawrence000@sympatico.ca.

Rich Ebens 16. 06. 2006

I am trying to trace a John Smith - not an easy name. Some information I have indicates that he was born in Ayrshire 20 May 1781. I do know that he died St. Stephens, New Brunswick, Canada on 27 Dec 1834. Any assistance would be appreciated. Email: RmjEbens@verizon.net.

Patricia Kennedy Jewett 01. 05. 2006

Looking for information on Andrew Glass and family who ran the Tam O' Sahanter Inn in Ayr about 1870. Related to Elizabeth Glass (his sister), William Kennedy (brother-in-law) and Thomas Kennedy (his nephew). Elizabeth died about 1870. Thomas Kennedy came to the United States about 1880. William Kennedy's date of death and location unknown. Any information, suggestions or reerrals appreciated. Thank you. Email: pat@patriciajewett.com.

Scotty Roberge 24. 04. 2006

Looking for any record of James Magill, born 1784, who married Elizabeth Stewart/Stuart born 12 Oct. 1792. I know that Elizabeth Stewart's father was John Alexander Stewart. She had a sister Emily Stewart who Married a William Lowery. James and Elizabeth Magill emigrated to New York Mills New York from Dromore , Co. Down Ireland in 1844. Their children were William Alexander Magill, born 1818, John Magill, born 1824, Ellen or Eleanor Magill born 1826, Ann Jane Magill, born 1829, Hugh Stewart Magill born 10 June 1830, Martin George Magill born 1833, David Boyd Magill born 26 May 1836, Elizabeth Magill born 1837. There was also a Margaret Magill, either born earlier or died in Ireland. This family was Presbyterian, they were involved in the weaving business and lived for a time at Quilly house in Dromore, Co. Down Ireland. They came to the US on the "ROCHESTER" I James Magill knew well a Samuel Campbell from Ayrshire Scotland and was born in 1809. Samuel Campbell came to New York Mills NY in 1831. Does anyone out there recognize this family? Email: Scotty Roberge Roberge@pa.net.

Karen Hancock, 21. 04. 2006

I am looking for information on my grandfather's family (John Hamilton, b. 1912), in or around Ayr. He emigrated to Canada (around 1918) with his parents and siblings, Robert, William, and others I can't remember. About 30 years ago when my family was living in Wales we took the three surviving brothers up to Ayrshire to locate old homesteads etc. I was too young to remember much of what we found and my parents have passed away. I do remember finding a gravesite (in Troon?) for an Ann Hamilton, who was a schoolteacher and possibly my gggrandmother. I would appreciate any information anyone might have on relatives in the area. Email: klhancock@sbcglobal.net.

Barbara Rodenbach, 26. 02. 2006

Greetings from California, America. My Scotish ancestors were from Kilbirnie Parish, Ayrshire. They immigrated to America in the late 1800s. My great grandfather's name was Gavin Riddet and he married Jeannette Aitken also from Kilbirnie. Other relatives had sir names of Cowbray and MacGonegal. Are there any Riddets in the Ayrshire area now, and did the Riddets belong to a clan? Email: brodenbach@adelphia.net.

Josephine Wyatt, 22. 02. 2006

I am looking for any info re my HAMILTON ancestors from Ardrossan/Stevenston area. My gggmother Jane Hamilton FULTON who came to QLD AU in 1870 was the granddaughter of Peter or Patrick and Jane or Jean HAMILTON [depending on which area] last found Greenock in 1841. Peter's parents were John and Margaret [SNODGRASS] HAMILTON of Ardrossan/Stevenston area. John's parents appear to be John and Mary [ARMOUR] HAMILTON who had been in Argyll prior to Stevenston. Kind regards Josephine from QLD AU. Email: josephinefwy@aapt.net.au.

Pam Helm, 06. 01. 2006

Looking for information regarding James McFadzen and Mary Ward. They had a
son James who is my greatgreatgreat grandfather. I believe that James was 2
or 3 when his mother Mary married James.

The first James (1813 Coylton, Ayrshire) Married to Mary Ward (1787 Ayrshire)were married in Ayrshire. Their children were James 1813, John 1814, William 1817, Jean 1819, Margaret 1821. These children were all born in Ayrshire. Somewhere between 1821 and 1829 they moved to Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada as Susanna was born there. My great grandfather was born in Quebec and then moved to Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. My great grandfather James got married and my grandmother was born. From Brandon, the family moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This is where I live. Well about an hour northwest of Edmonton.

If any one has any information with regards to any McFadzen I would love to hear from you. Email Pam.Helm@gov.ab.ca.

Margaret Helen Harrison, 02. 01. 2006

My name is Margaret Helen Harrison. My dad was Richard (Dick) Harrison of the
Catrine/Sorn Harrisons. My paternal grandparents were Helen Buchanon Boyle Harrison MacDonald and James (Jimmy) Harrison of Catrine.

My grandfather was one of 13, so I know there is someone out there!

My parents moved to Detroit, Michigan USA in 1967, I was 7 years old. Both have
since passed away. I know I have family out there.........hope to hear from some of
you. Email: mags4115@msn.com.

Kathy Lockhart Carter, 02. 12. 05.

Hi, I am a Lockhart. I am planning on visiting Scotland in the near future and would love to have some contact with a member of the Lockhart family there in Ayrshire. My lineage goes back to Scotland and I understand that Ayrshire is the home to the original Locard (Lockhart). I would love hearing from some of my relatives. Email: kack8152@yahoo.com.

Cindy Baker, 28. 11. 2005.

I'm looking for information on my Great Grandmother. Her name is Margaret Allen Porter. She was born in Ayrshire, Scotland. She died 19-Jun-1965 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I'm not a hundred percent sure if she had died in Hamilton, but that is all i've got on that. She married Archibald Everett Baker, who was from St. Osyth England. They married on 26-Jun-1906. They had three sons George, Melville and Wilson.

She also had 2 sisters and 3 brothers. I only have two names Jack Porter &
Mrs. W. Fraser. I had heard from my father that she was from a well-to-do
family. I would appreciate any information sent.. Email: bluewolf7@gmail.com.

Avril Mortellite, 20. 11. 2005.

My family is from Ayr. I am trying to find my cousins since we have lost
touch over the years. Sharon Carson (maiden name) and Ian Carson. My Uncle, John Carson, and my Aunt, Sadie Conlin. My name is Avril Mortellite (maiden name Avril Conlin Macdonald Smith) and I live in the USA. I also have lost touch with my cousin Roger Conlin who moved away from Ayr many years ago.

The other family I would like to get in touch with is the MacSwan family,originaly from Paisley. Email: AMortel891@aol.com.